Why a summer school ?

Why a summer school ?

Sciences Po Lille Summer School consists of intensive short-term program with different courses such as Law, Economics and Politics.
The 2022 Summer School proposes a programme around 4 Elective courses:

-          International - EU Affairs

-          French Language and Culture

Students will have the opportunity to divide their time in Lille between modules which focus on International and European affairs, including issues such as conflict resolution approaches (terrorism, war, migration), the place of religion in the European public sphere, the Eurozone crisis, the crisis in Climate change, European identity and values, etc...  
The courses in French language aims to enhance and perfect their language skills as well provide some understanding of the contemporary aspects of French society. 
We focus on delivering the best quality of learning, in order to get the best results, we will only open this program to a maximum of 40 students, where we propose an interactive approach and methodology. Most of courses are conducted by international guest professors.
Students will be able to study for 4 weeks.

The Schedule (coming soon)
Participants will receive a certificate of credits after the Summer School, they can validate from 6 to 12 ECTS credits depending on the number of elective classes they have chosen (from 1 to 4).
Our students come from all over the world: Canada, the USA, China, Brazil, Mexico, Germany… This variety enhances the program for the participants as they are able to mix with other international students. Every year, an evaluation takes place to ensure that the program fits to the students’ needs.