Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Antonio del Sole, from September 25th until the 28th 2018, for the course “The European Union institutions and the law-making process”. 

This course will be taught to our international exchange students in English.
The course provides an overview of how the European Union (EU) is governed and how it governs the EU citizens, with a special emphasis to the law-making process.



Add and Drop for our international exchange students

Dear international students,

As we are very kind with you, we offer you one more opportunity to register to courses!
Don’t even think of missing this opportunity!

More seats have been opened in a huge list of courses, you just need to go to our website and log in:

Don’t get nervous, you will get what you need!

The International Students enjoyed their time during the Orientation Week to visit Lille throught a paper chase.

It was the oppportunity to discover Lille's most unknow parts with the students from the BDI (Student Union for International Students).


We hope you had fun and that it helped you locate your new favorite spots in Lille!

2018-2019 Students' Unions week at Sciences Po Lille

Student's Unions week is all about helping you settle in, make friends, meet new people and love your new home!

It gives you the opportunity to try out the massive range of students organizations we offer at Sciences Po Lille!
The students' Unions is run for and by students, and provides students with an opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities.

That means you can make it what you want it to be and be part of our collective voice.

Meet them in the cafetaria (ground floor) every day from 10AM to 7PM

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Geneviève Tellier, from April 9th until April 19th 2018, for the course “Public finance and budgetary reforms in a comparative perspective”.

Professor Tellier’s main area of expertise is the study of budgetary policies and public finances of federal and provincial governments (with a focus, yet not exclusively, on Ontario, Quebec and British Colombia).

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Dennis Coyle, from March 26th until March 31st 2018, for the course “Foundation of liberal democracies”.

Dr. Dennis Coyle is an Associate Professor and the Department Chair in The Department of Politics at the Catholic University of America. Among Dr. Coyle's teaching and research interests are topics such as: liberal constitutionalism, property rights and regulation, social science theory, and generally the interplay of institutions, culture, and values in law, policy, and administration.

International visiting professors Sc Po Lille

Welcome to professor Stephen Brooks

From March 12th until March 19th 2018

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Stephen Brooks who will give a class on “American politics and government” from March 12th until March 19th 2018.
Stephen Brooks is a professor at the University of Michigan, he teaches in the areas of Canadian politics and American politics.
His research interests include the political influence of intellectuals, political thought in Canada and the United States, and foreign perceptions of American politics.


Welcome to professor Isabelle Panreck!

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Isabelle Panreck, from March 6th until April 10th 2018, for the course “Political Theory and Current Crisis: Governmentality, Poststructuralism and Postcolonialism”. 
Dr. Isabelle Panreck teaches at the Institute of Political Science (IfPol) at the University of Muenster (WWU), in Germany, which is the third largest Political Science institute in Germany.

Research at the IfPol is associated with a comprehensive and internationally oriented manner of studies.




Sciences Po Lille is happy to present here two recently signed International cooperation agreements.
We are happy to put the light these two new Asian partners: Soochow University, TAIPEI CITY and Chonbuk National University, JEONJU.

Our ambition is to create cooperation and partnerships with a large diversity of partners, cultures, and institutions. We strongly share with our new partners common goals in education and we desire to strengthen our students and faculty’s international and cultural opportunities.

Welcome to professor Ivan Llamazares!

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Ivan Llamazares for a class on “Spanish political parties in a conflictual context”.
Iván Llamazares is a professor of Political Science at the Universidad de Salamanca. His main research interests lie in the party-political articulation of sociopolitical divisions and conflicts in Europe and Latin America.

His work has been published in West European Politics, Ethnicities, Social Forces Acta Politica, and Revista de Estudios Políticos.






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  • Enjoy your holidays!
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  • “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Aristote

The world is our Campus

Discover our International Partners all over the World.

The world is our Campus

Discover our International Partners all over the World.

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