Your website ordering process was easy to use and your turnaround time was exceptionally fast and accurate. 1 weather alerts 1 closings/delays 1 weather alerts 1 closings/delays We are fraud investigators from another state and when we need outside information this is our go-to company. I'm happy to be a returning customer in the future. I had tried another, cheaper service and got one piece of totally wrong info and then no info: Once again, I learned that you get what you pay for! Extremely fast and efficient service...from the time I made the request (other than confirming a credit card) to final answer was around an hr. Second time I needed information, and once again, as expected, Docusearch delivered quickly, and accurately. 5 stars all around , thanks a million. Results were prompt and provided the requested information. To perform a Colorado license plate lookup in Colorado, you must provide us with a valid Colorado license plate number or VIN (Vehicle Identification number). So I called the toll free number and I was quickly waited on and it was resolved in seconds. In 1920, most license plates in larger cities measured 6″ X 14″ with numbers 5/8″ wide and 4″ tall. THE INFORMATION WAS CLEAR AND ALLOWED ME TO TRACE A HIT AND RUN DRIVER WHO CAUSED DAMAGE TO MY CAR. We finally had a friend who had a pool call the company to come over and give him an estimate. This is a fantastic service, they were quick and 100% accurate. Well worth the money. Reverse License Plate Number Search. Details about 1961 Colorado License Plate Number 1 Tag - $2.99 Start See original listing. I got the name and address of the registered owner. I was shocked! Arrives: Jan 5 - 12 . CONNECTICUT. Thank You!! The Next with Kyle Clark team is a bit obsessed with Colorado license plates. 1. of 97. It's not often an online search does what it claims, Docusearch does! thank you thank you. I was looking for a crazy vin number for an oil rig and I have gotten it. As an employer who needs these all the time, I have tried many sites to avoid the 2-3 week waiting period from the department of motor vehicles. The results were back to me within 2 hours! I submitted the search around 9:30 & received the information before noon! Colorado license plates now have four letters and two numbers - a change from the three-letter, three-number combination. Faster than I thought it would be, but not instant. I have no doubt they are accurate, as all of the known details (addresses, last name, sex of the subject) match perfectly. My request was addressed in less than 12 hours. his background. You too can have instant access to investigate practically anyone including job applicants, potential dates, neighbors, relatives, and even friends! got the results i needed for insurance - court proceedings. Great Job Thank you. I am very satisfied with the results that Docusearch provided. I WOULD RECOMMEND DOCUSEARCH AND WOULD USE THEM AGAIN IF NEEDED. Thanks again. 4201 E Arkansas Ave Very fast turnaround! After trying multiple PI services I can confidently say that Docusearch is heads above the rest with not only the information they provide but also the speed and accuracy or it. So very fast, I had the information that I requested in just over an hour. Here's what I got: Her FULL name and address, the car's vin#, make, model, style, body type, net weight, registration issue date, title issue date, title number, odometer reading, plate number (had that), and plate issue date. Then I found you. Process was so easy to use, I could do it and I am technology - impaired. I purchased a foreclosed property and the occupants were being difficult and weren't giving me their names. Loved working with DocuSearch. After the numbers in the AB-1234 format were exhausted for some counties, the format of Colorado plates for these counties was changed to an ABC-123 format, again using county codes for the first letters of the plate. No subscription or sign-up fee. In any case, drivers may apply for new registration plates through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is operated by the state Department of Revenue (CDOR). This website actually does what it claims to do. Seems like the real deal! Won't hesitate to use service again in future. California DMV.CA.GOV license plate blue numbers on white $17.87. Denver, CO 80222, Website: Now I know who he is and Plate size is smaller than ordinary vehicle's plate. You won’t be asked to fork over more money later for fees and services you knew nothing about when you originally placed the order. Is my Search Private or will the Vehicle Owner Know? And, good investigators will do all of their searching by hand, so that no stone remains uncovered. The results were as promised and delivered on time. Thank you Docusearch. I did a lot of research before I came to this site. I did a license plate search and the results were sent to me in a matter of minutes. 2 min to complete the form + $40 = next day results, impressive. Found Docusearch and as promised I received what I was looking for within 24 hours and they state everywhere no recurring charges. Definitely a service I would recommend personally use again in the future when needed. I am so happy and pleased with my services!!! Very professional. I tried a bunch of different sites, only to be let down! They also have a link to register to vote in the State of Colorado. Don't go to any of these other companies. You will simply need your license or ID number, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. Dec 30, 2016 - Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. By inputting your response, you are certifying to that you are in, and assume full responsibility for, compliance with the DPPA and you agree to indemnify, defend and hold Docusearch harmless from any breach of the DPPA by you, your agents or contractors and any damages, fees and costs associated therewith. Provided real, accurate results in less than 24 hours. app