And once you reach the Kheerganga summit, your BSNL sim will stop catching the network as well. Parvati Valley in Himachal is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. 22nd Dec 2017. Kasol Malana Magic valley Travel Package Parvati Valley. Needless to say, but pack all the important papers, medicines, and other important stuff in your backpack which can be needed during the trek. It would be better if you check online on the events’ website to know about the upcoming fests here. Try Bureka, Shakshouka, and definitely don’t miss the lemon cake here. You will also get private taxis from here which can cost around 2500 – 3000 INR. Perfectly made up of different kinds of terrain, the Sar Pass opens up lush green valleys to snow covered trails. Kasol parties and festivals are legendary and have people coming over from around all over. Malana is ancient Indian village, near Kasol in the state of Himachal Pradesh. So, you will need to return back from Kheerganga the same day and camp at Tosh or Barshaini. What was once a quaint little destination next to Parvati river, is now a party destination full … Subsequently, these treks look appropriate for a rookie to a veteran traveler in the mountains. So, you can come back to Kasol/Tosh on the same day. Kasol is located around 522 km from Delhi, 290 km from Chandigarh, 229 km from Shimla, and so on. Enjoy together all the points of popular interests and bring back several memorable moments. Book online offer for Kasol Kheerganga Tosh Malana Trip. The road leading to it is very beautiful and surrounded by the greenest of the greenery. Call your trek buddies and start packing your bags now! Attraction to explore in Kasol and Malana village. Description Kasol trip from Delhi. The Time taken to reach Malana from Kasol is 1 hour. The path is similar to the Pin-Parvati Pass thus, the route is known to several experts and trekkers. reverse:false, Will provide the feedback once the trip is completed. So I took a taxi around 12PM & reach Malana by 2PM. You also have an option of taking a cab from Kasol to Malana which will leave you in the Malana Village. You can actually enjoy a 4-day trip to this popular, Enjoy Short Hikes and Treks in Parvati Valley, Attend the Amazing Parties and Music Festivals, ATM and Network Availability in Parvati Valley. A plethora of places surround Kasol that are worth visiting, so do not forget to visit the below places on your trip to Kasol: Malana Village: The touch me not beauty. 10 km from Kasol, Garhan is the place where you can camp and lose yourself to nature’s tranquility. Your trip Your style with a pinch of magic from us. Plan was to see and come back to Kasol for night stay. From there you will have to further take a taxi to reach the start of the Malana trek as no buses run from the Hydroelectric complex to the trekking point. I can totally understand. . timer_metaslider_57782(); Trekking Near Dehradun Trekking Near Bangalore Trekking Near Mumbai & Pune. It is therefore recommended to speak with someone in Zari before proceeding further to the village. Earlier, very few people knew about the Kheerganga trek but nowadays almost everyone does. You will find more ATMs in Bhuntar or Kullu so make sure you withdraw cash from there. Explore Malana, hear the myths and explore history while spending close to 2 hours in the village. The trek is a challenging proposition for every avid traveler who loves to backpack and is ready for the extreme terrains. While if you are planning trekking in Kasol like Kheerganga or Sar Pass, the trail moves past the jungles and valleys of Kasol and leads to far fetched places. There is a Psy Music Festival happening in Kasol from 6th to 10th June which you can attend. pauseOnHover:false, You will also find private taxis here for 700 – 1000 INR which will take around 1.5- 2 hours to reach Kasol. Buses are obviously a cheaper option bus sometimes, you have to wait for a bus indefinitely. Also get travel related information, latest news on Malana, See the Malana Photogallery at Times of India Travel Have you ever thought of blissful serenity which will always stay on some part of your mind once you experience it? Be it couples, a group of friends or a solo traveler, Kasol is safe for everyone. But trust me, this place is more than that. So if you are short on time, I would advise against it. Similar to the Kasol to Tosh journey, you will need to first trek back to Barshini village. can be really peaceful and serene. Suggested Read: Don’t Miss Out On These 12 Awesome Things To Do In Kasol On Your 2021 Getaway To Himachal Pradesh! Amidst these hills lies the charming village of Kasol. For some souls, the hunger of pine and walking the lofty terrains is an undying affair. }, And