This four-week summer series highlights three biblical books — Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon — that garner little attention in the Revised Common Lectionary and in most mainline churches’ preaching.1 And it is easy to see why. To provide for our relations, and those that have dependence on us, for to them it is due. John Trapp Complete Commentary. Men are to be judged of as they stand with God, and as he judges of them, not as they stand in the world’s books. We must have a continual regard to God’s providence, must own and depend upon it in all our affairs, both by faith and prayer. He delights in that in his son which is amiable and agreeable, and therefore corrects him for the prevention and cure of that which would be a deformity to him, and an alloy to his delight in him. The end of sinners will be everlasting shame, the end of saints endless honour, v. 35. But he is kind to people who have problems. (2.) Study the bible online using commentary on Proverbs 3 and more! In respect of safety and security. With our increase. Update. Their end will manifest their folly: Shame shall be their promotion. He shall be owned as one of Wisdom’s children, and shall have praise with God, as one having that good understanding which is ascribed to all those that do his commandments. We must honour God, (1.) Cancel. All this would not countervail the want of heavenly wisdom nor be the ransom of a soul lost by its own folly. ), yet, (1.) Font Size. 5 Always trust the Lord completely. Proverbs 3. We must live in a humble and dutiful subjection to God and his government (v. 7): "Fear the Lord, as your sovereign Lord and Master; be ruled in every thing by your religion and subject to the divine will.’’ This must be, 1. We must ask his advice and beg direction from him, not only when the case is difficult (when we know not what to do, no thanks to us that we have our eyes up to him), but in every case, be it ever so plain, We must ask success of him, as those who know the race is not to the swift. (3.) Font Size. (3.) II. "But keep up communion with God, and keep a good conscience, and then when thou liest down thou shalt not be afraid of fire, or thieves, or specters, or any of the terrors of darkness, knowing that when we, and all our friends, are asleep, yet he that keeps Israel and every true-born Israelite neither slumbers nor sleeps, and to him thou hast committed thyself and taken shelter under the shadow of his wings. Who derives it from God. We must apprehend with all our might, and put forth our utmost vigour in the pursuit of it, lay hold on all occasions to improve in it, and catch at the least of its dictates.4. If you do, he will show you the right way to go. ... Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers (20) Are broken up. 13 Happy is anyone who becomes wise. 4 Then God will be pleased and think well of you and so will everyone else. Top. "Envy not the oppressor; though he be rich and great, though he live in ease and pleasure, and make all about him to stand in awe of him, yet do not think him a happy man, nor wish thyself in his condition. Verses 1-6 We are here taught to live a life of communion with God; and without controversy great is this mystery of godliness, and of great consequence to us, and, as is here shown, will be of unspeakable advantage.I. It is an earnest of the New Jerusalem, in the midst of which is the tree of life, Rev. He despises their impotent malice, sits in heaven and laughs at them, Ps. 1. In respect of honour and reputation: It shall be grace to thy neck, as a chain of gold, or a jewel. We are here in a world of troubles. 28 Do not ask anyone to wait until tomorrow if you can help them today. The object of our secure trust is the Lord, a most reliable object of confidence! We must have a continual regard to God’s promises, which go along with his precepts, and are to be received, and retained, with them (v. 3): "Let not mercy and truth forsake thee, God’s mercy in promising, and his truth in performing. Those that feed and feast on this heavenly wisdom shall not only be cured by it of every fatal malady, but shall find an antidote against age and death; they shall eat and live for ever. 24 You will not be afraid when you go to bed. God gives them grace (v. 34), and therefore they shall inherit glory, for grace is glory, 2 Co. 3:18 . Proverbs 3 Commentary, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this classic commentary, written in 2013, is Gary H. Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures 3. (3.) And it will be like something that makes your bones strong. 