There is a special place in hell for the a**holes who sell these snakeoil "treatments" to desperate, panicked people who have a life-threatening illness and just want to be better. Basically at noon he had to look up to the sun, open his mouth as wide as possible and "bite" the sun several times so it would "burn" his tonsils and cure him over the course of a couple weeks. Nobody really likes going to the doctors, do they? Med student here, but I have had two winners.When discussing a precancerous skin lesion on a patient, they opted to use their "laser ray" instead of classic treatment. Second week in came this old lady and her very dysfunctional family.They would argue and complain about everything, from the food, the nurses they didnt like and every single medical decision we made. “Here,” says the nurse, handing the patient a urine specimen container. "Why," I asked, puzzled, "would you swallow a rock?". When I went to the ER to have a painful ingrown toenail removed, I was sobbing, gagging, petrified … the works. The patient, sadly, died from a severe sepsis a month later with a highly resistant microorganism. She said her last period was "like ten months ago" so she'd gone through menopause.She was 25. Anyhow I'm at the computer going over some admission questions with him and his 10 family members who are crowded in the room with him. Progressing through my assessment she further divulged that even if he was sleeping with other people it shouldn’t matter “because he uses a condom every time and he makes sure to wash it thoroughly after every use.” I asked what she meant when she said he washes it after every use. MOTIVATION 2020: 33 GRATITUDE TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Answered the bed alarm for a 90 year old this evening.Nurse: "Where are you going? Aw you guys are great". “Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you would walk all the way with me, but I noticed that during the most troublesome times of my life there was only one set of footprints. Turns out she didn't know plain rolled oats were a thing. It was unfortunate. Thank you for sharing these. She sat in the waiting room for over an hour with that thing in there. I posted this a while back when a similar question was asked:GP here. A gasp escaped through my lips, breath taken away. Creating an account means you agree with Bored Panda's, We and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide, social media features, and analyze our traffic. I hope she’s ready.” He thought that he must know Joe, but bade them off as well with his best wishes. What medications are you on? Believe. Get ready for a hurricane of LOL as you read all these funny short stories. It was not his best day. A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. "Why," I asked, puzzled, "would you swallow a rock? Ophthalmologist here. A memorable lady was utterly convinced that her friend got cancer because she quit smoking (not because she was a smoker...duh). She had a 70-ish year old woman come in with complaints of a small but painless growth that was visible at the back of her throat.Turns out it took her 70 years to notice her uvula. He had to do a head CT on someone who came into the ER because she took two marijuana tablets and wondered why her head was foggy and she felt slow moving... Face palm. Seems like a pretty reasonable thing for any parent, even if he was a little older than usual for a first eye exam. Stories can bring disparate groups of people together and give them a voice to help express their joys and concerns. That's disgusting. Somehow this kid had gotten to the age of 20 without ever noticing his uvula. I wasn't feeling anything until the exact moment of contact with my cheek. One night a man had a dream. Said every boy pet ever- upon waking up after trip to the the vet. with a devout prayer: "I need an ambulance." She gagged, we removed the tube, she smacked her lips and said loudly, in her incredible accent:'That's the best bit of cock I have had in years! Like... no, just the side that shows when you smile is not enough. Yes, I do she replies. Apparently the itch was in his spleen because that thing was deep. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wish there were more such short stories to read. The husband looks up from his coffee, Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 16? Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Elizabeth Obih-Frank and Mirth And Motivation with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. I told her that this was the express. It was dirty. Mom told me the story, and how she had previously asked him to not itch himself with other things of hers. These stories can burrow under your skin in an instant leaving you feeling unsettled and terrified for … Funny stories with a collection of stories … I have a ganglion cyst on the inside of my wrist, when it starts getting large I smash my wrist down on a hard table and it goes away. 98. ^^Watch Me Look At FUNNY Short Stories With A TWIST!!Kyuties! Thank you for being a partner in trying to make our world better. thanks, Great stories! She must have put 100lbs on an already obese frame. Two boys. They thought it was funny and cute but I'm pretty sure I created a monster. They did not understand why we were giving "salt water" to her.Conversation with her son:"Look she likes gatorade, she is drinking it so why cant you give it to her through her drip? "I think I have the flesh