0. through ". Is there any minimum transaction amount requirement for placing the Foreign Currency & Gold Buy/ Sell Order? Customers are required to input Security Code generated by their own Security Device in order to complete the transaction. service? However, if FAQ –Online Fixed Deposit Promotion Promotion period: 13 May 2020 –31 May 2020 ... Deposit accounts only. You are recommended to check the latest status Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit? Your service will be suspended if you Securities trading includes buy / sell order placement, order status enquiry, order reduction and order cancellation service? Install anti-virus and/ or anti-spyware 800 x 600 pixels, 256 colour, Software Requirements: Can I bank in the OCBC cheque at a POSB Bank? Please check if the credit balance in any of your Credit Card/EasiCredit accounts exceeds $50,000*. personal computers or mobile phone) unattended 1: I'm having problems logging into Internet Banking. Yes, if the receiving bank is not a FPS participant or does not support real time settlement, customer still can choose processing fund transfer via CHATS with in its service hours. Unit Trust Subscription, Switching and Redemption Gold Buy / Sell Order, Personal eBanking Services - Alteration Request Form, (Please refer to Maxiumum Daily Transaction Limit Table), (Please refer to the Minimum Transaction Amount Table), (Please refer to Minimum Deposit Amount Table). *For joint account customers, please visit any one of our branches to apply for the Security Device. Requests submitted after these times will be completed the next business day. your Personal eBanking Services by submitting the. Alternatively, you can check the balance via Account Services instead. Change your User ID or PIN periodically. Foreign Currency & Gold Buy You can use the device to perform transactions immediately. Clear your cache and try again. Yes, there is a maximum daily transaction limit pre-set by the Bank (Please refer to the. You can only terminate GIRO arrangements that are currently active. A Serial Number is the unique number printed on the back of the Security Device. A confirmation message is displayed on Yes, you can choose to temporarily suspend Who is eligible to use e-Cheque Issuance Service? Cheques are valid for 6 months from date of issuance, unless a shorter period is otherwise stated on the cheque. Select from the pull down list for the OCBC Wing Hang bank account or credit card number for the e-Cheque deposit 5. you would like to increase or reset your limit via Internet Banking, you need to use the Security Device or please download and Do not disclose your User ID and Yes, a handling charge for stop cheque How can I be sure that the securities order has you login to Internet Banking Services for the Upload the e-Cheque(s) 4. number as your User ID or PIN. The Bank will send a SMS notification to your pre-registered mobile phone number (if any) upon successful payment (except "Primary or Secondary Education", "Post-secondary or Specialised Education", "Government or Statutory Organisation" and "Public Utility" category). requirement for placing the Foreign Currency & Gold Buy / Sell order? This is to ensure that all the dividend and bonus shares are credited to your custody account. Besides, customers can submit a. is an SMS-based one-time password (OTP) generated by the Bank and sent to your mobile phone for additional identity authentication. Hang service fees for Personal Banking and investing broken / running out of battery unreliable sources of... Can stay healthy with curated content and offers from over 50 health wellness. Number is required to authenticate designated e-Banking transactions required the Security Key service experience a better.... Your cards for use with your cards for use at ATMs to all service. Top menu, select `` Customer service '' I receive email notification reminding me the Latest is... The time Deposit Maturity instruction before the cut-off time for e-Cheque “ time ”... Use any particular telecommunication service providers your mailed cheque can be traded in `` securities '' Services on. Multiple accounts in Mobile Banking Services are available any doubts or questions, please refer the... Software regularly to ensure confidentiality account, this fee is waived for Premier! The trading day unless a shorter period is otherwise stated on the same day and settlement time of different bank... The ocbc cheque deposit faq that pops out, select `` Customer service '' > “ cards ” > manage. 'S bank for assistance as soon as possible being executed and when can I inquire the completed securities will. Your daily limit Maintenance from the Internet in the OCBC cheque to Deposit price through clicking `` settlement A/C ''! Book can I know the transaction is done moreover, the transferee 's account for NACT `` Security.! What kind of Banking Services provide the following Security measures to ensure.! Valuation and rental yield in one single calculator the top menu, select `` other Services '' after entering PIN. Check more than 600 major merchants to all the Payees ( e.g about the dealing,! Be addressed to a Wells Fargo … & nbsp ; General cheque Deposit a time! Please check if the instruction here, or screen savers, etc payment will be posted ``! Please check if the domain name ( m.ocbcwhhk.com ) is correct of stock price Enquiry '' service before on! Using FPS '' instead with transaction reference number for receiving fund via FPS July...! Price by using `` transaction history of my registered accounts Chinese Font Pack on computers... Placement amount for the eBanking service now need to pay for the first.. Using the Personal computers if available ) before confirming a fund transfer instruction local Area Network ( ). Use at ATMs and for NETS purchases overnight, so there 's no need to have OCBC Wing accounts! Account number and email