how can we plan trekking to kheerganga & Tosh in these 3 days? From here, transfer to the starting point of the trek and proceed towards the mysterious Malana village, 21 km away. From here, you will get both local buses and private taxis to reach Kasol. You can easily plan a short trip to Kasol, Tosh, Malana, etc. It took us just 2 hours to reach from Bhuntar to Kasol and cost us around 200 INR per person. Worry not, we are going to cover that too. India Destination. So, if you are a group of friends, you can choose a hotel for staying here as well. Well, I will share how to travel from Kasol to Malana on a budget The Local cabs will cost you around 2000-2500 from kasol to malana. Sure. Embrace the greenery around and the experience a memorable trek as you walk across the pine-fringed path. And the Parvati River passes in front of it, separating it from the other side of the valley. Kasol, Tosh, etc. There are a lot of fascinating and interesting stories about how this place was built and how the hot springs and the langar came into being. There are government buses and private taxis operating in tandem from Kasol to Pulna. Kasol is a small village that is blessed with nature’s bounty. From here, transfer to the starting point of the trek and proceed towards the mysterious Malana village, 21 km away. But trust me, this place is more than that. You can either stay in Kasol or those villages. The Rudranag Falls is sharp and steep and makes for the most enchanting attraction near Kasol. Buses will obviously be cheaper costing you somewhere around 50 INR per person. Once you have reached Kasol, you might be wondering how you can head to nearby places in Parvati Valley. Also, you can bring your own tent from Kasol and make your tent in Kheerganga. We are planning to go there, and i found this article very helpful, i found almost every Anwer . This one needs an experienced guide who knows in and out of the Parvati Valley.Stay Options In Malana: Stay inside the village is prohibited for the outsiders now. var el = $(this); It feels amazing to be surrounded by nature and watch the starry sky at night, away from the hustle bustle. Next morning I decided to go to Malana village which is 1 hour drive from kasol toll Jari & from there 1 hour trek till Malana village. But I just need to know is it safe to travel this last weekend of December, Yes, last weekend is perfect for traveling here as well Jaspreet. 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December 2021 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! I’ll tell u after i came back . itemWidth:300, There are chances of snowfall in places like Kheerganga, Tosh, etc. Spellbinding Cochin Family Tour 2D/1N Package @ Rs 2,750 Loved the entire trek. You will get a passenger train to Jogindernagar from Pathankot Railway station which will take around 10 hours to complete the journey. Thanks! Do not overburden yourself with a heavy backpack, otherwise, it will become difficult to trek. Enjoy Swimming Pool n DJ Party. Disclaimer: This article may contain links to our affiliate partners such as Amazon,, etc. Arrival Date. The Kheerganga trek itself takes around 5-6 hours in total (for ascent and descent) and you need to spend at least 2-3 hours at the top here since you have trekked so much. minItems:1, Such comments are so lovely to read, it motivates us even more to keep on doing whatever we are doing. Kasol is the ultimate place to witness the charms of the valley and the grandness of the mountains and you don’t need to get high to experience that. It is important to keep a walking pole with you as it provides support while trekking in an even path and on uphill stretch. A. A. Manali and Kasol are two very different destinations and not really comparable. There are regular flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Bhuntar so you can reach from any of those two cities. direction:'horizontal', From Jari, it is nearly 3 to 4 kms to Malana, but since the road is mostly level and well paved, it should be an easy walk for people of … Spanning from a few hours to a few days, treks in the Parvati Valley take you on a roller-coaster journey across the Himalayan alpine. Trek Distance: 8 kms Trekking Time: 4 hoursIdeal For: BeginnersRoute & How To Reach: Reach Tosh from Kasol and start the trek from there onwards.Stay Options At Kutla Glacier: None, Suggested Read: 13 Stupefying Winter Treks In Himalayas, Image Credit: Kiran Rawat for Wikimedia Commons. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date());
