It was once used as a hospital when World War II was being fought. The Town Hall is the place where Kolkata introduces panorama of its heritage and stands majestically since the year 1814, after its completion. Another splendid building constructed here was the Government House based on the design of the Kedleston hall in derbyshire. Today, it houses a museum dedicated to the city, called Kolkata Panorama, and a library housing rare books and manuscripts. de Mevell, was the first church to use St. Martin- in- the Field, London, as the base of design. The St. John’s Church in Calcutta was based on the same concepts. Ypres was a strategic township during the first world war. the funds for this building were collected from a series of lotteries. The most important element was the functionally divided vertical arrangement of space, “combining it with the traditional horizontal spatial spread….”. Every historic building in Kolkata, obviously, has an interesting historical fact attached to itself. The Town Hall was built by the famous Brtish architect Major General John Garstin. Architectural Buildings. ARCHITECTURAL CONTEXT 5. The repetitive windows could be seen on the facade of the Basilican church, Rome. Historical Places In Karnataka Historical Places In Gujarat Historical Places In Rajasthan. Made in Roman Doric style, the building was used for the judicial purpose in the latter half of the 19th century, while the Calcutta High Court was under construction. At the centre of the city, the Doric Silver Mint (1831 A.D.; Major W. N. Forbes) was a fine exampleof the Greek  Revival style. Location: Cathedral Road, near Victoria Memorial, KolkataTimings: 11 am to 7 pmEntry Fee: INR 40 per person. Today, Fort William is the property of the Indian Army, and has a capacity of accommodating up to 10,000 army personnel. It is not only the oldest but also the biggest stadium in the country and can hold around 80,000 people at one time. And for Writers Building, that interesting fact is that it got its fame for being the first ever three storied building in Kolkata! One can observe the Nava-Ratna style adorning this historic masterpiece in Kolkata. As they firmly established themselves in India as a colonial power, the British commissioned statuary and structures to commemorate their sovereign and other luminaries of their empire. Dreaming of a vacation already? the designer  was Thomas Lyon, a carpenter for the new fort William. 21 Surreal Hill Stations Near Kolkata For A Rejuvenating Weekend Getaway In 2021! Later, when the British recaptured this area in 1751 A.D. A new fort was created after clearing away the area and resettling the inhabitants of the Gobindapur. (The most important public buildings and private house were located on the northern side of the Esplanade  facing the Maidan on the south “all looking remarkable Neo-classical “.The eastward   thrusts along Dharamtala and Bou Bazaar streets were overshadowed by two parallel south ward axes – one along present day Chauranghi and Jawahar Lal Nehru road; the other across the Maidan and Alipur. One such building was the Town Hall, built in 1809 A.D. The architecture is Palladian Neo-classical Doric in style. Town Hall: Beautiful Architecture - See 36 traveler reviews, 14 candid photos, and great deals for Kolkata (Calcutta), India, at Tripadvisor. Built in the year 1696, the fort gets its name from King William III and is spread over 70.9 acres. In 1774 A.D. the declaration of Calcutta as the official capital of British India changed the attitudes of the designers and give more opportunities. The general post office by walter granville was constructed in 1868 A.D. and displayed a corner Renaissance dome with huge rusticated pylons linked by Corinthian colonnades. It took about 5 years to build this building (from 1807 to 1813) and looking at it now you will know why. The Victoria Memorial Hall is one of the most magnificent monuments of not only the city of Calcutta but of our entire country. There is also a small museum in the ground floor. The intricate memorial not only bears testimony to the British rule in India but also stands out as an example of advanced and exceptional architecture. Recently renovated & now being used frequently for Govt meetings, the Town Hall stands tall among all Raj era buildings in Kolkata. The corner blocks decorated in Italian sgraffito work can be traced back to the Italian Renaissance buildings such as the Palazzo del Consiglio (1476) in Verona. Initially it was Ambassador’s residence. St. Paul's Cathedral is a Church of North India (CNI) cathedral of Anglican background in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, noted for its Gothic architecture and dedicated to Paul the Apostle. The building was approached by splendid arched gateways surmounted by lions and sphinxes. In Dalhousie square, the Baroque Neo-classical style was active for ,a long time from the old government house and old Council House (1770’s) which were later demolished, to the St. John’s Church (1787) and the Government House (1803). The structure was created to … In order to establish a permanent image of their supremacy, they took to “religions, languages, frames of mind, systems of law, manners and pastimes, tradition etc.” However, it was the material objects that expressed their intention more boldly. In contemporary Kolkata the skyline is broken in