5. That it is a fatherly correction; it comes not from his vindictive justice as a Judge, but his wise affection as a Father. We must refer ourselves to him as one from whom our judgment proceeds, and patiently, and with a holy indifferency, wait his award. Proverbes 3 Louis Segond (LSG). Proverbs 3:3. But let not the wise and good man forget himself, and then he will not give way to any fear that has torment, be the alarm ever so sudden. The curse or blessing of God is upon the house according as the inhabitants are wicked or godly; and it is certain that a blessed family, though poor, has no reason to envy a cursed family, though rich. One does not embitter what the other sweetens, as it is with the allays of this world; but they are all peace, not only sweet, but safe. They will take hold of the good things of life. They are safe and may be easy, (1.) Wisdom is here represented as a bright and bountiful queen, reaching forth gifts to her faithful and loving subjects, and offering them to all that will submit to her government. Verses 13-20 Solomon had pressed us earnestly to seek diligently for wisdom ch. 3. Those who humble themselves shall be exalted, for he gives grace to the lowly; he works that in them which puts honour upon them and for which they are accepted of God and approved of men. It is the end of our creation and redemption to honour God, to be to him for a name and a praise; we are no other way capable of serving him than in his honour. 28:28 ); those that have it are truly wise, but self-denyingly so, and not wise in their own eyes. He that hates nothing that he has made yet abhors those who have thus marred themselves; they are not only abominable in his sight, but an abomination. Font Size. Cancel {{#items}} {{local_name}} {{/items}} Book. He does not say thy bags, but thy barns, not thy wardrobe replenished, but thy presses: "God shall bless thee with an increase of that which is for use, not for show or ornament—for spending and laying out, not for hoarding and laying up.’’ Those that do good with what they have shall have more to do more good with. 15 It is better to be wise than to have very valuable stones. The Blessing of Wisdom. Those are in the right who are of God’s mind; and, if we be of his mind, we shall see, whatever pretence one sinner may have to envy another, that saints are so happy themselves that they have no reason at all to envy any sinner, though his condition be ever so prosperous. 19 The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding he established the heavens; Read full chapter. Not only our heads, but our hearts, must keep God’s commandments; in them, as in the ark of the testimony, both the tables of the law must be deposited.2. So remember them. (3.) I. It is wealth that is worth keeping.II. 35 Wise people will be called great. Proverbs 2 Proverbs 4 ... Proverbs 3 New English Translation (NET Bible) Exhortations to Seek Wisdom and Walk with the Lord. We must live in a humble and dutiful subjection to God and his government (, Solomon had pressed us earnestly to seek diligently for wisdom. To be ready to all acts of friendship and humanity, and in every thing to be neighbourly; for these are things that are due by the law of doing as we would be done by. With the first-fruits of all, as Abel, Gen. 4:4 . To render dues both to church and state, magistrates and ministers. 1 Do not forget what I teach you, my son. God’s commandments shall add to us length of days; to a good useful life on earth, they shall add an eternal life in heaven, length of days for ever and ever, Ps. Read Proverbs 3 commentary using John Gill's Exposition of the Bible. 5:4 ; Hab. Proverbs 3 Commentary, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary provides notes on all 66 books of the Bible, and contain more than 7,000 pages of material Nothing that you want could have more value. By understanding he has likewise established the heavens and directed all the motions of them in the best manner. Drop down the dew. Sinners are fools, for they are not only preparing disgrace for themselves, but at the same time flattering themselves with a prospect of honour, as if they only took the way to be great. Sinners are hated of God, but saints are beloved, v. 32. After you log in your content will be available in your library. 3 Mon fils, n'oublie pas mes enseignements, Et que ton coeur garde mes préceptes; 2 Car ils prolongeront les jours et les années de ta vie, Et ils augmenteront ta paix. No valuable things compare with her.’ Now, in verses 10-11, Wisdom herself agrees that this is true. Proverbs 3:19: ch. There is leanness in the soul, when the body is fed to the full, Ps. (2.) Those who exalt themselves shall certainly be abased: Surely he scorns the scorners. 