eating bacteria." Stories can bring disparate groups of people together and give them a voice to help express their joys and concerns. ""......Uhhhhh, ok......What does it feel like when you have a heart attack? The whole "pissing in her to try and get her pregnant" doesn't exactly fit the profile of "simple misunderstanding". She had complained of feeling tingly and having a dry mouth prior to passing out. Me: is there any chance you could be pregnant?Patient: definitely not.Me: are you sexually active?Patient: yes.Me: what is your preferred method of birth control?Patient: nothingMe: smh, Teenage male patient came in to the clinic with his girlfriend because he was growing breasts with milk production. The 10 Best Short […] But what the fuck do I know keep asking apple for advice. A related story from my friend, a Gynecologic Oncologist.Basically a woman had early uterine cancer, but refused surgery. Comprehensive, factual sex education including contraceptives needs to be mandatory in middle school and every year after. A second boy appeared and said, “Hi, I’m Eddie. I’m with you on that one too… So much we learn and remember from them. They use cement and gasoline. We will not publish or share your email address in any way. I say that if they're at adult age, and they still don't know that babies don't come out of your butt, you don't tell them how to ACTUALLY have a baby. Patient: Doctor, I slipped in the grocery store and really hurt myself. They normally stop on their own after a few minutes (at the most), and his wife thought that her massages were curing him. I asked a female patient with dementia what year it is. I don't know about you but I kinda make a game of peelin… Soon they came to the candy aisle, and the little girl began to shout for candy. HES ALLERGIC TO WATER! They are so inspiring. ", Was translating at a medical clinic once. Always amazed me at the optical shop, when people would come with six year old mistreated scratched lenses, & frames crushed under a car, & swear they never heard " Frames warranted for a year against normal wear and tear breakage", & "scratch-resistant's not scratch proof so be sure to not wipe them with a dry scratchy paper towel!" Not sure about this one sorry. Me: Years? She sat down while showing a house and sure enough, it broke and cut her up pretty bad. "Well this is gonna be a problem. I looked up at the aide and down at the baby sized poo and back at the aide and did my best not to laugh or make a sound. I had a guy with an ICD in place. My wife has works in a gyno and has told me of many patients trying to get pregnant who needed to be told what went where, specifically that the anus is not a baby-maker. "You never asked what brand of oatmeal she's eating".Yeah. However, as far as the potential for awkward situations goes, going to the doc's can be comedy gold. I was a newly minted graduate with fresh and optimistic views on my life as a doctor. Click here to view. Loved the bus driver story. I once had the daughter of one of my patients march up to the nursing station, slam the vitals chart down on the desk and yell at me "How dare you say my mother stinks" I'm utterly puzzled by this as no-one had said anything of the sort and ask the daughter to explain what she meant, she grabs the chart, points to the row of "BO's" recorded on it and shouts "Here you even had the nerve to write it down" I explained that "BO" meant Bowels Open not body odour before escaping to the staff room to laugh my head off. Well, doctor Google may be getting the Nobel prize soon. Placing a pair upon the boy’s feet, she purchased him a pair of shoes. This happened in med school. As a self-diagnosing patient...One day notice a white, hard, jagged object protruding from my back gum. “May my life also unfold There once was a farmer whose wife had died and left him with three beautiful teenage daughters. « TheRealSharon's Blog, Cat Humor: Summer Fun Moments… | Mirth and Motivation, Follow Mirth and Motivation on I love cheering on the players and yelling at the TV. I gave my patient the results of her sleep study: “It looks like you stopped breathing in your sleep over 65 times per hour.”. ", I wonder what drugs where involved in this. But my doctor knew how to calm me down. She finds him sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, and he appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. Our last article of short stories became so popular, that we decided to create another list, in which every story has a simple moral behind it. She had complained of feeling tingly and having a dry mouth prior to passing out.The doctor sat the husband down and they did a history. Being exhausted, they prepared to go to sleep. Find your story…, PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos bookshelves, baobab tree, thirty stories, Griots Sambala, Niger Griot, via Wikipedia or Storytime by Jon K, via Flickr. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Cant you give her something else closer to gatorade? 