some areas by skyscrapers and tall multistory blocks. Owned by G.D. Birla, Birla Temples are spread all over the country and attract pilgrims from various corners. In­side is a statue of Queen Victoria as a young girl. A. Tiretta Bazaar at the Sun Yat Sen Street, Nahoum & Sons Jewish Bakery in the New Market, Gangurams in the Bow Bazaar, and Peter Cat in Park Street are some of the top places to eat in the city of joy. The temple is noted for its excellent architecture, which skillfully and artistically fuses Hindu, Christian, and Islamic motifs together as a symbol of unity of all religions. When it comes to historical or heritage buildings in Kolkata, Town Hall is one of the top names that come in mind of many. Shopping In Kolkata: A Guide To Help You Spend Money At The Right Place, On The Right Item! Meticulous stonework adorns the surface of the building, and it took as long as ten years to complete it. Location: Binoy Badal Dinesh Bag N, B.B.D. Located in the heart of Kolkata, the Victoria Memorial was built in memory of Queen Victoria to celebrate her 25 years of rule over India. New Delhi Town Hall Restaurant. 16 Surreal Hill Stations Near Kolkata For A Rejuvenating Weekend Getaway. The major change in design was the formation of the four smaller blocks compared to the two in Adam’s buildings. Built in 1814 in a Roman Doric style, this architectural marvel, was subsequently … Location: Fort William, Hastings, KolkataTimings: 10 am to 5:30 pmEntry Fee: Free Entry, Suggested Read: 22 Picnic Spots Near Kolkata: Escape From The City Rush In 2021 For A Day’s Retreat. The dome is surmounted by a 5-meter-high bronze revolving statue of the Angel of Victory, symbolizing British power. Image Credits: Matt Stabile for Wikipedia. It was built in the year 1813 by the architect and engineer Major General John Garstin (1756-1820) with a fund of 700,000 Rupees raised from a lottery to provide the Europeans with a place for social gatherings. Initially named as ‘Galstaun Park’, Nizam Palace is among those historical places in Kolkata that is standing tall, strong, and proud for centuries now. One such building was the Bank of Bengal by Mackintosh, Burn & Co. which stood on the western part of the Dalhousie square, on the Strand Road. The plaque in front of Town Hall The building was completed in 1813. Sitting on the eastern banks of River Hooghly, Dakshineswar is dedicated to Goddess Bhavatarani, who happens to be the reincarnation of Goddess Kali. Location: Victoria Memorial Hall, 1, Queen’s Way, KolkataTimings: 10 am to 5 pmEntry Fee: INR 20 for Indians, and INR 200 for foreigners, Must Read: 23 Reasons Why I Would Rather Be From Kolkata Than Anywhere Else In The World. Set majestically over the Hooghly River, it is one of the renowned historical places in Kolkata. India has a long history of urban architecture starting from the ancient cities of Indus valley through the Vedic and Mughal period. Location: 46, Muktaram Babu Street, Jorasanko, KolkataTimings: 10:30 am to 4 pmEntry Fee: Free Entry, Suggested Read: 22 Best Places To Visit In Kolkata In 2021 That Reflect Its Artistic & Architectural Grandeur. BAROQUE OR NEO CLASSICAL STYTLE : the Baroque style evolved when the True renaissance had succumbed -to the “formal rules and monotonous regulations of schoolmen and classicists”. Popularly known as ‘Jadughar’, it unveils some of the finest collection of historical importance ranging from contemporary paintings, a sacred relic of Buddha to the Egyptian mummies. IN 1850 – 1911 A.D. A new architectural style arrived with the advent of the colonialists, which was quite different from the traditional Indian styles and were own style of buildings which would be a permanent landmark . The urban space was created by other elements also, namely, street type, the avenue type, the circus type, the esplanade type, the garden type and the square type. They returned back and … Suggested Read: Shopping In Kolkata: A Guide To Help You Spend Money At The Right Place, On The Right Item! The Kolkata Town Hall was built by the British architect Colonel John Garstin. The construction of this building was completed in 1814 Raj Bhavan. Location: 29, Ashutosh Chowdary Ave, Ballygunge, KolkataTimings: 5:30 am to 11 am and 4:30 pm to 9 pmEntry Fee: Free entry, Suggested Read: Explore These Temples In Kolkata For A Spiritual Enrichment, Image Credits: Ankitesh Jha for Wikipedia. At first, the hall was placed under a committee, which allowed the public to use the hall under such terms and conditions as were fixed by the Government. Town Hall. The majestic Town Hall is an important heritage building of Kolkata. 6 Luxurious Villas In Kolkata Which One Must Visit And Enjoy A Relaxing Stay! KOLKATA (ENGLISH COLONIAL ARCHITECTURE) SONAKSHI BHATTACHARJEE(114AR0024) MITHILESH MANDAL (114AR0006) SUCHETANA CHAKRAVARTY(114AR0025) 2. VICTORIAN STYLE : (1870-1890) By the 1870’s, a Victorian character was created with the construction of the Treasury Building, the Imperial Secretariat, the East India railways office and the culmination of the style, the Calcutta collectorate. On the north, a huge processional staircase led to a Ionic portico. Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata – History, Architecture & Visit Timing of Museum The Victoria Memorial is a magnificent marble building in Kolkata. Apart from being a treat for the eyes, this structure also has a historical significance latched to itself. Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only. The Chowringhee area in central Kolkata, once a row of palatial houses, has been given up to offices, hotels, and shops. It was erected in the bygone era to show gratitude to the martyrs who fought for the country’s independence. It was transforming itself from purely Garrison town to an administrative culture centre. It is often believed that Goddess would help the devotees walk the path of liberation and aid them in achieving redemption. Location: Esplanade Row W, B.B.D. the funds for this building were collected from a series of lotteries. The construction began on 1st December 1807 and was completed in the year 1814. the lower height of the side block and the crowning dome of the central dome, accentuate the scale and importance of the central block. The entire building is placed on a low marble plinth surrounded by reflecting pools and 26 hectares of gardens. While there are a lot of places to see in the city of joy, its historical attractions are the ones that you must explore first during your trip. The mighty edifice of Fort William is one of the famous historical sites in Kolkata. Several … 22 Best Places To Visit In Kolkata In 2021 That Reflect Its Artistic & Architectural Grandeur, 12 Haunted Places In Kolkata & Their Real Ghost Stories To Discover In 2021, 12 Super Romantic Places In Kolkata For Couples Hit By Cupid’s Bow. The most important public building of this period was the Government House, on the sites of the Council House and the old Government House. The Doric style architecture has surely made its impact on the Indian minds. The central Telegraph office, a red brick structure, dominated the southern side of the square with its square tower. 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December 2021 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. In main southern facade, a magnificent flight of steps leads up to the Palladian portico in Tuscan order. 17 Enchanting Road Trips From Kolkata In 2021 That Ensure An Endless Journey! Offering a glimpse of the city’s rich history and culture, these places are definitely worth a visit! In Calcutta the high Court symbolized .the supremacy of justice in its huge, majestic form. the ionic portico replace by the Corinthian portico and the face of the official centre to the city in the north. Location: Jagganath Ghat, 1, Strand Road, KolkataTimings: NAEntry Fee: Free entry, Suggested Read: 50 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30. This historical place in Kolkata calls out to all the cricket fans out there in the country. If you own rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. Recommended. There are a total of 8 lanes of road, bicycles, and pedestrians also known as Rabindra Setu. Architecture of Kolkata Town Hall You can check the validity of your architect’s license through the official website of the Council of architecture. Town Hall. Contribute/Review Ask a Question. In 1835 A.D. a south transept was added  and the spire heightened. Copyright © 2008-2021 Archinomy. One such building was the Town Hall, built in 1809 A.D. The High Court, (1864-72 A.D: Walter Granville) was an important building, following Gothic Revival, which was constructed in this period. This Palace has witnessed a lot of history. St. Paul’s Church is another one of the historical places in Kolkata that is a must visit. Apart from being a treat for the eyes, this structure also has a historical significance latched to itself. Image Credits: Sujay25 for Wikipedia . Kolkata is a destination that has some of the most stupendous architectural marvels hidden in its lap. A. Kolkata Gateway and Hooghly Imambara are the best places to visit near the city for treating the history buff within. Location: Dharmtalla bus stop, Dufferin Road, KolkataTimings: 10 am to 5 pmEntry Fee: Free Entry, Suggested Read: 16 Surreal Hill Stations Near Kolkata For A Rejuvenating Weekend Getaway. The architecture looks at the Temple of the Winds in Athens. Top architecture firms in Town Hall, Jamnagar prefer to hire a licensed architect if you are planning to construct a large scale commercial area or multi-storied residential building. Memorials to the dead of imperial wars were also common. The building was inaugurated in the year 1847 and is considered as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture. This majestic and historic structure stands witness to some historical gatherings that took place within its walls. The Town Hall of Ypress on fire in 1914. Recently restored by the Post & Telegram Department. It was in Town Hall that some of the most important meetings and gatherings were held during the British era. Considered to be one of the finest landmarks in Kolkata, Town Hall was designed in quintessential Roman Doric style giving it its exquisite charm. Lord Curzon’s statue stands in front of an arch of the Calcutta Victoria Memorial (below), and is inscribed with the royal coat of arms. this church was damaged twice, in 1124 A.D. and later in 1737 A.D. the north east side of the square stood the Old Court house which was established  in 1727 A.D. This building was well suited for the hot and humid climates of Calcutta as it was well ventilated through numerous  openings on the walls and a wide colonnaded verandah on the south. View of Court House Street from gate of Government House. The houses on Esplanade east shed their columns and put on a facial upliftment. the Ionic columns in the central projection have plain inflated shaft. Restaurant Interior in Khan Market, India – design by DCA Architects. Besides, the great architect and engineer Major John Garstin designed it in a Roman Doric style with a fund of RS 700000 raised from a lottery to provide the Europeans with a place to gather and meet. Location: Belur, Howrah, West BengalTimings: 6 am to 11:30 am, and 4 pm to 7 pmEntry Fee: Free Entry. This idea influenced the future buildings especially, and was a significant step towards urbanization of building style. 