name, designation (something one may be called by, not necessarily one's true name, which it is sometimes considered dangeroue to give too freely) (RW 75) (n) - nahi fourth-name (arch. One of the famous Romulans. Male clan name prefix (used in third name) Common nouns - that is, everything besides proper names - fall into three groups, based on the ending of the root (Nom-Acc) form of the verb. Acamarians are a generally peaceful race with a history of violent clan wars. The second name is locative and is determined by the Rihannha's birthplace or clan of origin. With meanings? 1 Blurb 2 Summary 2.1 Andorian History 3 Contents 3.1 Characters 3.2 References 4 Background information 4.1 Credits 5 External link From the book jacket The Andorians have always been something of a paradox; a mystery at the heart of the Federation. This generator will generator 10 random names at a time, fit for the Vulcan species of the Star Trek universe. 1. 2153 Romulan War of Succession. Starships of the Romulan Star Empire: Starships of the Cardassian Union: Starships of the Ferengi Alliance: Starships of the Breen Confederacy: Starships of the Borg Collective: Starships of the Andorian Empire: Starships of the Terran Empire: Starships of the Romulan Republic: Starships of the Tholian Assembly: Starships of the Son'a Sodality A fourth name, a very private and personal name, is rarely spoken, and only known by those who are life long intimates. Commander Sela - A Romulan from the Star Trek franchise, Sela was a tactful commander. As an individual grew and gathered accomplishments, they could add or would be given additional middle names. They were otherwise similar to humans, so much so that they could mate with humans without any problems. The last name is the family/clan name. A Planet of Ice. Rihan: Romulan (adjective, e.g. The Romulan War of Succession of 2153 was an armed conflict between outer Romulan colonies supporting Romulan Civil States and inner core Romulan worlds supporting the Romulan Star Republic. This conflict ended with the defeat of the Star Republic forces and Praetor Valdore committing suicide as a consequence. Ba’el - This Klingon-Romulan female was Tokath’s daughter who fell in love with Worf.. 2. In traditional Romulan naming, an child was given a personal name, a middle name denoting their location of birth, and a clan name. Just type in a random name to get started. In the decades leading up to the Romulan Civil War of 2276, the descendants of the former Romulan Ship-Clans secretly built a number of enormous starships, intended as a refuge for Romulans fleeing the rule of the Romulan Star Empire.They later played an essential role in winning the war. nickname) (n) - … The fiercest female Romulan character names. Vulcans are a species of humanoids with pointy ears and arched up eyebrows. Romulan Star Empire - All Ships. Female Romulans Names. Need a Romulan Name? The Rihannsu are rather proud of their names and heritage. A Passion for Space. Subclass Designation Ship Name Translation Source Official; Assault Ship: M-4: Vastama cl'Kuba Examples of birthplaces can be found in the Rihannsu dictionary, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Locative names were prefaced by I-, while clan names were prefaced by t' for females and tr' for males. First and middle names are usually given with reservation, usually to friends and family. A People of Fire. Physically, they can be distinguished by a vertical crease in the center of the forehead. Caithlin Dar - Caithlin was a female Romulan diplomat who represented ‘Nimbus III’.. 3. This generator will provide Given names, Spirit names, Locative names, and finally clan names. This locative name is prefixed by i- (in the city of) or ir- (in the region of).

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