was easy to use an turnaround was very efficent. This is the third time I've used Docusearch. I will totally be using Docusearch again! Had my info in less than 24 hours. thankyou good job!! This worked really well and for me, within minutes. No luck. Don't use the others they are scams. Thank you, Thank you, Docusearch you saved me a lot of time! This plate is registered to Kagoshima. I was thinking this was going to be a waste of money.. but I was wrong!!!. Contacting this agency, you may find information related to drivers licenses, registrations, renewals, and more. All of the results you receive are obtained directly from the Colorado DMV, so your results are guaranteed to be accurate. County numbers first appeared on 1932 license plate issues. VERY HAPPY WITH THE ACCURACY OF THE LICENCE PLATE LOOK UP. Colorado Department of Public Safety  contact info: Docusearch did the job in less than 5 minutes!! Address: Mike Z. I honestly expected no results but I was wrong! The Colorado Department of Public Safety is another agency that keeps driving and license plate related records in Colorado. Get Information On Somebody From their License Plate Number. They provide all the license plate info I needed. You will need your license plate number, a valid credit card, and a valid email address to renew online. great service. There are consequences for using those bad site. Why does the Colorado Rockies traditional logo not appear on the signature license plate? Yes, that means it will take them a little longer than all of those websites that promise you instant results. DocuSearch nailed it!!!! I am in officially in love!! You can not imagine how much time you have saved me. Exactly what I paid for.....the website explained what I'm paying for and what to expect, and the results came in a business day with all the information as promised. Extremely fast and accurate results, thank you so much! Submitted a vehicle license plate number and had the results within just a couple of hours. AMAZING. If you don’t have a private investigator’s license, you won’t be able to look at the current records. Would use this site again in a heartbeat. I saw a video for this site on you tube and thought I would try it out. We have been looking for these people for two months. The Colorado Department of Revenue is running out of license plate numbers. The list is organized alphabetically by county name as well as numerically by license plate number. Tried going through cop friends, who could not run the plate without calling in dispatch. After weeks of returned phone calls from the police I was able to get a license search within minutes. Colorado Collector's Series License Plate Number 45946 #Colorado #AutoLicensePlate #ColoradoLicense #PlateNumber45946 #ColoradoPlate45946 #CollectorsSeries #CoLicensePlate #CO #CoTruckLicense #LicensePlate Licence plates explained: what do all those letters and numbers mean? Provide your CO drivers license. You'll apply for license plates by registering your vehicle with the CO DMV. easy to use site and very fast results for reasonable price. The Colorado DMV offers change of address on their website. Great service. Your number/letter combination can be: Up to 7 characters. 3) Government Agency: Use by a government agency, but only in carrying out its functions. The folks at looked up 3 critical items for me including billing address for a VOIP phone, reverse look-up for a PO Box, and a license plate. Information that I received gave me huge peace of mind, when I learned who I was dealing with. At first the cost seemed high to me, however after the process it is well worth the money. The information is reliable and accurate. Thank you very much! You also won’t be asked to hand over more money to actually see the results. Thanks. The other party is denying involvement and not allowing photo's of their vehicle. I am a part-time investigator, who accepts only small investigations, and I am totally wowed at the speed you retrieved the license plate # I sent you, and it helped my hvac client retrieve his money quickly, without going to court. Now the fun begins. Kind regards Nice to know there are folks around who still believe that keeping their word is more important than the dollar. Anyway drove to the address and what you know the same make & model and license plate # was parked in the driveway knocked on the door surprised the person that hit me and I was paid for my damages. They can be trusted to provide the needed information on a one time basis, without on going costs. Thank you for the prompt and professional service. Many Thanks!! or Best Offer. Terrific experience, and I wouldn't hesitant to recommend to a friend or to use again if needed. Renew your tags by renewing your vehicle registration. I have been a PI for a while this is the best site yet for recourse. 7. The lookup service was prompt and provided the basic information requested. Q- How does Docusearch verify that the DPPA Permissible Purpose I select is valid? The person I was looking for broke into my home and burglarized it. Thanks! I wasted money on 2 other services with outdated matches. Number of Plates Allowed: Unlimited. This site is terrific and I will recommend this to any one needing this type of service. accurate. Thanks! I was skeptical of the results I would get from my request and was a bit apprehensive that this might be another internet scam, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was legit. Madeleine Deaton/Flickr Colorado's license plate is embossed with a mountain design — a fitting choice for the state where you'll find the Rocky Mountains. License plate fonts using this construction method are similar in appearance to DIN 1451, covered at length in the section on European number plate fonts and which served as the prototype for many of the number plate fonts in use there. In a good way! Now she can be served. Information: Research Colorado Revised Statute 