Honestly, I feel like I can relate to him in a sense, the responsibility, the endurance and a … They get unusually nervous around Kita and are quick to obey his commands. Japan I … Kita makes his first appearance with the rest of the Inarizaki team on day 2 of the Spring Interhigh Tournament. It will take you exactly .1 second to fall in love with this fox. Jul 25, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by ★Muriaaa☆. Today in Japan is July 5th, Kita Shinsuke's (Inarizaki) birthday! Akagi: Happy Birthday Shinsuke. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. happy birthday, kita shinsuke!! His hair is light gray with black tips at the ends. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Shinsuke Kita Gaterview. Day 5: Watch. Teams HD wallpapers and background images Unnamed Older SisterUnnamed Younger Brother. He even shows a slight sign of disapproval when Karasuno lost a point due to miscoordination when it could have been easily saved by a follow-up. He reveals that people used to ask him whether he feels bitter about not being a regular or having such talented juniors to boot. For his birthday you may post fanmade content that features Kita Shinsuke in a prominent way as either a link/text post, regardless of our … Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Join Facebook to connect with Kita Shinsuke and others you may know. Shinsuke Kita your own Pins on Pinterest Year: 3rd Gender: Male Team: lnarizaki Position: Captain Birthday: July 5th As such, he questions Daichi's choice of joining in on the offense instead of covering for his teammates. Post-timeskip [5] After the team's loss, Kita reassures the twins that they didn't make a mistake with their last play. This was a request by @Raikusenpai50155! Osamu: happy birthday Ōmimi: happy birthday captain. However, Kita stated that it's not that he did these for the gods, but he did things such as minding his manners, cleaning, and maintaining good grades because, according to him, "repetition, perseverance, and diligence just feels good". 1st - Nozomu Mami (Mujinazaka / 3rd) 1st - Yui Michimiya (Karasuno / 3rd / Girls volleyball) 2nd - Yamato Sarukui (Fukurōdani / 3rd) 4th - Kazuma Numai (Nohebi / 3rd) Outside Hitter Captain Aran: we all appreciate you for being there for us.. even if you are so classical. Status It was revealed that Kita never owned the team jersey back in his middle school volleyball team and only participated in an official match for the first time during his third year in Inarizaki. Age Riseki: Happy Birthday Kita! Kita Shinsuke is lid van Facebook. 251 2 3. About 1 month ago . Kita and Aran are both 3rd years at Inarizaki High School and both play on the volleyball team. The posts should still follow all other fanmade content rules, however. Kita Shinsuke (530) Miya Osamu (323) Suna Rintarou (152) Sakusa Kiyoomi (92) Ojiro Aran (68) Hinata Shouyou (58) Bokuto Koutarou (54) Akaashi Keiji (51) Kageyama Tobio (43) Include Relationships Kita Shinsuke/Miya Atsumu (574) Kita Shinsuke/Miya Osamu (110) Kita Shinsuke & Miya Atsumu & Miya Osamu (92) Miya Osamu/Suna Rintarou (82) 1 (High School 3rd Year) D&D Beyond Seiyu Information He has dull brown eyes and thin eyebrows. He gives Atsumu food and drinks from a convenience store, with a note that tells him to have a proper meal and sleep for his cold.[1]. Male When he sees Atsumu and Aran, he praises how amazing his former teammates are. Number One of the best new characters introduced in the series, one of the best captains with a simple yet touching backstory. As the team captain, he is responsible for handling interviews and press coverage. In the Anime High School Student (3rd Year, Class 7) - 2012 255 Fans. 北 信介 Find more images #Haikyu!! these were so fun to do, thank you for suggesting them!! AranKita is the slash ship between Ojiro Aran and Kita Shinsuke from the Haikyu!! This was a request by @Raikusenpai50155! … Ahh, he really has it bad for him, huh… Jealousy clings to Aran today. In addition to strengthening defense, Kita's calming presence balances out the team's rashness. Shinsuke Kita is on Facebook. Word lid van Facebook om met Kita Shinsuke en anderen in contact te komen. Rōmaji Kita Shinsuke; Inarizaki Volleyball Club; Kita Shinsuke's Grandmother; Day 5 - Watch; Farmer Kita Shinsuke; Mild Angst; For KitaBdayWeek2020; Short One Shot; Summary. Year: 3rd Gender: Male Team: lnarizaki Position: Captain Birthday: July 5th For his birthday you may post fanmade content that features Kita Shinsuke in a prominent way as either a link/text post, regardless of our normal "Saturday only" fanmade rules. Shinsuke Kita Shinsuke didn't really notice you around Inarizaki until you'd joined the boy's club as a manager He was aware that you were in his homeroom class - you'd joined at the beginning of the year as a foreign exchange student and would be staying for a year before heading back home - but he'd never spoken to you personally / Happy birthday / July 5th, 2019 ... ... pixiv Because of this, his teammates are often afraid to be on the receiving end of Kita's cold logic. If Shinsuke is the world, then his smile would be gravity, because Aran could not stop gravitating around Shinsuke. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He is once again substituted in to reinforce the team's defense and mental fortitude. haikyuu hq haikyuu!! When Kita was young, his grandmother told him that "There is always someone watching", where "someone" is referring to deities.

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