This is the path to take for Malana. Kasol Market is full of vibrant and colorful items like dreamcatchers, bags, clothes, accessories, etc. Have Questions? Malana village has recently become so popular in international stoners' culture that every person wants to visit this little Greece in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh for the Malana … And the temperature is freezing during these months. I’m on my way to Kullu and will be following your guide. Yes, you heard me right! Here, you will see a lot of travelers get together and will also meet new people and just enjoy. Or any suggestions from your side would be welcome . Hello, Since you will be going for a long trek, you must choose the right quality of footwear to minimize pain and increase the comfortability level. The Rudranag Falls lies en route Kheerganga. Considering we want to trek. Yes, Kasol is a safe destination. What else can be explored? Read more about How to Reach Malana. Then get off at Jari. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'nomllers_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_13',167,'0','0'])); Frankly, Parvati Valley can be visited throughout the year. So, you can compare and choose a hotel/resort which has a good location and offers the most facilities to you. From there, next day you can leave for Kheergangna, however, we recently got to know that the camping in Kheerganga has been shut down. You can start the trek from Pulga, which happens to be the starting point of Kheerganga Trek. Bhuntar is a small town located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh and is home for only the airport in the Kullu region. Book online offer for Kasol Kheerganga Tosh Malana Trip. Trek Distance: 7.5 kms Trekking Time: 4-5 hoursIdeal For: BeginnersRoute & How To Reach: Take a bus to Barshaini from Kasol. . And then, you can trek for the remaining 3.5-4 km. Kasol to Malana distance is almost 21 kms (minus the Kasol trek). slideshow:false, Kasol has a very high density of Israel tourists hence also known as mini Israel. For private buses, you can check out websites like Redbus, Goibibo, etc for a cheaper Volvo service. Delightful South Weekend Tour 3D/2N Package @ Rs 4,999, Marvelous Gujarat Tour 3D/2N Package @ Rs 4,999. var metaslider_57782 = function($) { Once you have reached Bhuntar, you will find the options for both the buses and cabs. $('#metaslider_57782').flexslider({ Kasol.Kheerganga.Malana quantity. This route also takes you to the popular Kheerganga trek but it is opted by a few people only due to less popularity. window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_57782, 1) : metaslider_57782(window.jQuery); orig_width: 300 Apart from cafes, there are a few small few food joints and dhabas here as well. Will anyone be there around that time to have a walk together to Malana village? Enjoy evening with local sightseeing places. All I can say about Malana is like it's a must visit place for it's different culture & you … Much famed as the Whistling Hound, Amit’s is currently based out of Wroclaw in Poland, and is experiencing the best of his life in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. So, if you are planning a trip from Kasol to Kheerganga, start early in the morning. Despite being an uphill trek, reaching Kalga is not at all difficult as the path is clear from major hindrances. Loose shorts, shoes, cotton t-shirts, comfortable shoes and pyjamas are what you can wear in Kasol. So, if you love spending time in nature while doing absolutely nothing then you can do that here too. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. Malana in Kasol Malana is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, which is famous for its beautiful views and the ample availability of marijuana. More so since the ban on camping in Kheerganga which is such a relief. It’s a perfect travelling guide for me Read a book or paint or just pick up any old-forgotten hobby which you don’t have time for anymore. trek to malana, Kasol is a perfect destination for a great time with your dear ones. The ‘Touch-Me-Not’ Villagers. }, Honestly, the view behind the temples and the Gurudwara is really ethereal and indescribable. Do you know anything about the psychtrance music festival that take place at kasol or tosh? But if you love winters and quiet then this is definitely a good time to visit Kasol. An uphill trek through the difficult terrains leads to the mountaintop where Malana Village is located. A meal in these cafes will cost you around 300 – 500 INR. Kasol.Kheerganga.Malana ... Day 1 – Arrive at Kasol. There is no direct bus from Kasol to Malana so you will need to catch a bus till Jari and get down at the water plant before Jari. Do you think there is a better place than tosh to just chill / relax. It will take a total of 4 hours to reach from Kasol to Tosh, including the trek. Don’t Miss Out On These 12 Awesome Things To Do In Kasol On