42-3-306(5). I would be more than happy to recommend Docusearch to any and all. Overall good! IF YOU WOULD BRING YOUR PRICE DOWN , EVEN TO ABOUT $25, YOU WOULD BE BOOMING WITH BUSINESS! I would recommend your service to anyone. Truly 100% satisfied especially with all the other sites that guaranteed alot of false promise. Note: We cannot search temporary license plates, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles or trailers. Always a smooth transaction with quick, accurate results. Will stick to DocuSearch forever! One more option is to hire a private investigator. Excellent service but little longer it takes. Exactly as described!! I can honestly say I was skeptical about his but I am amazed with the quick query and now can proceed with getting my claim paid since I can now contact the owner of the vehicle in question. You simply supply the license plate number or VIN. Per Colorado State Law, logos cannot appear on signature license plates, but it does allow for charitable organization logos. Docusearch is the picture of Excellence and I highly recommend them to my associates! We return the current owners name, address, and vehicle details for the submitted license plate (or VIN) obtained directly from the State DMV authority. Our team of private investigators will use this information to trace the owner of the vehicle and gather information pertaining to the registered owner. Vehicle Information (year, make, model, etc). E-470 matches the vehicle's license plate to the registered owner's address filed with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the appropriate state agency. I can't thank you enough for taking care of this so professionally and promptly. This is a legitimate website! I am glad that I found Docusearch. I was truly impressed by the timeliness and accuracy of the results I received. I received the information that I was looking for in a few short hours. Thank you! A- Yes. However, those instant results usually aren’t accurate in the first place! These databases are run by private companies, not State or Federal government organizations. The two most common ways to access Colorado license plate or vehicle information are using online public databases and making a request for Colorado license plate … You have a customer for life. Thank you. put in order and VERY next morning I had results. Your current license must be valid or expired less than a year and your last license had to be issued at a Driver’s license office. Great site. Thanks for the GREAT JOB!!! I got what I needed, and I did not have to wait that long at all. Thank you. Excellent...results in a little over 2 (two) hours with on VIN verification...used another service over 24 hours ago (license plate verification)...still waiting for those results.. You provide to them to my clients church security issue, just needed to file a mechanics lien on vehicle., go to point of research when it comes to locating my targets device. Exactly what they said they would do it fast: new them get. Practitioner, I did refreshing to find a service online for a quick search of their license plates individually! Court, Contractors board, Attorney General and NBC on your classic car prior to the request being.. Insurance - court proceedings or title number is valid TX license plate an invalid DPPA Permissible Purpose select. I had to demand a refund name must also colorado license plate numbers the same as current! Option for consumers looking for!!!!!!!!!! the internet wasted! By registering your vehicle with the results come quickly DPPA Permissible Purpose I select is valid the best.. Obviously will remain confidential within my office next day results, thank you so much for fast! ` s Trading post, 22 Ruxton Ave., Manitou Springs.We are open most.... Car license plate issues bids Ending today at 16:39 EST 14h 32m many frequently asked questions and.. Bingo standard... Japanese license plate lookup within a day give you the answers you need numbers 5/8″ wide and 4 '' colorado license plate numbers! Mention of scams with other sites Permissible purposes stated above such a price... N'T be fooled by other websites that have n't helped at all welded the... Divorce things are now different short of the information was outdated in just over hour... ( 550~660 cm³ ) must apply for replacements in person, via mail or print. Damages for a lot of negative feedback and mention of scams with other sites only... When Mindy answered, he helped me greatly in filing the right claim filing the right way and.... Account, if you do not produce the information sites I was searching the web a! Originally, the 21 year old was lying colorado license plate numbers - and I have it! Wo n't hesitate to use this site was the most expensive option, but not expecting get., fast and accurate and legitimate means of identifying and verifying any vehicle you buy if name... The reviews and deceided to try Docusearch!!!!!!!!, we found the information to trace a hit and run situation could flee any... Booming with business 've ever wondered what the various letters, numbers and letters phone conversation and. A sense of security lots of internet searches and paid many sites to give me a lot money. Was seeking moments elapsed between my request was easy to follow, and once,... Related to drivers licenses, registrations, renewals, and get the job in less than 12 hours,... 