Dangers of the Special Education Label. For the last eight years, 11 elementary schools of 60 in Davis School District, four in Weber School District, and two in Ogden School District have incorporated dual immersion programs Incalculable harm to special needs education. Luckily, special education advocacy groups began forming during President John F. Kennedy’s term. Of course, regular education students may be retained because of poor report cards, poor attendance, lack of social maturity and social skills, and other reasons. In fact, on-site inclusion of children with certain types of disability may increase negative attitudes in the general student body. Stigma: The label special needs can have a stigma or negative connotation. ... and raised concerns that the paper did not consider the effects of government cuts or the wider impact of … Image Source Before the 1970s, many youth with disabilities were excluded from the U.S. public school system and labeled “mentally retarded.” The only learning options available to most disabled children were at-home tutoring or state institutions. Ever since the existence of Special Education students have been placed with a label on them. This may also be true for students with special needs. Assessments may have a negative effect on student motivation, particularly for students performing below grade level. All of these things serve as a blessing and a curse to our kids…and also to the educators and administration serving them. When it was first enacted, E.H.A. This law was known as the Education for All Handicapped Act in 1974 and in 1975, Public Law 94-142 or, the Education of All Handicapped Children's Act (E.H.C.A.) Careless implementation of assessments may have negative consequences, especially when the needs of special education students are not considered. If you have a child in special education, you probably just had a shiver run down your spine just by reading those acronyms in print and may be thinking the same thing. Based on their disability, a special education student will either be classified as learning support (LS), emotional support (ES), or mentally retarded (MR). The typical student that is retained is likely to repeat kindergarten, first and fifth grades and sometimes 8th grade. Social relations: Students in a special needs class may have problems relating to other kids in the class or school. She is remembered as Linda Brown, the child whose name is attached to the famous 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v.Board of Education.In that case, the Supreme Court determined that “separate but equal” schools for African-Americans and white students were unconstitutional. had written in the first requirements for the development of the Individualized Education Program, also known as an I.E.P. Being in a special needs program can reinforce this. The death of Linda Brown Thompson on March 25th marked an important moment in American history. The last decade has seen an increasing number of special-education students graduate from high school: 68 percent received diplomas in 2011, compared to … There is mounting evidence that, other than a smaller class size, “there is little that is special about the special education system,” and that the negative effects of separating children with disabilities from their peers far outweigh any benefit to … This can impede their social growth.

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