23 Reasons Why I Would Rather Be From Kolkata Than Anywhere Else In The World, 22 Picnic Spots Near Kolkata: Escape From The City Rush In 2021 For A Day’s Retreat, 50 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30. Apart from that the flat roofline was broken up by a rising attic above the projection. 15 Best Places To Visit In Uttarakhand In December 2021 For A Refreshing Escape! The building was also punctured at various points in order to circulate the maximum amount of wind through the building. Tags: Family And Kids, Architecture ; Town Hall, Kolkata. It established the element of the façade especially one with a pedimented porch. The house was .located in a large garden, approached by large triumphal gateways. Kolkata Town Hall - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - WikiMili, Suggested Read: 17 Enchanting Road Trips From Kolkata In 2021 That Ensure An Endless Journey! There are many types of architects to cater to the requirements of many clients. One of the prominent historical places near Kolkata is the Indian Museum which is considered as the ninth oldest museum of the world and largest in India. The battle of Plassey in 1757 was in a way a turning point for the growth of Cacutta. Architecture of Town Hall Kolkata The foundation stone for the Town Hall was laid by the then Governor-General of British India, Lord Minto. Calcutta’s rapid growth showed how the colonialists converted the three small villages of Sutanuttee. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. CONSTRUCTION PHASES FIRST PHASE … These 9 Places To Visit In Kamloops Must Be Explored By Every Traveler On Their Next Vacay! Don’t Call Yourself A Kolkatan If You Can’t Get These Right! Tanks were also made to solve the drainage problem. this building had its main entrance and porch transferred to the east. Location: Maidan, B.B.D. Bagh, KolkataTimings: NAEntry Fee: Prices start at INR 400, Suggested Read: Visit These 11 Haunted Places In Kolkata And Discover Their Real Ghost Stories In 2021. Further Read: 6 Best Beaches Near Kolkata Which Are The Ideal Getaway For A Relaxing Vacation! Town Hall, Kolkata: Hours, Address, Town Hall Reviews: 4/5. The atuary was made in Italy and the building completed in 1921. Classicism was also visible among many buildings. The building was built with a fund of Rs. Government House was three storied compared to the two storied Kedleston Hall. All of these places will surely leave you in awe of craftsmanship from a bygone Era! One such bllilding was the St. John’ s  Church, consecrated in 1787 A.D. , designed by Liutenant James Agg. Known for its culture, people, food, music, and literature, the city is also rich in its historical heritage. The Martha ditch got converted to be the Circular road all along the city as a city boundary till the mid 19. This magnificent memorial is inspired by Greek, and Gothic styles of architecture, and is built along the banks of the Hooghly River. The British decided to shift the capital from Calcutta  to hide Delhi in order to control their territory more from a central position of the empire. In Europe, this was felt in Britain only. Purpose Practical conservation of heritage buildings in Kolkata started in the 1990s and the first restoration project was the Town Hall, a public building built by the British in 1813, in the central business district by a public‐private partnership. Botanical Gardens offer the perfect blend of natural and historical vibes to visitors. The present-day official residence of the Governor is Raj Bhavan. Built completely in white marble, this eye-catching structure is around 160 ft tall. The Town Hall of Kolkata in Roman-Doric style, was built by the architect Col. John Garstin in 1813 with a fund of Rupees seven lakhs raised from lottery to provide the Europeans with a place for social gatherings. Suggested Read: 6 Luxurious Villas In Kolkata Which One Must Visit And Enjoy A Relaxing Stay! 10 Best Churches In Kolkata That Beautifully Reflects The Spiritual Essence In 2021! One must visit this place to look into the architectural marvel. Designed by architect John Garstin in a Roman Doric Style, this building stood between the treasury and .the High Court. Charles Theophilus Metcalfe, who was the acting governor-general of British India from 1835 to 1836. This structural marvel is the finest example of colonial architecture that is spread all across the city. Kolkata Town Hall in Roman Doric style, was built in 1813 by the architect and engineer Maj.-Gen. John Garstin (1756–1820) with a fund of 700,000 Rupees raised from a lottery to provide the Europeans with a place for social gatherings.

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