6-8 2. You can change your preferences. For some reason this caused a switch to flip in the mom and she spazzed out on the doctor, saying that her son doesn't need glasses and that the doctor is only saying that he does because he wants to sell glasses. Never removed them, not even during night time. I was taking the history of a guy in clinic and I asked about his past medical problems, including if he had had any heart attacks.He responded, "oh yeah, I've had about 20 of those. She was dead serious. what does this pain feel like"Pt: "like a heart attack"Me: "oh I see. TY! She asked if we make many stops. Finally, as his speedometer passes 100, the guy figures he can’t outrun the cop and gives up. - Badge. "I dont feel it but LOOK ITS RIGHT THERE". Perhaps needless to say the patient was lost to followup. Apparently the first semester midterm results were in, and her son failed them all, because he couldn't see the board in his classes and needs glasses! Medical student here.Was clerking a patient who told me her lung cancer wasn’t due to the 60+ cigarettes she had been smoking since adolescence, rather it was due to a knock she received by stumbling into her car door.Her logic was that the tumour was at the same corresponding spot in her lung to where she bumped her chest.She was convinced we were wrong about the cause. He pulls over to the curb. . Elizabeth. When that wouldn't work, plan B was to do the same at night but only under a full moon. He told the guy to move back and forth next time and see what happened. The guy was just rubbing his penis against her leg and ejaculating on her thigh. No. Second week in came this old lady and her very dysfunctional family. She said “Shit, I’m on the wrong bus!” and got off.”, “I like a good story well told. Being a gentleman, the priest said, “Sister, you sleep on the bed. Son was about 15 years old and didn't really care about the acne, but mom did. She wishes she has someone to walk with through life. Doc here. He told a nurse to sit there and not let me leave with my parents. You know how your body normally feels. I pour cool water from a crystal pitcher Little Monsters. TY for your kind comment too… I’m glad you enjoyed the stories too. That would be so d--- frightening... At least "if looks could kill" had a chance to become true. Elizabeth, where do you find all of these wonderful stories? Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner is strictly prohibited. I shall yet have their company. Posted by 6 years ago. Another person already submitted the same fake story. Doctor here. The husband paused, the words were not coming easily. oh those stories are wonderful. 2) a griot sings …, Well said! To which the priest yelled back, “Get up and get your own stupid blanket!”. What a great post! My husband is learning English, so short stories like this are a fun read for him as he learns. Exactly and you that you are always welcome. I missed quite a few comments. After multiple back-and-forth on the etiology of the nosebleed, she became the first patient I raised my voice and put down an authoritative "no, you are wrong, just stop it". Can we get this video to 5K LIKES?! There is another woman sitting in the front row of the bus who witnessed the whole exchange. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. They couple came back one more time to say "THANK YOU!!!!!" I said 'well you're a smoker so they were worried you might have throat cancer' "Smoking causes throat cancer?!?!". I worked at the ER during my internship and met a girl who had increasingly painful and red eyes since a couple of days back. The mother patiently said, “Monica, we’ll be through this check out stand in 5 minutes and then you can go home and have a nice nap.” unfolds atop their stems, That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.” Mark Twain, On Wisdom & Humor: Short Stories to Make You Think & Smile… Storytime, Stories transport us to another time while teaching us profound lessons about life. Is she ready to go?” The farmer thought he was a clever boy and wished them a good time. I see some crazy stuff, but one thing that stands out was the time I was admitting a guy to the hospital. I was just laying there on my side blowing chunks with the needle still stuck in my ass. To the nurse I was just some guy who had walked in and pulled his pants down and left the door open. I woke up from anethesia and started talking about my ex to the nurse. He's in charge of the \"new\" construction – converting the kitchen in to the master bedroom for instance, while I'm on wallpaper removal duty. But you need to pay a couple of thousand dollars up front. Great photos too! A woman came in for a baby check with her 6-month-old and she had what looked like chocolate milk in the baby’s bottle. ""I don't ever remember them. His wife, I guess oblivious to all this, was just dancing in the pee. My Name’s Joe Every weekend, when they went out on dates, the farmer would stand at the door with his shotgun, making it clear to their dates he wanted no trouble from them. ", 'Put him back- he doesn't go outside often' lol, "I have the Ebola". well, you FOUND a tube of blood... somehow... One of my 5 patients tonight keeps yelling maybe once every 2 minutes, going "OWWWWWW!!!" For me they are so powerful. 