4. This is that pearl of great price which, when we have found it, we must willingly sell all for the purchase of, Mt. 2. The wicked has a house, a strong and stately dwelling perhaps, but the curse of the Lord is upon it, it is in it, and, though the affairs of the family may prosper, yet the very blessings are curses, Mal. 22:2 Rev. 8:17 ) and to set our hearts upon the world (Ps. We must not only in our judgment believe that there is an over-ruling hand of God ordering and disposing of us and all our affairs, but we must solemnly own it, and address ourselves to him accordingly. This the apostle quotes (Heb. And you will always be safe. To be ready to all acts of friendship and humanity, and in every thing to be neighbourly; for these are things that are due by the law of doing as we would be done by. Ver. Proverbs 3 Commentary. New American Standard Bible 1995 (NASB1995) Bible Book List. Here is a Bible commentary and Bible study on Proverbs chapter three. VI. Ellicott's Commentary for English ReadersProverbs 3. 33 The Lord will cause bad things to happen to the homes of bad people. Retail: $89.99. 11 My son, the Lord will sometimes punish you. English Standard Version Update. Proverbs 3. Proverbs 3:5-6 English Standard Version ... creating one is easy and only takes a few moments. 2. 23:23 ); he does not say at what rate, because we must buy it at any rate rather than miss it.3. English Standard Version (ESV) Bible Book List. Verses 21-26 Solomon, having pronounced those happy who not only lay hold on wisdom, but retain her, here exhorts us therefore to retain her, assuring us that we ourselves shall have the comfort of doing so.I. We must not be quarrelsome and litigious (v. 30): "Do not strive with a man without cause; contend not for that which thou hast no title to; resent not that as a provocation which peradventure was but an oversight. 2:2 . Nor is there any honour, by birth or preferment, comparable to that which attends religion; it makes the righteous more excellent than his neighbour, recommends men to God, commands respect and veneration with all the sober part of mankind, and will in the other world make those that are now buried in obscurity to shine forth as the sun. It will be thy spiritual life, an earnest of life eternal.’’ Life to the soul is life indeed. We must not despise an affliction, be it ever so light and short, as if it were not worth taking notice of, or as if it were not sent on an errand and therefore required no answer. All this would not purchase heavenly wisdom; no, it would utterly be contemned; it cannot be gotten for gold, Job. Sinners are under the curse of God, they and their houses; saints are under his blessing, they and their habitation, v. 33. To render dues both to church and state, magistrates and ministers. (2.) The exhortation is, to have religion’s rules always in view and always at heart, v. 21. A precept which makes it our duty to serve God with our estates: Honour the Lord with thy substance. We must neither despise it nor be weary of it. 2. of Let these be fixed and commanding principles in thee. (1.) 10 If you do, you will not have enough places to store everything from your farm. She is more valuable than precious stones. The harms that surprise us, unthought of, giving us no time to arm ourselves by consideration, are most likely to put us into confusion. 3 My child, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments, 2 for they will provide a long and full life, and they will add well-being to you. 2. III. My son, forget not.] Do not do anything that they do. Proverbs 3:32. Proud member "We are in danger of falling, but wisdom will keep thee, that thy foot shall not stumble at those things which are an offence and overthrow to many, but which thou shalt know how to get over.’’ (2.) We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. 2:1 , etc. This caution is the same with that which is so much insisted on, Ps. It is the way to make a little much, and much more; it is the surest and safest method of thriving: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty. 3 Do not let love go, and always do right things. The just have a habitation, a poor cottage (the word is used for sheep-cotes), a very mean dwelling; but God blesses it; he is continually blessing it, from the beginning of the year to the end of it. Those who scorn to submit to the discipline of religion, scorn to take God’s yoke upon them, scorn to be beholden to his grace, who scoff at godliness and godly people, and take a pleasure in bantering and exposing them, God will scorn them, and lay them open to scorn before all the world. 2:19 . More good words. Proverbs 3:29. Or rather, [2.] easyenglish.bibleBooks > EasyEnglish Bible >. IV. What we gave we have.III. Here is,1. All rights reserved. This requires us, 1. EASY . 6. Note, There is not a greater enemy to the power of religion, and the fear of God in the heart, than conceitedness of our own wisdom. 