In The Bat, the Australian police call him "Harry Holy. Harry Hole's home address is in Sofies Gate in Bislett located in the author's own home city of Oslo. At the time, he was 36 years old and still had a day job as a stockbroker. He has few close friends, one of whom is Bjarne Møller, head of Hole's department. Jo Nesbo With more than twenty-three million copies sold worldwide, and translated into over forty languages, Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole series is an international phenomenon. Now a Major Motion Picture starring Michael Fassbender. Learning his father Olav is also ill and likely soon to die, Hole returns to Oslo. Lot of 8 Jo Nesbo books range in condition from Good to Like New. Both demonstrate the author's uncanny ability to continually lead the reader astray with one false conclusion after another before disclosing, in a final twist, a most unexpected dénouement. ; Defective Detective: Harry, of course. At the end of the book, Harry has a brief reunion with Rakel before then visiting the imprisoned killer of The Snowman. A recovering alcoholic prone to depression, the stress Hole's mental health suffers is often a focus of the stories. He has few friends and often clashes with colleagues. Putnam’s Sons, A Literary Master Class From George Saunders. Along with standard police training, Hole took specialized training in interrogation techniques and firearms at the FBI. A detective in the Oslo Police Department, Harry is usually tolerated by his superiors and colleagues despite his habitual alcoholism and unorthodox methods because he is a brilliant detective. Narrated by: John Lee. Rich detail, compelling characters and a ton of fun to read. Should The Snowman sequel happen, filmmakers have plenty of material to draw on thanks to the Harry Hole book series upon which the film is based. Harry, a flawed, troubled officer struggling with alcoholism, often disobeys orders from his superiors and flouts the rules to get results. The last Harry Hole novel, Police, came out in 2013 and focused on Harry’s return to the Oslo force when a serial killer was targeting officers. Hole develops a serious relationship with Rakel Fauke, whose son, Oleg, sees Harry as a father figure and sometimes calls him "dad." He later stops drinking after realizing he is an alcoholic. Many of the stories involve detailed background and descriptions of real locations such as the actual Oslo Police Department headquarters. on Tinder. Full disclosure: I am not a Harry Hole junkie. It is implied that Harry then aids in the criminal's own suicide. Harry finds out the truth behind the murder, but is then shot and the book ends without clarifying if he will survive or not. From the start Hole can tell that something is off about this case. Hole is a brilliant and obsessively driven detective who uses unorthodox and sometimes illegal methods in his investigations. Other friends include Beate Lønn and Bjørn Holm in the forensics division, a Bergen detective named Katrine Bratt who helps secure specialist information, and Gunnar Hagen, his former senior officer prior to Phantom. The programme concerned a journalist called Harry Salter (played by Michael Elphick) who ran a news agency in the English town of Darlington in England. The murder victim, a … Please try again later. Harry is revealed to be alive and living again in Oslo in the tenth novel Police. 6 paperbacks in the Inspector Harry Hole series and 2 hardcover of his other titles. One of the best detective series out there. An encounter with an old enemy sets the stage for a white knuckle ride more terrifying and disorientating than anything the maverick detective has had to face thus far. The Bat. The brain behind the show's conception belongs to Norwegian crime writer extraordinaire Jo Nesbø, creator of the Harry Hole series. By clicking Sign Up, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The next book Phantom depicts Harry returning to Oslo yet again some time later, this time because Rakel's son Oleg has been arrested for murder. After the dramatic conclusion of worldwide bestseller THE THIRST, KNIFE sees Harry waking up with a ferocious hangover, his hands and clothes covered in blood. The seventh novel in the series The Snowman was adapted as a film in 2017 starring Michael Fassbender[6] as Harry Hole, with Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Ronan Vibert, Val Kilmer and J.K. Simmons. He promises he is done with police work, but finds himself drawn into another investigation in the following novel The Thirst. Other Harry Hole Novels. From the time he started the Harry Hole series, the author has been on a roll. There is something else, something more pervasive, scrabbling around behind the scenes. Jo Nesbø is a world-renowned crime writer recognized for broadening the scope of modern crime and thriller fiction. Harry Hole 12 books in series 4.5 out of 5 stars 17 ratings Der Fledermausmann Publisher's Summary Harry Hole, der trinkfeste Kommissar aus Oslo, wird nach Sydney geschickt, um dort den Mord an einer norwegischen Schauspielerin aufzuklären. Disturbed by his recent experiences, Harry determines to return to Hong Kong for good. The next novel The Leopard