1.) “Ah, Dr Jones, a meeting of the minds,” he said, laughing it off. Another reason why people love stories is that we often can relate to what’s being shared. I’m still amused/puzzled when WP suggests old posts to readers instead of my most recent stuff! A man observed a woman in the grocery store with a three year old girl in her basket. the two last photos have this level: “Whoa! Click here to view. If he/she really wanted to use the shortest possible sentence, he/she should have asked "Where were you hurt?". What is it with people who don't notice their uvulas? Like Mark Twain, most of us love a good story; long or short. There was a strange entity on my bed last night. He came back to the pharmacy and said he was still completely breathless around the dog despite using the inhaler four times a day. K. yeah right, leave the "medication" out of it. Author Unknown. I love your selection and, like Countingduck, I admire the effort you put into your posts. More teaching and resources were put into place. You made me smile from here to there! Apparently I also saw a picture of my throat and asked if it was a dinosaur. Her mom asked me to adjust her scrotum. The police officer gets out of his cruiser and approaches the car. What a lovely way to start the day- I’ll have a Quickie please- my 20 years just ended- I am starving! TY! , Oh I just love stories! " you have an appointment? Your approach to treating a ganglion cyst was medically sound....300 years ago. I've had a patient claim that amputations run in his family. There was one who was very upset to find out that she was pregnant again because she'd used her diaphragm EXACTLY as she'd been told. "But its isotonic. I honestly think she believed that he was just really itchy. Mom turned this short story into an EPIC end. Told him after the surgery, and he told us "no, my tendons are all torn. As I leaned in to check her eyes, my older patient got a little frisky. As straight faced and professionally as possible I said, "Sir...liar, liar, pants on fire". I'm not a doctor, but I'm an ER nurse. Her mom asked me to adjust her scrotum. “Listen lady,” states the gruff bus driver, “the lady that got on the bus before was a deaf-mute. he asks solemnly. I took care of an 11 year old boy in the ER a little while back. Me: Sir, I need to know why you stopped taking your antiretrovirals for your HIV. But hey, what’s life without twists? He just loves it!”. i always forget how much i love a good short story until i read one. and the story abt the boy and god’s wife touched my heart. Have a great week ahead! All of these stories were great! or when school forbid sex ed. You have a nice blog. A few minutes later, another knock was heard. Wonderful stories.Very hilarious! assuring me that on the morrow It's hair matted. When my parents showed up, he asked point blank, 'Did you not understand what I told you last time? Author Unknown, A Diner Quickie my little girl’s name is Tammy.”  Author Unknown, A Boy and a Frog Were a couple tests, and gets off the walls said the wife could n't it. Possible sentence, he/she should have give her a basin of water and a ”. Pages ) … funny short stories you can share with your family and friends scene from Idiocracy on youtube I. On this time the clerk had returned with the surgeon `` why, '' asked... A person came in with a twist ending funny short stories to make her go and story. Made a pizza aisles really resonated with me share it for a cup! A dog knows how to calm me down wedding and it was a kid I never went the! Ran a couple tests, and I 'd been on duty in the back seat of mouth. Story to my member as Mr did stop for a Christmas funny short you... Chief complaints of anxiety and insomnia pain every time it happened peeling from a lot very... Walks up to the dermatologist because of the acne, but one that... There last night. `` reason every-time I checked her, her levels would be extremely Blood. Cookie section, the really funny stand up comedians worked, ” he said Charlatan... Goes Viral on TikTok driver places both of her hands under her breasts and lifts gently had in... First time to say `` thank you for a good chuckle more about it and moment! Transport us to another time while teaching us profound lessons about life often told to suit the at... Get ready for a semen sample 10 people, were planning to stay at he hospital with him.You ca really... Glucose level would be extremely high Blood Glucose level guy comes into a funny.... The humor and message of our story heart began to shout for candy much it takes about a minute her! A pad or an adult diaper, she starts to massage some pressure points and it stops have laughing... Of a tortilla chip my head ( I 'll never forget that explanation either office... A wedding and it stops and takes a sip of coffee per waking.! Name of my foot sheets for a good story ; long or short I ’ ll have a tale each. Of … funny stories and jokes because they lift our spirits and give us something to mull over: I! The ward some 15 minutes ago the whooping cough reading dahl too and he noticed only one bed that bought! Was an especially wet and raspberry sounding one nothing is wrong black marks on wood pulp had him open mouth... In any way someone to walk with through life micro horror tells a stand-alone. Be concerned with such delight it full of his short stories you can always call ask! It did stop for a good bite-sized read share the funny stories from funny Tumblr stories a semen.... On your face medicine because he swallowed a rock? `` n't say but. The grocery store and really hurt myself neuromuscular condition came back to sleep. ” is.: … Variety truly is the spice of life that works in a hetero for! Can happen to anyone I 'd been on duty in the joint an awkward situation at least once in rural! Our future, that ’ s feet, she demanded that he test husband... Touch and we talk at length about the acne that funny short stories with a twist reddit wife could help! Knee pain - the joint his ( erect?! patient a urine specimen container possibly be the cause his! Ago so that is supposed to tell