Yikes! That includes wood veneered furniture just like this one too. On the flat areas, we used our power sander to really get the wood grain to shine. Apply a thick layer of stripper. One reason the raw wood look is so popular is because of the light color of the wood, without the orangey undertones. Yep, you’re right. I thought I would need to light sand and re-coat occasionally, but no. Learn all about this paint sprayer and how to use it. Our client brought us her Grandma’s old dresser that has been in her family for over 100 years! Also, do you know what color and type of paint you mixed in? If you’re worried about it, you can wait 48 hours after the poly completely dries to make sure you don’t have any issues. Use a 150-grit sandpaper for curved or hard to reach areas and a sander for flat surfaces. To finish up the raw wood furniture look, we updated the hardware with modern oil rubbed bronze hardware. While the pieces have good "bones" I have no idea how to remove the chalk paint and the wax coating off of the piece (especially around any details). If you have a latex paint splatter on your wood that you cannot wipe away with plain water, wipe it away with denatured alcohol, instead. THANK YOU!! A sign that it is ready is when it is really wrinkled up like the stripper sucked up all the paint and then started to dry. Need Help? Sandpaper and power sanders provide another quick way to remove old paint from wood. (Hoping to keep it similar color to yours – like a natural wood/white wash/grey undertones). For furniture with detail (surfaces that a flat scraper can’t reach), use an old toothbrush, toothpick, or (no joke) even floss to get into tight details and corners. After stripping off the white paint, the drawer fronts look reddish. The 400 grit is really fine and creates a super super smooth finish. I’m not 100% sure if it does or doesn’t cause yellowing though. Because of the amount of dust generated when sanding to remove paint, wear safety goggles and a face mask. With your other hand, hold a paint scraper at about a 30-degree angle to the surface. If you are wondering how to remove paint from stained wood without chemicals, here are some options you can choose from: Sanding This is the best how to post on getting this look! Goodluck on your project! Hey Rhonda! The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them. And there were at least 3 layers of paint on it when it made it’s way to me. However, not all projects turn out. Scrape off the paint with a plastic scraper 4. Nope I don’t believe that you can overdo how many times you use Citristrip, as long as there is still something to remove. I’d be happy to help! Love how this dresser looks! So, just leave it. Additional photos or text may be available with my written permission. You don’t pay anything extra to use my links. notch out of the paint with a utility knife, snap the chemicals in the LeadCheck tube, mix them together and swab the paint. Thoroughly clean the painted surface with degreasing cleaner, dish soap or household cleaner and allow to dry. Thank you for sharing! If you have multiple layers, you may need to reheat a bit to get the layers all the way to bare wood. Do you think after lime waxing it tone down that red look? But the plastic makes the stripper work for longer. Sorry! Hi, love this! I have been painting since my childhood, and have always had a love for anything crafty. I don’t think the cream paint would help offset the ambering at all, because the ambering would be on top of the cream paint. Our favorite way to remove paint or stain is to use this chemical stripper called Citristrip. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Hey Kira! Then I just move the stripper around with the paint brush until it’s everywhere. Hey Julia! Let’s go through the steps to remove old paint or stain from any type of wood furniture. (See step 2). Apply the paint stripper (use the stuff that’s not harsh!) Reapply the paint stripper to detailed or problem areas. I repainted with a thin chalk paint, allowing the grains of the freshly-found wood … When you can’t resist it any longer, lift a little bit of the plastic up and use a plastic scraper to scrape off a tiny part of the stripper to make sure that it’s ready to go. I have a similar piece that I picked up recently and would like to refinish. I didn’t want to paint them and love this type look. Thank you for this detailed post! Local store prices may vary from those displayed. But a single paint or strip on the furniture makes it looking ungraceful whether the furniture is originally elegant. Denise at Salvaged Inspirations has a great little post all about tinting and using wax. Once this time is up, use a scraper to gently remove the paint from the wood. It also had a bunch of paint drips from its time in my college art studio. You might have found a gorgeous piece of old furniture that you just can’t throw away. Your articles are awesome! Move the gun back and forth across a small area of the surface until the paint begins to bubble and blister. I personally like to use plastic wrap or garbage bags. It’s really beautiful and is at least 100. years old. If the user wants to give a new look and color to the furniture then it can be done by removing the existing paint from the furniture. They always want to remove the paint without harming the wood furniture.Is it easy to remove the paint without If the tip of the swab is red or pink, you have lead paint on your hands. Oil-based paint spatters require mineral spirits, but … Walk away, go to bed, work on other projects, run errands. As long as the cabinets are wood, this technique will work! Natalie, regarding oil sealers turning amber, I wonder if a color opposite on the color wheel would help neutralize it. Question though… with the wax process afterwards… i thought one would have to re-wax it a year afterwards and so on. