Student organizations

Student organizations

Some associations have a premise within the walls of the school. So you can find them at:

  • Le Bureau Des Etudiants (BDE) room 0.44
  • AEGEE Lille room 0.39
  • Iniciativa room 0.39
  • Rendez-vous ailleurs room 0.40
  • Le Bureau Des Internationaux (BDI) room 0.39
  • Visions d’Europe room 0.40
  • Rouge Trévise room 0.38
  • Le Jeu de l’Oie room 0.07
  • Brook'Lille room 0.07
  • Déroute des Vins room 0.06
  • Stop  Go room 0.40
  • Les Cyber Paliens room 0.06
  • Le Bureau Des Sports (BDS) room 0.02
  • Le Bureau Des Arts (BDA) room 0.43
  • Les Neveux de Thalie room 0.43
  • Sud Etudiant room 0.38
  • Munwalk room 0.40
  • Sciences Po Lille TV room 0.08
  • Inter'agir room 0.08
  • Sciences Po Lille Junior Conseil room 0.45
  • Enactus room 0.08
  • Bon Chic Bon Genre room 0.38
  • L'arène de l'IEP room 0.07
  • Le Club du Millénaire room 0.07
  • La ruche room 0.06


The BDI – International Students’ Association - room 0.39

The BDI (International Student Office Association) is a team of Sciences Po students devoted to help and accompany every international student to get used to their new life in France. Whether you need help with the famous French bureaucracy, finding your apartment or simply to get to know all your new classmates, we will be on your side. We plan trips, meetings and a lot of other events so that you can spend the best experience you can have in Sciences Po Lille and France. We are looking forward to meet you all, and do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact :

Iniciativa – room 0.39

The aim of this Association is to promote Spanish language, to present Hispanic cultures and to contribute to Hispanic cultural influence with every public (pupils, students, working people, retirees) in the area of Lille. INICIATIVA thus develops exchanges between French speaking and Spanish speaking people and encourages all kind of initiative, project, and action that would participate to the cultural sharing we aim for.

Munwalk - room 0.40

MUNWALK is a Model UN organization run by students of Sciences Po Lille. With more than 120 members and 10 years of experience, MUNWALK is the biggest and most renowned organization of its kind in France. Each year, our goal is to teach Model UN to our fellow students and send them to the most prestigious conferences.
These Model United Nations (Model UN) conferences, hosted by the best universities in the world, gather thousands of students to debate and negotiate over pressing international issues in order to reach consensus and produce resolutions.
During these conferences, awards are given to the best delegates. Our success has made us France’s best Model UN team, and one of the most competitive in the world.
This year, we are attending 3 of the most prestigious conferences in the circuit: Harvard National MUN in Boston, National MUN in New-York and Harvard WorldMUN in Montréal.

Contact :

Site :

AEGEE Lille – room 0.39

Is an antenna of one of the largest student organizations in Europe. It aims to promote "the European spirit" by giving you the opportunity to participate in conferences, debates and cultural exchanges in more than 200 cities and 40 countries.

Visions d’Europe – room 0.40

Visions d'Europe is a 10 years old Franco-german association gathering each year 40 students, and a network of 200 ex members, supporting the values and ideals of the European Union. Our association is located at the Lille Institute of Political Studies, France. We organize conferences and debates with professionnals of the EU, as well as European trips and projects (European contest "Newrope", simulation of the european parliament, asf.). 

Rendez-Vous Ailleurs – room 0.40

This is a cultural and solidarity association that organizes conferences and cultural events at Sciences Po Lille, and also conducts projects abroad through its five geographical poles (Sub-Saharan Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Middle- East-North Africa).



University Socialist Group

It provides a forum for debate on left-wing ideas.

Contact :

Les écologistes paliens

The Young Ecologists - Sciences Po Lille give themselves this year the main objectives of:
     - sensitize the users of the premises to a more ecological and responsible attitude within Sciences Po Lille
     - allow selective sorting at Sciences Po Lille
     - to stimulate broader reflections on current political ecology issues through the organization of conferences. 

Les affranchis

Allows the expression of liberal ideas.


Rassemblement centriste

To represent the values of the Center and to promote the debate by organizing confernces open to all.


Rouge Trévise – room 0.38

Is an association gathering all the sensibilities of the left of Sciences Po Lille.


Union des étudiants communistes (UEC)

With the union of the Communist students, the students carry out the struggles that concern them: for a quality university, for feminism, for international solidarity and social progress. All these fights are included in our proposals for student success.    



Bureau des Arts (BDA) - Students’ Art Association - room 0.43

The BDA is the main artistic association in Sciences Po Lille. We offer a broad range of cultural activities from musical gigs to artistic workshops.


Le chant des machines

Promoting electronic music as part of Sciences Po Lille.

Les lumières d'Orient

The purpose of this association is to introduce the cultures of the Arab and Muslim world through thematic conferences such as Arabic music, Muslim philosophy, cultural activities.


Brook'Lille – room 0.07

Brook'Lille is a group of passionates of the Street-culture. Within the associative structure, Brook'Lille aims to promote this culture through the organization of events, conferences, the redaction of articles, the publication of photos, videos on the website :



The association organizes cultural events: exhibitions, conferences, concerts. It broadcasts Podcasts on Mixcloud and animates a blog.    


Les Neveux de Thalie – room 0.43

Les neveux de Thalie is an association for students who want to play drama. Each year they perform five or six different play, once in science po and once in some Lille's theater. There is also a group for improvisation. This association enables students to develop their skills in drama, their proficiency in oral expression and above all to create bounds between people from different prom.