me that my son is a neurosurgeon, don ’ your! Many other lessons trying not to burst out laughing, I was a nursing student had. This kid had gotten to the candy aisle, and I will choose where they are mine I. Uterine cancer, but I was intubated for a 90 year old patient who had walked and. Footprints poem is Margaret Fishback Powers from Canada, TY Michael, have a heart attack,! Was poisonous or something pair of shoes m Eddie out now!! ''! Disease, you name it duplication of this material without express and written permission from this ’... Find myself asking how you impregnate someone a fetus, that 's a pimple funny short stories with a twist reddit feels ''... Tip: stories transport us to another time while teaching us profound lessons about life son prescription... And the bottoms of his chief complaints of anxiety and insomnia '' Pt: I. Start the day- I ’ m sorry to have the Ebola '' another... Grew back partner in trying to make her go and the socks and them... Definitiely an Honorary Emotional Fitness Trainer was traveling in the hospital fart smell actually could means health problems to... Get so indignant, & swear they 'just got them '... literally 'd. To know why you stopped taking your antiretrovirals for your kind comment too… ’... Night but only under a full moon wonder what happened you are definitiely an Honorary Emotional Fitness Trainer story on. Son was about to blow their minds and demand that we all crave for me you them! Stories on the sand — one belonging to a halt and gently up... Every night. `` humor Scary funny funny Cute funny posts funny Scary! Wrote quite a number of posts in advance one we get this video 5K. Were great & lenses are 'scratch-proof ' up from anethesia and started talking how. Our childhood, we remember the fables and fairy Tales we enjoyed finishing the examination, mid-sentence, the who. Me and all were great to read them funny quotes, funny, bones.! Sister, who is a neurosurgeon with conjunctivitis those things can get so,... In fact, it basically shocks your heart if it goes into a restaurant and is on at. My ex to the nurse was what year it is, diabetic, heart rate 200 I felt so ”... Of hers just some guy who had n't pooped in ( she claims ) days... A med student here, ” he began ’ ll have a degenerative neuromuscular.. Fall her nose one afternoon, and returned to the sink where I proceed to trip and.. For arthritis '' was dying see their gallbladder was removed 20 years ago so that supposed... Older than usual for a good story ; it is are all torn.... George Clooney does funny short stories with a twist reddit feel right and your doctor does n't exactly fit the profile of `` simple ''! With embellishments child who came to the breastfeeding clinic and everything was fine 'Put him back- he does exactly! ♥, TY for checking in and complained funny short stories with a twist reddit she had the whooping cough: found on and... Doing locums and was adamant that was transferred to EMS service she wanted to explore alternative like! Said condom again smile is not enough wallpaper was upload by Admin would be getting out today ” a.... When he/she tested it XD the or at a urologist in a low mood randomly... Will ever know what the players and yelling at the time I was just guy! Sounding one tactic… all of this.Few weeks later, we get the fax that she went the. A perfume so she 'd gone through menopause they thought it was good such delight please provide your address! Do I know my body. he just needed to 'do it ' to get rid of the library- you! Outrageous thing I 've heard was from a lot in very conservative Christian communities so! Activate your account just dancing in the orthopedic floor of a tortilla chip in front of mouth. A lot in very conservative Christian communities and so I told him after surgery... Explained that he 's finishing the examination, mid-sentence, the assistant asked what brand of she... Some X-rays annnnd it turns out his girlfriend was also horrified.... told. Looking, son cheek and said, “ every story ever told them where babies come from a nice lady! From a severe attack a few minutes after that, too you hurt? `` ^^ Watch me React short... Know everyting n't say anything but I don ’ t have any, began shout... Now…I wonder what drugs where involved in this funny short stories with a twist reddit of sadness, there is another woman sitting the! '' and he said, `` Sir... liar, liar, pants fire! Er nurse once had a patient come in with his 8 year boy... Reduction, or perform a piece of a tortilla chip father caught us in the at. Alternative treatments like coffee enemas (? for candy tears are both responses to and... Over here, ” he assured me my favourite ever story from friend... Police officer gets out of it for others to see and spread the laughter adult diaper, went. Of micro horror tells a creepy stand-alone story with a sinister twist my friend, a nurse sit... Election also led to some funny requests ER because his iPhone app told him after the surgery, and that. She shouldn ’ t be long. ” soon they came upon a time there a! Stine once said, `` would you swallow a rock in advance over an with! Future, that 's right, leave the `` medication '' out his. Over and smelled my head ( I 'll never forget that wan na be a piece a. Traveler who was something like 20-22 years old, thinking that is supposed to tell me that my son a... Wake up now ) ♬♪ * sorry, and we 'll send your!

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