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International Programs and Services

Direccion de Relaciones Internacionales

Sciences Po Lille
9, rue de Angellier
59000 Lille

Dr Patrick Mardellat
Director of International Programs and Services

Director de programas internacionales y servicios


Office : 2.12

Patrick embodies a certain sense of the international from his double cultural membership - French and Dutch. From his childhood which consisted of being brought-up between two cultures and two languages, and from his double curriculum in Philosophy and Economics, he has forged his conviction that borders are only useful to be crossed, whether geographical, linguistic, political or disciplinary. Patrick accomplished his doctoral studies at the University Paris 10 in Economic Philosophy on the subject of happiness in the history of economic thought.

Patrick joined Sciences Po Lille in 1997 as professor of economics and is the director of the international programs since 2006, constantly striving to promote the internationalization of the study programs. If globalization necessitates everyone and every society to adapt, internationalization is a choice, a moral and even an educative choice. It is about broadening perspectives, approaches and standards in almost every step in our student's curriculum and thus in every walk of life.

To promote internationalization is not only to send students abroad, it is much more than this; it is about creating a feeling of membership to the whole of humanity. Our international programs aim to educate our students - degree seeking students and exchange students alike - as "cosmo-citizens". Cosmo-citizens are responsible personalities, innovative and aware of the global issues at stake at the moment. They will have to design a better world for all and everyone.

This is the perspective that gives sense and satisfaction to the efforts of all those who work for Sciences Po Lille's International Services.

Dr Guillaume Duseigneur
Head of International Programs and Services

Responsable administrativo de Relaciones Internacionales


Office : 2.32

After successive summers spent in host families in Germany or in the US from 11 to 14 years old, Guillaume has had the chance to do part of his high school years in Melbourne (Australia, Victoria). As a teenager he discovered his love of travel, culture and people.

After graduating from Sciences Po Lille in 2000, he focused on EU affairs in his Master dissertation and then during his Ph.D research. This doctoral experience was a great opportunity to face various academic approaches and cultures, to enjoy teaching to international and stimulating groups of students, and to confirm a longing desire for international and European related questions and issues.

Shortly before finishing his Doctorate, he was thrilled to join Sciences Po Lille’s administration services (2007) in the field of international education, advising incoming international students and co-directing the double MA Europe and the World (Aston University-Sciences Po Lille).

After a few years, he became the head of Sciences Po Lille’s International programs and Services, aiming to continue developing the international cooperation across the 5 continents and participate in the adventure of imagining and launching new international programs.

Dr Katarzyna Czernicka

Advisor of outgoing exchange students

Responsable de la movilidad internacional


Office : 2.36

Born in Poland, Katarzyna earned a Master degree of Polish philology at the University of Silesia and a Master degree of Political Science at the International School of Political Science. After she received a scholarship from the French government (bourse excellence Eiffel) to study at Sciences Po Lille in 2005, she received her doctorate in Political Science from the University of Lille2. As a student Katarzyna was involved in the students’ international cooperation, so she was very happy to continue it in a professional context. At Sciences Po Lille she organizes international mobility which is a mandatory part of the curriculum for 250 students each year. She likes to see how a year abroad can transform young people…

Fabienne Zélent-Clairis

Coordinator of Incoming Mobility

Coordinadora de la movilidad internacional / Coordinadora de la Summer School


Office : 2.34

Juliane Laporte
Assistant in charge of double diplomas and outgoing mobility

Asistente de gestion Doble


Office : 2.35

Born and raised in a small France-Belgium border town, Juliane has been experiencing interculturality from a young age when she discovered Belgium, a country that is culturally so very close but yet very culturally different. However, it was during her teenage years that she really experienced intercultural exchanges by travelling throughout Europe with her softball team and meeting teams from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United States of America, Israel, and Russia to name but a few. She continued her international discoveries by travelling to Sweden for an Erasmus exchange. After two years in Sweden, she returned to France to complete a Master’s Degree in International and Multicultural Cooperation at the University of Lille 3. That led her to work in the field of International Relations in a sports federation, and now in the International Office of Sciences Po Lille where she enjoys helping students prepare their international mobility, hoping they will enjoy it as much as she did.

Valentin Dumetz

Assistant in charge of international exchanges

Asistente de gestion de la movilidad internacional



Office : 2.31

Born and raised in Lille, Valentin has been keen on travelling since a very young age. He has spent six months in Sydney, Australia and had been working in Ireland for over two years before visiting Japan, his favorite country, for a couple of months.  He has  then returned to his hometown and has joined Sciences Po Lille to accompany international students in their journey abroad.
Guillaume Deffontaine
Assistant in charge of international exchanges

Asistente de gestion de la movilidad internacional 


Office : 2.33