Bureau des étudiants (BDE) – room 0.44

Student Union (BDE): First association of Sciences Po Lille, it coordinates the whole student life. This involves welcoming and integrating students as soon as they are admitted (help with installation, integration day and weekend...). The BDE organizes numerous evenings and events during the year (The Gala of the outgoing promotion, themed days, training in first aid, solidarity days...).


Déroute des vins – room 0.06

This association forms the amateurs interested in wine tasting. It also wants to be an initiation into the history of vineyards, grape varieties, oenology, and everything related to the culture of wine. It is a question of learning to appreciate the wine, for all that characterizes it, and to constitute an elementary oenological knowledge. 

Stop & go – room 0.40

Discover the wonders of travel by autostop with the most incredible associations.   


Les Cyber Paliens – room 0.06

The purpose of this association is information, encounter, discussion, debate, on all topics related to technology, digital culture, video games and the political, economic, social and cultural issues associated with it.



Le Bureau des Sports – room 0.02

The Sports Office is the main association of Sciences Po Lille in terms of membership and visibility. We are responsible for the organization of sport activities within the school, for leisure as well for competition. This mission implies to propose various sporting disciplines and to set up competitive teams for championships and tournaments, but also to favor team spirit and camaraderie during our events.



Sciences Po Lille TV – room 0.08

Sciences Po Lille TV is the webTV of the Sciences Po Lille students, it promotes through videos the life inside the school (sport, conference, events....) and outside (cinema, politic, and the cultural life of Lille).
You can find our youtube channel here :

La Manufacture

Is the generalist magazine of Sciences Po Lille. Between serious and less serious news, the Manufacture aims to inform students on the life of Sciences Po and Lille on a daily basis, but also on current political or cultural news. All students are invited to send their articles in a timely or regular manner.

Le jeu de l'Oie – room 0.07

Le Jeu de l’Oie is a review founded in 2009 by a few students from Sciences Po Lille. Each issue includes a various panel of articles mostly written by students and professors, gathered in a beautifully designed magazine made from A to Z. Our goal ? To share our strong interest in International Relations with a large audience, through reliable but appealing articles. If we stand between academic research and leading journalism, our pages are always enlivened by off-the-wall humour and bright colors.



Inter'agir – room 0.08

Is an association of Sciences Po Lille helping migrants from the Lille Metropole and the Region of Calais.



Sciences Po Lille Junior Conseil – room 0.45

Sciences Po Lille Junior Conseil is an association which provides Sciences Po Lille students with the opportunity to add practical experience to their theoretical knowledge. The association, which works like a consulting firm, promotes the skills of students to companies, associations and institutions and offers its services at competitive prices.

Enactus – room 0.08

Is an international NGO, located in nearly 1,400 universities in 41 countries. Thirty schools are part of the network. The aim is to train the next generation of leaders who will combine entrepreneurship and social responsibility in the actions they will take. Students organize social entrepreneurship projects at the local or international level in order to have an impact on the targeted populations and improve their daily lives


“Bon Chic Bon Genre” - room 0.38

Created in 2011, Bon Chic Bon Genre (BCBG) aims at thinking and acting on gender, sexualities and feminist issues in Sciences Po Lille. We are convinced that feminist and LGBTQIA+ struggles should combine, and our approach is intersectional and inclusive.



Aumônerie Sciences Po Lille

The Catholic Chaplaincy of the students of Sciences Po Lille aims to bring together the students of Sciences Po Lille who wish to nourish their spiritual life in conviviality. Open to Catholics, of course, but also to believers from all walks of life as well as undecided, it develops reflections elaborated during regular debates on various subjects, current affairs as well as philosophy and faith. It also carries out social activities, including the animation of masses in prisons and the distribution of the soup kitchen. It also organizes the participation of students of Sciences Po Lille in Catholic, national and international gatherings.



L'arène de l'IEP – room 0.07

Association which offers a space of expression open to all students of Sciences Po Lille and elsewhere and invites personalities to debate and discuss current political issues.  



Le Club du Millénaire – room 0.07

The Millennium Club, with some forty members in several branches, is a research association that produces collective reports on various themes available on the association's website.

Supported by numerous researchers and journalists, the association also contributes to the Observatories of Religious and Turkey of the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS). The Millennium Club also organizes events such as conferences or symposia.    



La ruche – room 0.06

This association is a federation of associations and aims to undertake concrete actions:
- Preservation of the environment
- Awareness of ecology
- Development of exchanges and alternative socialites, primarily at the level of Sciences Po Lille and the metropolis of Lille.
La Ruche is an a-partisan and self-governing association.

Contact:   /

La Pédale Palienne

Promotion of the bicycle at Sciences Po Lille.


Les Jardins de l'IEP

Les Jardins de l'IEP seeks to promote organic and local agriculture. The association organizes a weekly delivery of organic and seasonable vegetables and breads to students and professors of Sciences Po Lille. Moreover, the association also raises awareness about organic and sustainable agriculture through different events such as documentaries screening or special bake sales.   


Local students unions

Sud étudiant - room 0.38

Sud Solidaires Etudiant.e.s Lille : We are a student union defending any student's rights and advocating for a new vision on what higher education system ( or university) should be. We defend the principles of a public, secular, democratic, unique, free of charge and egalitarian university. We also fight any kind of oppressions ( sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc...) within university. We do not only belong to Sciences Po, rather our union exists at the scale of Lille, and we are part of a national federation called Solidaires étudiant.e.s ( the .e.s is the 'feminization' of the word "étudiant" (= student), to include women and other gender when speaking, and not only the male conjugaison of word as it usually is in french). This student federation is itself part of an interprofessional union federation called Union Syndicale Solidaires. Thus, even if defending students, we are  concerned about solidarity with workers of any type. If you are facing problems of any kind, like administrative ones, about your VISA, your student's room at the CROUS, money problem or with a teacher, feel free to contact us.