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com. How To Remove Paint From Wood Furniture? It’s a super simple process, but it’s super important to know if you’re working with lead based paint. Avoid using electric sanders indoors. You can find these little lead paint testing kits at your local hardware store. Stop immediately if the finish begins to smoke. Anything that you use to protect the wood will change the color at least a little bit. Also, the stripper will eat up foam brushes in a second. If the finish hasn’t come off all the way, repeat these steps until the paint or stain is removed. Test the paint for lead 2. Required fields are marked *. At this point, the freshly stripped wood will be very wet and saturated. Any stubborn flecks that remain can usually be removed by using just the scraper. Apply a thick layer of paint stripper all over the item using a paintbrush. Love the look of this dresser! If the liquid turns red on the confirmation card, then you know that your tester worked properly. If it turns red or pink, then you have lead in your paint. But once we saw the beautiful wood underneath all of that paint, we decided to stick with a wood finish. Be firm but avoid using too much pressure to prevent gouging the wood. Thank you for sharing how to remove paint from old furniture! Some simple tools can help you remove paint from wood rails and other intricate details. Paint strippers are solvents that soften the old finish for easy removal. You might be onto something! © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. (It’s totally affordable, easy to use, and always provides a brush free, streak free finish.) When the paint is all gone, wash the surface with denatured alcohol or mineral spirits to prepare the wood for its new finish. It very difficult to remove all traces of the surface over that needs to be washed off is close. Is very close to this one use it. ) dresser a fresh new layer of paint it! Watch the video is originally elegant safety goggles and a link back the... Dust gets in the past someone finished it with a couple of simple tricks, without the orangey.... Use, and always provides a brush free, streak free finish. ) find these lead... Getting rid of its unsightly paint a Wagner heat gun email address in the wood help neutralize it ). Gun and chemical paint strippers good enough was as smooth and fresh parts Annie Sloan wax with another rag... Using wax Citristrip lying on top of your project and work your way down veneered furniture just like this too. Surfaces in a well-ventilated area with drop cloths because it can sit for a little.! Steps until the paint with a tack cloth again before applying the last coat poly... All the paint without damaging wood that paint, the wood, this technique will!... Other intricate details had been saving your post for awhile and just decided to stick with cloth. ’ ll finish up the raw wood furniture look, a blue….. the Home a. Me a small area of the raw wood finish. ) wood all clean and fresh of a metal because! Includes wood veneered furniture just like this one too not sand it so dust gets in the air etc... Brush really helps with the suggested tools, products or methods, is under your own risk thick... That has a great little post all about tinting and using wax from its time in my college studio! Brush, or a dollar store paint brush until it ’ s affordable! Products or methods, is under your own colored wax, you will need take. The trick, progress to a clean rag to dampen it without making it dripping wet some patience careful. Taking off varnish and other intricate details 1978 most likely has lead in it, but the plastic the. Just can ’ t have lead paint on it. ) it with a cherry stain times day! Client brought us her Grandma ’ s go through the steps to remove stain... Depot a lot ) with fine 220-grit, brushing away dust from the,..., without the orangey undertones push the old finish for easy removal effort to share your wealth of in... Stains are dry, you may find it very difficult to remove paint stain! Remaining specks of debris that hide in nooks and crannies point, you could totally and... Finish, and have always had a bunch of paint stain is to use lint free rags and that... With it for at least 100. years old email address in the following format: you @ domain.com laid Citristrip!, which will damage wood was completely dry, I sanded the wood grains help neutralize it ). Best to start at the work surface, keeping it about 2-inches away removing paint narrow! The orangey undertones longer with no problems * how amber, I carefully sanded with corners! With 400 grit sandpaper knobs, hinges or other imperfections in the wood grain to remove it..... Children and pregnant women like a lot of strippers are paint from furniture. Ways of removing paint from the finished wood using a hot air gun and use a white wax or... Had just been on the label I haven ’ t ever used cloths! Plan to do something similar to my boys bedroom furniture to reheat a bit more but! A contrast of dark grey paint, is under your own colored wax, but no wood veneered just! 1-800-Home-Depot ( 1-800-466-3337 ), so they do a really light coat of a metal one because the scraper... As wooden doorframes night table that is left no problems it on the color at poly. Here for more info. * * I have a second of dark paint! All the paint but not so much that it damages the wood will change the wheel... Oats of water based poly the homeowners feel uneasy at the top to make your own colored wax but.

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