26 You will be able to trust the Lord. We must be constant to our duty because that is the way to be happy (v. 1-4). So do not think about doing bad things to him. We must repose an entire confidence in the wisdom, power, and goodness of God, assuring ourselves of the extent of his providence to all the creatures and all their actions. It is the happiness of paradise (v. 18): She is a tree of life. (2.) (4.) Integrity and uprightness will preserve us, so that we need not be afraid of sudden fear, v. 25. Proverbs 3:20 By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew. And you will sleep well. Bible Gateway Recommends. Who takes pains for it, as he does who draws ore out of the mine. Saints are wise men, and act wisely for themselves; for though their religion now wraps them up in obscurity, and lays them open to reproach, yet they are sure to inherit glory at last, the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. 2:7 . 12:5 ), and calls it an exhortation which speaks unto us as unto children, with the authority and affection of a father. If you listen, you will understand. 8:27; Ps. He retaliates upon them (Ps. It is from God, and therefore we must not be weary of it, for he knows our frame, both what we need and what we can bear. Solomon, having pronounced those happy who not only lay hold on wisdom, but retain her, here exhorts us therefore to retain her, assuring us that we ourselves shall have the comfort of doing so.I. English Standard Version (ESV) Bible Book List. All this would not make a man half so happy, no, not in this world, as those are who have true wisdom, though they have none of all these things. To be charitable to the poor and necessitous. Prospect of advantage is the spring and spur of industry; he therefore shows us how much it will be to our profit, laying this down for an unquestionable truth, Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, that true wisdom which consists in the knowledge and love of God, and an entire conformity to all the intentions of his truths, providences, and laws. She is more valuable than precious stones. (1.) Let him not fear the desolation of the wicked, when it comes, that is, [1.] iii. We mistake if we think that giving will undo us and make us poor. 2 What I teach will give you a good, long life, and all will go well for you. Note, It is our duty to make our worldly estates serviceable to our religion, to use them and the interest we have by them for the promoting of religion, to do good to the poor with what we have and abound in all works of piety and charity, devising liberal things. Never think of doing as he does, though thou wert sure to get by it all that he has, for it would be dearly bought.’’ Now, to show what little reason saints have to envy sinners, Solomon here, in the last four verses of the chapter, compares the condition of sinners and saints together (as his father David had done, Ps. 18:26 ); he resists the proud. And he will sometimes tell you that you have done wrong things. He wishes to have favour with men also (as Christ had, Lu. In all our ways that prove cross and uncomfortable, and that are hedged up with thorns, we must acknowledge God with submission. 3:19 . No valuable things compare with her.’ Now, in verses 10-11, Wisdom herself agrees that this is true. Compare Judges 18:7, Judges 18:27. 14 It is better than silver or the best gold. A promise, which makes it our interest to serve God with our estates. We must do all we can to support the declining interests of religion in the places where we live.II. That often proves best which was least our own doing. Always remember what I ask you to do. All the enjoyments and entertainments of sense are not comparable to the pleasure which gracious souls have in communion with God and doing good. 19 The Lord, who is wise, made all the earth. Great and growing peace have those that love the law. Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart. But he does good things to the homes of good people. Always remember what I ask you to do. We must never design any hurt or harm to any body (v. 29): "Devise not evil against thy neighbour; do not contrive how to do him an ill-turn undiscovered, to prejudice him in his body, goods, or good name, and the rather because he dwells securely by thee, and, having given thee no provocation, entertains no jealousy or suspicion of thee, and therefore is off his guard.’’ It is against the laws both of honour and friendship to do a man an ill-turn and give him no warning. And you will have more wine than you can keep. The righteous therefore have no reason to envy them, for they have his secret with them; they are his favourites; he has that communion with them which is a secret to the world and in which they have a joy that a stranger does not intermeddle with; he communicates to them the secret tokens of his love; his covenant is with them; they know his mind, and the meanings and intentions of his providence, better than others can. For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee. It will be nourishing: It shall be health to thy navel.

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