Conferences at Sciences Po Lille

Every year, Sciences Po Lille’s Summer School offers conferences to create an academic gathering with students and working professionals with a balance between presenting and discussing.

During the conference, all students are invited to join in on the discussion, express their opinions and exchange their perceptions of different EU actors.

You are invited not only to listen, but also actively participate. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge, to get the most out of the different speakers and to develop your network!

Sciences Po Lille was delighted to welcome for example:

  • Olivier Brunet for a conference on Tuesday, 5th July. Olivier Brunet is a European civil servant working for the European Commission in the field of research and innovation. He will share with us his daily practical experience in the middle of the "Brussels bubble", his vision of Europe, his dreams and worries as regards the European integration process. Olivier worked in five Directorates General of the European Commission over the last 25 years including regional policy, education, environment and social policy. He started his professional life as a factory inspector in the French Administration, also taught at Duke University (USA) for one academic year and recently spent two years in Aragon (Spain) in the frame of an exchange of civil servants. He teaches at Sciences Po Lille on "regions, cities and European policies"
  • Marjolaine Blondeau and Anna Corlay for a conference on Tuesday, 12th July . ”Insights from the “Eurobubble”: what do people in Brussels really do and how to survive in the European “jungle”?
  • Dr Betül Yarar (Gazi University Ankara, Turkey) for a conference on Wednesday, 20th July : "Rising Authoritarianism and Academic Search for Freedom of Speech in Turkey"
  • Sciences Po Lille was delighted to welcome three former Sciences Po Lille's students for a conference on Thursday, 9th July. This conference was dedicated to ”Insights from the “Eurobubble”: what do people in Brussels really do and how to survive in the European “jungle”? By Marjolaine Blondeau, Anna Corlay, Marion Boulard. The goal of this short conference was to suggest a dynamic and critical analysis of the workings of the European Union by drawing up a subjective portrait of EU jobs. Thanks to a de-mystifying approach, we came back on the reality of EU decision-making processes in order to analyse both the role of the diverse actors active in the European “game” and the balance of power that this implies. We suggested this mapping and understanding exercise in light of our different professional experiences in the Brussels “jungle”.
  • Sciences Po Lille was pleased to welcome Natasha Bertaud, Coordinating Spokesperson -Activities of the President and Policies of the First Vice-President for a conference on Wednesday, 15th of July from 6.45pm to 8.30pm.
 This conference was dedicated to her activity at the EUROPEAN COMMISSION.