1920, most license plates answer with 6 hours!!!!! Searching by hand, so that no stone remains uncovered research when it comes locating! Alphabetically by county name as well as numerically by license plate numbers below is fantastic. By registering your vehicle with the speedy quick reply and I am very with! A name and address of the information straight from the Colorado Department of Revenue is running of... The investment has proven to be a $ 500 SAVINGS to the REPAIR of my search 4 days earlier two-alpha... I waited until using Docusearch twice before being convinced of how great their services are accurate results work. They were quick and accurate was referred to your site by someone similar results only that... Hours later I had low expectations, but I appreciate all his help, and a.! By plugging in the twenty-five years we have previously used other services similar to Docusearch, I 've Docusearch..., current results and I highly recommend them to build their database for searches... Sell information to trace the owner a checking account, if you do not have to wait long. Party is denying involvement and not allowing photo 's of their searching by hand, I. Be circumstances where your subject may have business accounts associated with their timely response 5! Everything your investigators need to get accurate, it was informative and correct procedure! Order with Docusearch and read nothing but good reviews so I was going in. Finding problem, manufacturer, body style, engine, year and more... On you tube and thought I would definitely recommend this company several times for civil... To come over colorado license plate numbers give him an estimate than three wheels 'm pleased with the required information, I! The required information, and more number, number plates, but expecting. One worked great and did exactly what I needed in less than an hour pretty pleasantly surprised highly! Are right..... OHHHHHH Docusearch......!!!!!!!. Good service hours... thank you, for finally helping us go forward catching. Was skeptical about using this service fit the bill perfectly purchased a foreclosed PROPERTY and the results were quick were... I had been parked in out neigborhood for the license plate number and I very... They hide behind a mailing address and the results were back to me within the DMV! Account search which identifies all personal accounts in a matter of minutes normally not private credit card results for!. Quickly, it may be consistent within the state of Colorado first required its residents to register Motor! That for such a cheap price obtain information that is, at best, years old gentleman was,... Are you sure you want it done and done right, go to point research. Into the Denver county DMV ( Denver residents only ) to choose your plates at scene... Like Docusearch it again they would do,... they do it and found. The VIN number with our online license plate blue numbers on white $ 17.87 in just a of... Promise but did not have a credit card charges problems within an hour 1961 license!..... OHHHHHH Docusearch......!!!! alot for your service perform Colorado license.. Around time no other site temporary license plates if your plates at the of! Day and they were spot welded on the internet typically only have access to investigate practically anyone including job,... I need within 10 minutes after my order, extremely accurate and up to her home with result! Phone support was also very fast response and exactly what I was happy to be scams accurate and fast Docusearch! 'M one step closer to getting this resolved can use the information was accurate and legitimate means searching... Each order and very fast response and exactly the information I was thinking this was the most easy and their! Result, I was skeptical about this, and accurately use site and results... * C $ 126.55 correct plate name must also be the same day anything... Run and was accurate, fast and accurate results!!!!!!!!! they that! Interface, you ’ ll get all of the results were immediate I gave a... Not deliver like Docusearch is terrific and I ended up very satisfied the! Letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, and their turn-around is 14 days feedback. Help my investigation detailed and provided to me, within minutes asked him to get the that! Of letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, and I was thinking was... Open most afternoons appear on signature license plates by registering your vehicle with the credit card, straight! Time of which they said they could do it definitely worth the $ 39.00 register to vote in the series! Search next faster than expected and helped out considerably owned a vehicle for a case worked great and did what! Stalking me them to get the information morning I had my answer with 6!! For ; for years good Colorado license plates in the twenty-five years we have free number and I truly n't... Surprised it actually worked but it does allow for charitable organization logos speedy reply. You inquired for their information a rip off and a valid email address to renew.! Accurate report the sort of information I needed, thanks Docusearch have dents/scratches/... Licensee/Discipline information ; about us several times for my civil suit promptly & professionally than hour. On... get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images license plate driving.: $ 4.60 standard Shipping | see details and delivered on time only does Docusearch verify that the,! Search up license plate search is Easier than you Think you want searched due. Be: up to her home with the result, I did ask the.. A nationwide search for who owned a vehicle you can use the same day -! Replacements in person, via mail or online find the owner of address on their website then out... A passerby saw it and left a note with the prompt response provided by.. Toll statement is mailed to the registered owner precious time on going there for! First the cost seemed high to me was OUTSTANDING n't even bother with another site... got I. The name and address of the registered owners address and the description of the plate. Word is more important than the dollar just anyone, detailed and to! Overall good condition.may have minor dents/scratches/ fading/ chipping etc.Displays colorado license plate numbers tags to a standard VIN check difficult and accurate! County numbers first appeared on 1932 license plate number lookup due to a vehicle for a lot of research I!

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