Welcome to professor Stephen Brooks!

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Stephen Brooks who will give a class on “American Politics and Government” from March 13th until March 20th 
Stephen Brooks is a professor at the University of Michigan, he teaches in the areas of Canadian politics and American politics.

His research interests include the political influence of intellectuals, political thought in Canada and the United States, and foreign perceptions of American politics.

Welcome to professor Inés Campillo!

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Inés Campillo who will give a class on “La crisis de los cuidados:  familia, mercado de trabajo y políticas del bienestar en Europa” from March 6th to March 11th 2017.

Inés Campillo is a Professor at Suffolk University, Madrid Campus. Her research activities were mainly addressed to sociology. 

International Exchange Students spring semester 2017

International Exchange Students’ welcome Meeting was organized on Friday January 6th.

Sciences Po Lille is delighted to welcome 80 international exchange students coming from the 5 continents and from our 200 international partners.

These students will be among us for one semester.

The International Programs and Services wishes a great experience to everyone and its team will always be there to help international exchange students to enjoy Sciences Po Lille, Lille, France, and Europe….. 


Welcome to Professor Sarah Federman!

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Sarah Federman who will give a class on “Tools for Conflict Analysis and Resolution” from December 1st until December 12th 2016.
Presidential Scholar at George Mason University, Sarah completed an MA at the American University of Paris and a degree in Intellectual History from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sarah's research addresses the French train company's (SNCF) role in the WWII deportations and the ensuing U.S. conflict that exists today fueled by unhappy survivors.

Welcome to professor Michael Sutton!

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Michael Sutton for a class on “EU as a global actor”.
Much of Michael Sutton’s early career was spent as an international economist in Brussels and London.

He has enjoyed a long association with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), part of The Economist newspaper group, specializing mainly in France.  

 Cooperation agreement with Myongji University



Sciences Po Lille is pleased to announce the signature of a new international cooperation agreement with a prestigious South Korea university:  Cooperation agreement with Myongji University (Seoul)

Myongji University as a prestigious private Christian institution had produced nearly 100,000 acting intellectuals since its establishment in 1948.

2016 International Student Week

Let's participate in the International Student Week!

The event will take place on the campuses of Lille University from November 14th to November 18th. 

International Student Week is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

This event is about sharing your experience between students from all over the world : intercultural meeting, discovery of a new environment, anecdotes, misunderstandings...

Welcome to professor Jorge Sola !

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Jorge Sola, from the Public University of Navarre in Spain, who will give a class on “El laberinto español : la crisis del sistema político ante el desafío de las fuerzas emergentes” from October 10th until October 15th 2016.

Professor Jorge Sola is specialized in economic sociology, political sociology, social stratification and methodology of social sciences.


(Let's pretend for a second that a Presidential role exists and it’s you!)
As the President, you can decide what the most important issues are for Europe.  What would you change to make things better? How would you do that?

In reality, decision-making in the EU is a complex process and does not lie in the hands of just one institution or person.

Generally, the European Commission proposes laws which then need to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council.

Welcome to professor Antonio del Sole !

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Professor Antonio del Sole, from October 3rd until November 9th 2016, for the course “Corporate Criminal Liability”.

This course will be taught to our international exchange students.


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The world is our Campus

Discover our International Partners all over the World.

The world is our Campus

Discover our International Partners all over the World.

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