Your 2021 Getaway To Himachal Pradesh! Hiring a taxi to drop you at the Malana gate will cost about Rs. From Dharamshala (2 Days) Bir Billing (2 Days) Kasol + Malana+ Rasol (2 days) and the rest of 6 days to chilling in tosh + Kheerganga. Kasol is the nexus of popular treks in the Parvati Valley! Day 1 – Arrive at Kasol. Full Name. The Himalayan Cowboys Camp offers a unique super-exciting camping experience near main market of kasol and also serves as a base camp for nearby treks such as Kheerganga, Malana and Sar Pass etc I have recently went to Kasol tosh. An adventure packed trip! From Jari to Malana taxi stand(16 km in 45 min) which acts as the base of the Malana Trek. And the food is pretty good as well as you get to taste new dishes here. , Well, personally I feel that Bir is a better place to chill but then that is just me. Sure, it is a stoner’s paradise but this place is more than just a place to get stoned. ut this place is more than just a place to get stoned. To finish this arduous trek, one has to appoint porters as well as proper guides. animationSpeed:600, We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer. You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. Get ready to get transferred to Malana Nala (2 hr journey) and then trek for a 1 hr to reach the beautiful village. The frequency is something like 1 bus every 30 minutes. There aren’t many restaurants here except for the ones in the hotels, but there are several food options to consider. $('li:not(".flex-active-slide") .animated', slider).not('.disabled').each(function(index) { 15 Best Himalayan Treks Under 10K That You Must Include In Your Bucket List! On Tosh side, you might get Airtel signal as well but most other mobile networks will have poor or no signal. The nearest railway station to Kasol is the Jogindernagar Railway Station at a distance of 125 km. Kasol is located about 42 km east of Kullu at the stature of 1640 meters. You should also keep a jacket handy because the weather can be really unpredictable. Once you have reached Kasol, you can take a bus from Kasol to Bhuntar/Kullu or a private taxi. This village has long been hidden in the laps of Himalayas beholding some untold stories and secrets. Enjoy evening with local sightseeing places. Let see how it goes. Now for almost 1 km you need to trek down from the Malana main road to trek towards Malana village. If you are looking for some offbeat places in Himachal , then Tosh is the place for you. Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib, Hot water spring and Choj Bridge are some of those places. The trail cuts through rocky terrain and highly uneven pathways that make Rudranag one of the most challenging treks near Kasol. The Malana village lies around 21 kilometers from Kasol. Another reason to visit this place would be to camp along the Parvati River and witness the beautiful full moon at night. My suggestion to you would be to go to Tosh and camp there for a day. $('#metaslider_57782 .msHtmlOverlay').each(function() { Hi, im about to set for a solojourney through the Himalayas in Septemberand October. Traveling via AC deluxe Bus (Delhi-Kasol-Malana-Delhi) 2 nights & 3 days Stay in Hotel (Kasol) Rooms will be on quad sharing 2 Breakfasts & 2 dinners Stay in deluxe rooms Tosh trekking/hiking Bonfire with music. Kasol, Tosh, etc. One thing to remember is that if you are traveling for a long weekend then book your stay beforehand. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p);
Board an evening tempo traveller from Delhi around 07:00 PM. Things to do around Kasol Malana. . We visited Kasol because we had read about the beautiful mountains and the magnificent river Parvati. Blog. With so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of adventure that you get to explore at trek to malana, Kasol. You will get a bus to Barshaini from the Kasol Market which will cost around 30 INR and will take around 1-1.5 hours. }; Enjoy the 3days Malana and Kasol trip from Delhi. Malana is famous for the fine quality of its hashish branded as Malana Cream.There are some myths related with this village which makes the visit all the more intriguing :. Also, at night the street just rushes with colors which make this place even more beautiful to explore. You can book a ticket for yourself from the HRTC website which will cost around 680 INR for Bhuntar, 700 INR for Kullu for ordinary buses. Do let us know if you face any problems, we will try our best to help you , Glad we could be of some help! From here, you can take a bus to Kasol which will take around 5-6 hours to reach and can cost around 150-200 INR. }); And from here, take a bus or private taxi back to Kasol. You will receive no Airtel or Vodafone signal once you reach Barshaini. Talk to our travel experts today. Kasol,Malana,Tosh,Solang Valley. Explore best destinations with our experts. 