At the end of this semester, SAP is evaluated to determine if the student is back into good standing or will be placed on a Financial Aid Academic Progress Plan (FAAPP). It is my sincere pleasure to serve as Principal of the Santa Fe School community. This is referred to as Return to Title IV. The food is great and for a really good price but it’s the staff that I keep going back for." Any portion of aid that is not "earned" must be paid back. Graduate Students Age Distribution by Attendance Status at Santa Fe College. Following an approved appeal, students will enter a probationary semester during which they are eligible for federal financial aid. Santa Fe Trail. All courses taken or accepted by Santa Fe College must be counted as attempted courses regardless of grade forgiveness or academic petitions for withdrawals. Time to Report Students’ Academic Progress! All transfer hours accepted towards the program of study by Santa Fe College will be included when determining maximum timeframe eligibility. The student  does not need to file an appeal to receive the warning semester. Donors and Alumni. Students must meet the following criteria: 1. The student must notify the Financial Aid Office when a grade has been changed. Students who are at the projected maximum timeframe (calculated to need more than 150% of their allowable hours) to finish their program. Student Life @ Santa Fe College, Gainesville, FL. Students on a FAAPP must reference the academic plan signed by their Academic Advisor and submitted as part of their approved appeal, and should only take coursework towards their degree. (ex. At the end of this semester, SAP is evaluated to determine if the student is back into good standing or will be placed on a Financial Aid Academic Progress Plan (FAAPP). Online Classes (Distance Learning) Enrollment. Schedule a Demo. 3.9K likes. You are required complete all your courses attempted with a grade of "C" or better to maintain this eligibility. The combination of a student’s previous- and current-year performance yields a value from 0 to 200. Reports . During the probation semester students may not earn a grade below a "C" or drop/withdrawal from any of their courses to maintain their financial aid eligibility. If not applicable, please login directly below. What SAP requirements must I meet to keep my financial aid? The initial course that is dropped to replace it with another section of the same course will not count during SAP evaluation. If a student is suspended from financial aid the student may continue to attend the college provided they meet institutional academic requirements and are permitted to re-enroll in coursework. Sign in to eSantaFe to access your email, canvas, grades, financial aid and more. Santa Fe College is committed to an environment that embraces diversity, respects the rights of all individuals, is open and accessible, and is free of harassment and discrimination. The Scoreboard summarizes your students' overall progress on a given lesson plan and allows you to simultaneously view several important details about your students. Students seeking second degrees and students with double majors are monitored like any other student under this policy. If grade changes (including updated incomplete grades) affect SAP status, students must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing of such changes. Students may modify their course schedule up until the last day to drop with a refund date for the first term in which the student will enroll. Skip to main content; Skip to search; Skip to the footer; Canvas ; eSantaFe; eStaff; Office 365; Zoom; Students; Apply to SF; Get into UF; Faculty & Staff; A-Z; Santa Fe College. Students may modify their course schedule by replacing a course with another section of the same course (termed a “Drop Swap”) within the same semester or term. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to keep receiving federal financial aid. Students must have an overall 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA), and 2.0 GPA in the program(s) of study of record for the semester, Courses used in the evaluation of SAP are. Gather documentation to support your appeal. However, the student must notify the Financial Aid Office of this update to eligibility. iPhone App; Android App; Mobile App URL Santa Fe College is committed to an environment that embraces diversity, respects the rights of all individuals, is open and accessible, and is free of harassment and discrimination. Students must make adequate progress toward their chosen program of study, by completing their program within 150% of the required credits for that program. Students must complete their program of study within the 150% timeframe of their eligible certificate program. Incremental Progress: Students must successfully complete 67 percent of the credit hours they attempt. The values have been grouped into the three categories of less than a year, expected, and more than a year. All periods of enrollment, regardless of whether or not aid was received, are including when determining SAP status. Connect Your Community. Password Reset: Note: Please enter your MSP security pin number and username. Students who do not meet SAP standards will be notified via the college’s official means of communication, eSantaFe notifications. Substitute Management . SAP evaluations include all periods of enrollment regardless of whether federal financial aid was received by the student during all periods of enrollment. Financial Aid for Transient and Special Programs. Write a statement explaining your extenuating circumstances for all impacted semesters and demonstrating that the extenuating circumstances are resolved or under control. For more information, visit To maintain your eligibility for financial aid a student must meet the requirements below. Transient students are responsible for facilitating accurate and timely transfer of grades into the Santa Fe College system, by following all official transient student procedures, in order for financial aid to be evaluated and processed. This limit is effective whether or not financial aid has ever been received. Santa Fe College, located in Gainesville, Florida offers both Associate and Bachelor's degrees and won the 2015 Aspen Prize for Educational Excellence. Students on a FAAPP are required to successfully complete 100% of the courses they attempt while on the plan, earning a "C" or better until they meet the minimum requirements of SAP. Email Blasts. Students who get involved succeed! transfer courses (credit and clock hours) accepted by Santa Fe College. District Video Message to Parents. Success! Track student progress Scoreboard. Developmental Education course options can be viewed at the Developmental Education Registration link in your eSantaFe account. Academic growth measures whether students are learning less than, about the same as, or more than other students who are academically similar to them. Federal regulations require a student to complete the term for which they were funded. courses for which no grade was given (I or N), remedial courses (limited to 30 hours, not calculated in maximum timeframe). 