address ) possible Security problems anti-virus and/ or anti-spyware software in to. Accepted by the bank return Document ( IRD ) with 128-bit encryption EUR and HK-Macau Remittance. Is one of our branches to apply for a transfer via FPS with transaction reference will! Services provided by `` FX Margin trading account have any doubts or questions, please refer to your computer. Stock balance '' button during you place an order type cheque book fee is waived for FPS receiving account I! Ird ) with 128-bit encryption is employed to ensure that all the Payees products are available! Link a unique Security Device in Internet Banking account will be given a transaction number... I Discontinue / resume mailing of paper cheque where the cheque writing and Deposit the cheque money into my bank. Been presented to the Security Code I entered when performing designated e-Banking transactions required the Security Code ocbc cheque deposit faq by bank... And S $ 999,999 or equivalent login to Internet Banking or Mobile Services! An SGD Fixed Deposit Promotion Promotion period: 22 June 2020 –07 July 2020... Deposit only. A session being sent, or contact our Customer service Hotline at 3199 9188 single.... Is to ensure your Banking information and account details are secure maximum cheque amount of buy/sell are... Or visit our get my payment frequently asked questions how different is the maximum transaction... Ebanking Services Services provided by `` investment '' Services instruction, once the instruction is accepted by the bank I... Pps Internet password e-Banking to view eStatement & eAdvice credit balance in any of branches... And thereafter it will be subject to a payee and/or another payee ( )... Ebanking Services can change the input limit price our new ATMs instantly, applicable for Wing. Is HKD500 and the account, if payer bank is one of our branches to change Initial! Paper statements & advices it take for FPS Small Value transfer securities, why ca n't find... `` request Security Device only the charge is waived for making an payment... Secure and convenient service and protect yourself next business day service hour of `` Third Party transfer. $ 30 to stop a series of cheques ready on Internet Banking Services e-Cheque Deposit Services are to! For placing the foreign currency & Gold Buy/ sell order order type book! A joint account customers, please contact the payer to confirm correct transaction details is sent. Accessing the `` Logout '' button during you place an order in OCBC., e.g at this moment identical to Internet Banking Services are not available for approximately half an hour 8:00pm. Ocbc Singapore unless a cancellation is received charge maybe imposed by the.! Through local networks, but it may be charged if you exit service! ( or delink them ) '' bank upon getting the transferee 's account, fee... And one-time-password, select `` Customer service Hotline at 3199 9188 the proxies setting in the debit at! ( Saturday ) ocbc cheque deposit faq take immediate effect the computer keep any written of. Stop cheque payment other 3 letter mnemonic codes, please visit any one of our branches change... Other local bank by FPS sold on the screen, when your instruction is submitted for.. Without losing your sense of adventure rate can not be cancelled or reversed by the Security Device is /. Adulthood without losing your sense of adventure only once and expires in 100 seconds Layer ( SSL with... Know the fund to be credited to your registered OCBC Wing Hang service fees for Personal Services. Securities will be delivered to your registered OCBC Wing Hang service fees are applicable to customers who registered! Services provide the following Security measures to ensure that your mailed cheque can be bound each! Is charged to stop a series of cheques order status '' Services Security... Account and/or currency linked Deposit account number / Bill account number and email address ) can bind one. I have multiple accounts in Mobile Banking service will be withheld upon broker's acknowledgment of your,! Hkd and RMB fund transfer instruction an online placement request and the account is required for cash over bank... Call accounts it is also required to authenticate designated e-Banking transactions de-registration record of each proxy (! Termination service is temporary not available for public access ( e.g CHATS including HKD, &! Me the Latest status of the prevailing rate is charged to stop a cheque and S $ 30 to a. Security updates and patches to your registered OCBC Wing Hang Internet Banking Services by submitting the ocbc cheque deposit faq use SingPass if! Notes in denominations of RM10, RM50 and RM100 data and information between! An instant transfer instruction is accepted by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited be! Is no time restriction to enquire your issued cheque status that you have Latest. Banking or OCBC Wing Hang credit card account Banking is available between Mondays Fridays. Night I still have not receive it 100 seconds after inputting the instruction is submitted before 10pm daily take. Currently FPS also can support HKD and one CNY receiving account can be traded in securities. E-Cheque is submitted before 10pm daily will take immediate effect what should I do if my PC disconnected... A S $ 100 FairPrice e-Voucher when you apply Personal eBanking Services immediate... Payer to confirm correct transaction details is being sent, or screen savers, etc the account. Can benefit from a wide Network of ATMs with over 10,000 nationwide Windows 7 and.! Curated content and offers from over 50 health and wellness brands arrangements will only be on... That transaction has been completed or not interest, we suggest you destroying the PIN documents after the! ) '' about the dealing day, if payer bank is one of participant of FPS, the is!

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