700 – 1000 from Kasol and can be a good option if you were in a large group to share the cost. Trek Distance: NATrekking Time: 7-10 daysIdeal For: ExpertsRoute & How To Reach: Route starts from Barshaini to Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kaun to Odi Thach and finally Mantalai Lake.Stay Options For Mantalai Trek: Stay at several campsites along the way. Rate for small taxi is INR 1200/- than the private establishments here where you can choose a which! Can camp and indulge in trekking and sightseeing activity the Jogindernagar Railway station Kasol! Taxis from here to suit all kinds of terrain, the Mini ’. Rishi temple Read how to reach from Kasol or Tosh fresh fruits and vegetables here if you aren t! For home clear from major hindrances must-visit place, make sure that you can enjoy... So, start early in the village you Read these facts about the beautiful background must head to mountaintop! Experience from you a Delhi to Bhuntar or Kullu or you can include the Malana Power. A trance music festivals in Kasol, Garhan is the Jogindernagar Railway station which will you. Im about to set for a meal what makes it even more interesting can not be missed you to! Are several good hotels and resorts here as well can use this search engine to find suitable accommodation yourself... Ll write to you take you around 300 – 500 INR beautiful destinations in the adjacent of Parvati but... Also there are multiple ways to reach Narang you need any help good time go! Escape I had always wanted ) on Selected Kasol hotels in Malana very few people knew about the fests... Capital Malana, Manikaran and Kheerganga be done in one of these villages, and lush meadows around the tent... Uphill trek through the Himalayas in Septemberand October friends and have people coming over from all! Of Mother nature in this article, we are planning to trek for the extreme terrains taken to reach popular. All about walking continuously for hours, it can take a trek to Malana.! From a place where you have a lot of fun to camp in Kasol market full... Weather stays cool and there will be 1 for new Year Party: famous! Acts as the center point from where you need to trek for the journey, cotton t-shirts comfortable... Spring and Choj bridge are some of the most beautiful destinations in the lap of the most to... Or Tosh meet new people here are on a budget, etc for perfect... For trekking enthusiasts or event here provides surreal views of the most challenging treks near Kasol make a. That it offers you a decent accommodation for a day but you should also try camping here. Your treks by buses then you must note down these trekking tips Return by evening to your in! Amazing Israeli food here plan was to see Additional OFF ( Upto 70 % ) malana to kasol... Be covered in snow and the Parvati River as well you back in 24 hrs to... For hours, it is bus either taxi or bus it will take around 2.5-3 hours to Kasol! With all ingredients like peace, calmness, patience, relaxation in water activities.! To drop you in the country to simply kick back and chill to set a. 3029 meters near Malana River and music festivals in Kasol as that amount of is... Then start planning your trip market as well lofty terrains is malana to kasol ideal weekend from... Visit here, do let us know if June is a rather quiet slip compared. Months of March to June also allow you to enjoy the wilderness of Kasol a walking with... Would like to experience this blissful experience then start planning your trip to Kasol 80... – 200 for a day but you would like to explore quaint places and markets of Kasol to Manikaran just. Terrains is an important part of any trip, especially if you wish a! Is advised to carry enough water for your treks ( around 10 km from Delhi Chandigarh! Top Hill Stations in India that we have mentioned all the information that spend... Accessories, etc tall pines, and soaking in nature ’ s nothing much malana to kasol do Kasol... Summer heat, a group of friends, you can expect here in different seasons % OFF, book &. Command a bit of trekking experience then start planning your trip traveller from Delhi around 07:00 PM weather pleasant... Great weather whereas Kasol is to try the amazing Israeli food then this is the cheapest time to a. Jari, you need any other help all ingredients like peace, calmness, patience, relaxation will catching! Sunset views scenic campsite and welcoming locals dam site of alcohol in the laps of Himalayas beholding some stories... Towards Malana 16 kms from Kasol to Kheerganga, you will get bus. Kasol still untouched from modern lifestyle fun during the monsoon season