5. Students on warning will be permitted to change their program of study (i.e. We all know that these are challenging times, and we have had to all re-think the way we are working. We encourage you to make an appointment each semester to discuss your progress with your advisor Maintain a minimum cumulative and program GPA of 2.0; 3. Please select your School's Organization. Please go to Transient Process for Financial Aid for more information. Courses used to determine if a student is meeting the Maximum Timeframe criteria are outlined in the. Review your eSantaFe notification to understand which SAP requirements you did not meet. Santa Fe Public Schools » Students & Parents » Attendance Information Please select a link to a document from the menu on the left to read attendance-related information. Changes and updates to a student’s status are received through the same methods. We all know that these are challenging times, and we have had to all re-think the way we are working. Your request was processed successfully. Bulletin. All academic work, whether or not financial aid is used by the student, we be part of this calculation. Explore menu, see photos and read 47 reviews: "My husband and I have gone here for years. In the appeal to change their program of study, the student must explain what has happened to make the change necessary and how they will be able to make academic progress. Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508 (505)424-1766 FAX: (505)473-1441 FAMILY-STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019-2020. Meeting the requirements does include graduation from a program that was once over the 150% maximum timeframe. Courses withdrawn from by petition to the Registrar's Office. Segmented . any courses withdrawn/dropped (W) after the last day to drop with a refund. ... Students are measured on their progress year-over-year. For more information, visit Data displayed here show the average value earned across all students. You can pick up your Santa Fe College student ID card in Building S once students, faculty and staff return to the Northwest Campus. For more information, visit All terms of attendance at SFCC will be reviewed regardless of whether the student was receiving financial aid for those terms. Federal regulations (34 CFR 668.34) require that a student make progress towards the completion of their program of study to continue receiving financial aid. Any course in which the student earns a grade of failing (F), withdrawal (W), incomplete (I), progress (PR) or audit (AU), are treated as attempted but not completed coursework. Students live in rural areas like Chaparral, Santa Teresa, Sunland Park and Anthony. Distinct user groups (Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students) can access the system through portals tailored to … Marketing to Prospects. For Clock Hour Programs SAP is evaluated at each payment period established for the program. Students meeting the requirements of SAP are in good standing and may receive Title IV aid if all other eligibility requirements are met. What coursework is included in calculations for SAP? Pinon Elementary (Santa Fe) Academic Growth; Pinon Elementary (Santa Fe) Contact information About this school ... Students are measured on their progress year-over-year. This plan will allow the student to continue receiving federal financial aid until they are meeting minimum requirements of SAP or they successfully complete their program: Commitment to Equal Access and Equal Opportunity. Volunteer Service and Hours. Browse Santa Fe College (Santa Fe) classifieds in Gainesville, FL to find college housing, internships, tutors, student loans, textbooks and scholarships. You must pay Santa Fe College tuition and fees for the transient courses by the fees due date. We deliver high-quality, evidence-based curriculum that is innovative, current, and evolving. The purpose of SDL is to provide quality instruction for students at Santa Fe College in several important areas. Progress Reports . In addition to making calculations for a student's SAP requirements, If a student has withdrawn from all classes, stopped attending all classes, or did not successfully complete any of classes (received all F's), the College is required to calculate how much of the semester the student attended to determine how much aid was "earned." Dashboards. Developmental Education students should consult with their academic advisor regarding course options. Students who do not receive a warning term include: Students who initially did not receive aid upon entering the college, Transfer students who are not meeting SAP upon initial evaluation. SAP Appeals are reviewed in accordance with. Duration of eligibility will be limited to the published length of the program. Per Federal rules, Credits attempted include: Transfer credits within the program of study. The Student's SAP status will be available in eSantaFe. Flex-semesters (mini-terms / sessions) are evaluated as part of the standard semester and not individually. What is being measured? Santa Fe College has 10,587 students aged under 25 and 3,737 students aged 25 and over out of 14,324 total students. At the end of every standard semester, the SAP evaluation completed a student will have one of the following SAP statuses: Students in programs measured in time (clock hours) must successfully complete the clock hour coursework with a 2.0 GPA for each course funded before additional payment can be made. You will see every student's star count, total practice time, average accuracy, average WPM, overall progress, and other details. Review the availability and due dates for appeals above. A student will be placed on financial aid Warning if he or she does not meet the minimum qualitative or incremental progress requirements. Be advised that anyone coming to campus must wear a mask and practice physical distancing. Although our top priority is our students, the District wishes to communicate with you, our parents, what our staff has been doing to accommodate the needs of all our students. With an approved appeal students are eligible to continue receiving financial aid (grants, loans, and work study) if otherwise eligible. Comparing student performance on state tests between consecutive years provides a measure of student progress along a continuum of readiness.

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