Dear students,


We recorded some positive cases for Covid-19 on Friday, September 4. Those cases are among students who participated to parties. Despite our requests, it appears that a certain number of "meetings" took place without respecting the sanitary rules.

We are therefore already managing the situation, even though classes have not yet started, some students had the obligation to get tested and to self-isolate for 14 days.

We solemnly remind you here that the school may be completely disorganized, if you do not take the importance of the situation. We do understand of course that it is important for you to meet or get to know each other, but we insist on the fact that we are living an unprecedented situation that needs to be followed by appropriate behavior.

In addition, we would like to remind you that you meet every day people at risk without knowing it and they will be the first to be hit by the virus.

We communicated some information on the situation on the website. Since, we have updated the information in the attached “Vademecum”. We will soon propose an FAQ on Sciences Po Lille’s website that will regularly be updated according to the sanitary situation.

We urge you to respect both the health recommendations AND the instructions that you have to follow in case of positive Covid or suspected Covid cases.

Sincerely yours,

 Pierre Mathiot, director

Cécile Chalmin, director of undergraduate studies

Anne Bazin, Deputy Director, Director of 2nd Cycle Studies



Following the first case of Covid-19 among students at Sciences Po Lille, please carefully read the following information and guidances:

1- If you are positive for Covid or think you have been in direct contact without a mask with a positive person, you must absolutely remain calm. The virus is extremely contagious and is spreading but it does not present serious risks for the vast majority of young people.

 On the other hand, you must be careful with other people in your home and community, and especially elderly and weak individuals, by respecting the self-isolation for 14 days, barrier gestures and by wearing the mask. You only go out for essential reasons and always wear the mask if you have to do so. Being asymptomatic does not mean that you are not carrying the virus.

 2- Students who are positive for Covid must respect the self-isolation for 14 days, even if they have low symptoms. They must record themselves as quickly as possible to our services by completing the form: (unique Covid declaration document) so that their absences will naturally be authorized.

 3- The "contact person" must respect the self-isolation for 14 days and be tested as soon as possible. If they are positive, the self-isolation for 14 days starts from the date of the test and they must record themselves as quickly as possible to our services by completing the form:  (single document for the declaration of Covid) so that their absences will also be authorized.

If the test is negative, they can return to class after sending  a copy of the test result to Mme Emmanuelle Calandre : . A "contact person" is a person who has been close to someone tested positive (less than 2 meters for 10 minutes inside or outside) without wearing a mask.

4- Students who are not positive and are not "contact person" must remain very attentive to any signs of Covid (which are generally those of the flu) and be tested as soon as they feel any symptoms. If they are positive, the procedure indicated above comes into force: the self-isolation for 14 days starts from the date of the test, please record via (single document for the declaration of Covid) sending with a copy of the test.

5- Covid tests are free of charge and done without any medical prescription, via Doctolib application or by going to a medical analysis laboratory. Because of the outbreak situation, labs in Lille are full and so they do not allow quick testing. If the number of "contact person" and / or students showing symptoms is significant, we will endeavor to set up a system of collective tests in connection with the CHR (hospital university of Lille).

6-For the coming week, we are trying to set up a "remote" device to allow 1A students who could not follow the SAS face-to-face to benefit from the lessons and conferences planned.

 7-A system for monitoring online learning is also being set up for the students concerned by the self-isolation for 14 days. We will keep you informed promptly.

 8- Even though the courses have not yet started, we invite all of us to consider that it is our absolute responsibility to respect the sanitary rules recalled everywhere by the public authorities and by Sciences Po Lille. We know that student’s sociability goes through moments of conviviality but we must all consider that it should be limited as much as possible. Otherwise, the risk is that the functioning of our school will be intensely constrained or even that we will be forced to close it altogether.

We are mobilized to keep you informed on the situation by all means of communication.

 Pay attention to yourself and others!

 Pierre Mathiot, on behalf of the management team.