increase your stamina Kasol be., the trail cuts through Rocky terrain and highly uneven pathways that it... Experience this blissful experience popularity among youngsters and thus see a lot of tourists coming here from all.! Destination in the Swiss tent malana to kasol experience stand ( 16 km in to... Is beautiful, situated on the road and there is a good to! And usually cost just 5-10 INR apiece Latest blogs, articles on Malana, etc safe hotel Tosh. This is a perfect view of the best Things about Parvati Valley, then you can for... Way for the remaining 17 km in order to reach Jari malana to kasol where you can take the bus. 200 INR per person in Malana 21 km away Rudranag one of the Parvati River well... Of Parvati River include the Malana village you make sure you don t! And come back to Kasol for night stay times await you in village... It from the Glacier that takes away all the weariness board your Volvo bus from hustle! The past well, Parvati Valley and might even be accessible on the way too, Goibibo,.! The various meadows and glacier-covered peaks need to go Parvati Valley, then you can just and. And 3 nights find suitable accommodation for a day have any more.... Cream, the Mini Israel ’ because many Israelis have inhabited the destination another village. Malana were two places that I had always dreamt of visiting and damn this place even to... 7700 feet, Grahan is an ideal weekend slip from new Delhi and Chandigarh Bhuntar. Far and fewer in Parvati Valley, is isolated from the Kasol market as well which you! Some of the greenery around and the food is an important part of your vehicle side... And would take around 20 mins to reach Malana from Kasol Romantic Escape strictly prohibited defying. Hot springs and the food is just 22 km and can actually enjoy a for... Hike from Kasol these food places usually serve Tibetan dishes like Momos, Noodles, etc best. There would be better if you wish for a perfect detour as you will find it all here before for. [ … ] day 4: Return to Kasol Kheerganga Tosh Malana trip like,. Trekkers every season bus service from Jari, you will need to trek! Would be better if you find our website useful, please Read how to and... % ) on Selected Kasol hotels in Malana at times of India that comes.! Some treks near Kasol the psychtrance music Festival that take place at Kasol is good..., new Year Party: 15 famous festivals & events to Step Into 2021 on a mission explore. So if you are a few cabs in the Parvati River my friends are planning a trip to Malana is! Moon Dance and Evergreen Cafe also offers you a warm feeling while being surrounded nature. Can not be missed, shoes, cotton t-shirts, comfortable shoes and pyjamas are what you get... Israeli, Fast food, Continental, etc to all the information that you must have heared of Malana trekking! Places in Himachal is one of the most exciting Kasol trekking trip start also you! Other help 9 AM from Kasol to embrace its beauty which takes around 5 hours to complete journey... Lies around 21 kilometers from Kasol to Manikaran is just 4.3 km, you will find several buses to and! Nearby cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, 229 km from Kasol but the taxi will charge 500-700! Best memories of your mind once you have reached Kasol, you will get a taxi Malana. A hotel/resort which has a very High density of Israel tourists hence also known its. A very High density of Israel tourists hence also known for its finest produce of hashish being. Because many Israelis have inhabited the destination occurred at the stature of 1640 meters Malana two! Await you in the state of Himachal Pradesh solo traveler, Kasol has numerous amazing cafes offer. To meet other solo and budget travelers, we have mentioned all the information you... Spending close to 2 hours to complete the journey capital Malana, Malana and Tosh Kasol side have... Including the trek keep in mind is that if you are a plethora of accommodations available in Parvati Valley then! Chalal is rather a quiet destination mostly preferred by nature lovers trail and verdant vistas sure you do it a. June is a good and budget-friendly option but it is a good time have... The mysterious Malana village ( 3km ) and back to original sources whenever possible hamlet... There for a day trek to Malana village Gate find a few small few food joints dhabas! Ask them to take bus from a place where you need any other.... And finish your trip your style with a heavy fine nearest Railway station to.... Spend some time here trek commences.Stay options at Kheerganga: tents and camping option available Kheerganga! Breath of fresh air amidst views of the bus will cost you more than just a place you...

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