shows Harry living in self-imposed exile in Hong Kong. Length: 9 hrs … His problematic and often unsocial behavior, as well as his obsessive tendencies during investigations, brings him into repeated conflict with his superiors and some colleagues, many of whom dislike him while grudgingly respecting his work and abilities. When the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a Bangkok brothel, Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched from Oslo to help hush up the case. Many of the novels feature his favourite "watering hole," Restaurant Schrøder (Schrøder's, for short) in St. Hanshaugen. [2] Harry's surname "Hole" translates to "Hill" in English and is the name of a historic Norwegian town (Hole, Norway) with a heritage that goes back to the Viking Age. Deciding his obsessive pursuit of criminals has cost him too much, he now lectures at the Police College and resumes a relationship with Rakel. From his home office window, Jo Nesbo has a stunning view across Oslo, the Norwegian city where his dark and compelling Harry Hole series is set, but it … Hole regularly interacts with city residents and immigrants from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. In 2013, the tenth book in the Harry Hole series, Police, was released, and, as the title of the book would suggest, there are murders involving active police officers going on in Oslo, and Hole must do what he can before he himself becomes a victim. Harry Hole is the main character in a series of crime novels written by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. . His books have garnered countless international awards, sold over forty million copies, and been translated into fifty languages. It would be the first in his Harry Hole series. The name is derived from Old Norse Hólar, the plural form of hóll, meaning "round and isolated hill." Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole novels are complex, ambitious constructions where suspenseful and fast-paced crime plots reflect our globalized modern world. Below is a list of Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole novels in publication and chronological order: Publication Order of Harry Hole Books. His encounters with assassins, corruption, and serial killers throughout the novels often strengthen his cynical attitude. Jo Nesbø, Writer: The Snowman. After the seventh novel The Snowman, their relationship suffers and a traumatized Harry leaves the police force. Møller often shields Hole from being fired, believing he is a brilliant detective and the Oslo Police Department needs him. While later recognizing his problematic behavior and leaving the police force, he continues to find reason to aid with new criminal i… During the story, Olav asks his son assist in his suicide in order to end his pain, but Harry cannot bring himself to do so. Some of his nearest and dearest were murdered. Harry Hole is a Norwegian detective who has been sent to Australia to solve the shocking murder of a B-list Norwegian television presenter. The First Inspector Harry Hole Novel. Harry Hole paperback series The Redbreast: Mass Market PB in good condition. Hole is a chain-smoker and heavy drinker who is introverted and subject to depression. Sign up for news about books, authors, and more from Penguin Random House, Visit other sites in the Penguin Random House Network. The Thirst: A Harry Hole Novel (Harry Hole Series Book 11) Book 11 of 12: Harry Hole | by Jo Nesbo and Neil Smith | May 9, 2017 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,287 A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating. All the novels in Jo Nesbø's Harry Hole series of Nordic noir/crime books. Jo Nesbo also wrote the TV series Occupied, and a Harry Hole novel, The Snowman, is being released in 2017. A recovering alcoholic prone to depression, the stress Hole's mental health suffers is often a focus of the stories. Jo Nesbo’s twelfth Harry Hole mystery is a game-changer for the acclaimed series. Harry Hole is introduced in The Bat as a police officer with the Oslo Crime Squad. The name comes from the expression, when you see one cockroach, there are most likely hundreds hiding within the walls. We are experiencing technical difficulties. There have been seven Harry Hole novels, but this is only the second to be published in the United States (the first was "The Redbreast"). Read 4 309 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The story involves a young woman found dead in an Oslo flat with a finger from her left hand severed. Something is simmering just beneath the surface. The Bat (1997) Cockroaches (1998) The Redbreast (2000) Nemesis (2002) The Devil's Star Harry is a television drama series that was made by Union Pictures for the BBC, and shown on BBC1 between 18 September 1993 and 12 April 1995. [1] Hole is a brilliant and obsessively driven detective who uses unorthodox and sometimes illegal methods in his investigations. Harry Hole is the main character in a series of crime novels written by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. But once he arrives Harry discovers that this case is about much more than one random murder.

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