7. THE STRAY (in theaters October 6) is the amazing true story about how a dog saves a family. The movie shows that they still were in the military at that time. Miracles are teaching devices for demonstrating it is as blessed to give as to receive. There’s a short but engaging book on it called The Second Rescue by Susan Arrington Madsen. Cancelling out tragedies through a wave of the divine hand would have the side effect of minimizing man’s responsibility for our own decisions. Some of the reputed events are as follows: Sienna, Italy - August 17, 1730: Consecrated Hosts remain perfectly preserved for over 250 years. An independent film telling the true story of one of the most amazing pioneer migrations stories ever is beautifully written, directed, acted, edited and photographed to say nothing about the excellent musical scoring. Hume questioned the possibility of having adequate testimony to affirm miracles, since virtually uniform human experience ruled them out. March 17, 2016. Rather, it is content to show simple experiences with faith and prayer that sustained the struggling Saints in little ways, and the audience is free to interpret the events of the film in any fashion they wish. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It was released in 2011 by Excel Entertainment Group. However, the stories presented in the film make it almost impossible for viewers seeking to understand more about the handcart pioneers (as Pres. This is an unwarranted philosophical assumption and not a scientific conclusion. The body was stolen. Modern analysis of the handcart era has led historians to generally agree that a combination of unforeseen circumstances with poor planning and management of the emigration system, ranging from Brigham Young down to the local leaders who prepared and approved the handcart groups was responsible for the pioneer deaths in 1856. What he came to find is that for every tragedy, there is a multitude of miracles. This is healing because sickness comes from confusing the levels. On a different note, I don’t know the details of Sarah Frank’s story, although I can see why it would take at least First Presidency involvement to seal by proxy two people who were never married in life (you said they were engaged, not married, right?). Savage came true…Levi Savage who was censured for his truthful statement at Florence, was I think the best help we had—resolute & determined his whole soul was for the salvation of our company. it would be interesting to know if he was the Padley who baptized my grandfather. In response, Levi famously told his travelling group, “What I have said I know to be true; but seeing you are to go forward, I will go with you, will help all I can, will work with you, will rest with you, and if necessary, will die with you. Unable to walk or to talk and fed through a tube, she was only able to communicate through simple noises.. Christensen Film | Excel Entertainment The 1856 tragedies led to some fundamental changes in pioneer company organization, including stricter scheduling and better quality handcarts. They also include physical changes. I'm sure most of you have heard of the movie 17 Miracles. Miracles rearrange perception and place all levels in true perspective. It is directed by T.C. A T.C. They were a slice of the population. 3. The story of the Mormons’ journey to their Zion is played out through the eyes of Brother Levi Savage. It is a story of faith and miracles and of hope and redemption. For thousands of English converts, that meant travelling to America, heading as far west as they could by train, then joining a handcart company to cross the unsettled frontier on foot to Salt Lake City. Why not do an apples-to-apples comparision with the other Mormon handcart companies from 1856-1860: See any outliers among those statistics? A few years ago when I was the film editor for Irreantum, the journal of the Association of Mormon Letters, the editors refused to publish a review similar to this one that took to task Lee Groberg’s documentary on the handcart pioneers for inaccuracies and faults similar to those described in this review. It is intense, but historically accurate, and contains absolutely nothing offensive. Directed by T.C. It is a moving, faith-inspiring account of the Lord's tender mercies among the tragedies of the Willie-Martin handcart companies. I believe you (David) are correct that viewers will most likely realize who was right and who was wrong from the film content itself, but what’s the point of the end-titles discussing it at all, then? 17 Miracles. Many of the LDS leaders in Iowa who expressed their confidence in sending out the companies that late in the season seemed to be working from the idea that they (being God’s chosen people) would receive direct divine guidance and support against the elements, regardless of the calendar. 17 Miracles is direct in showing some of the pioneers asking this very question. We love the story of these two faithful, courageous women. T.C. That was really disappointing they didn’t publish it, but I’m happy to say that the upcoming Encyclopedia of Mormonism and Popular Culture, from Praeger, will have an extended article by the same author on the general issues facing Mormon historical films–I think the emphasis will be on documentary, but the principles should apply to fiction films as well. The Mormon Handcart story of 17 Miracles deserves an Academy Award, for cinematography, for best screenplay, for editing, and for best acting by many of the cast who didn't have to act because the role they played was more real than life. Obviously, 17 Miracles has no interest in mentioning any polygamous aspect to these romances, framing all of these relationships as standard, monogamous love stories. What’s the story behind the story? In my opinion the comments about the end titles in this review totally miss the mark and may possibly reveal a bias of the reviewer. BELIEVE!http://www.godvine.com/Woman-Drowning-Saved-fb-gvx-b-1342.html My great-great grandmother is Sarah Franks. But, I also believe in “keeping it real”. T.C. Jesus only fainted and then recovered from His wounds. Some miracles are the result not of chance but of modern technology going further than ever before.. A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. What he came to find out is that for every tragedy, there is a multitude of miracles. The low casualty rate in other handcart companies can also be taken as a tribute to the wisdom of Church authorities in choosing this novel method to help impoverished emigrants. (2) One of the stories featured in the movie is that of Sarah Franks and George Padley, an engaged couple who were travelling to Utah to be sealed in the temple — Sarah’s primary goal in life. Question: "Are the miracles in the Bible to be taken literally?" That brother, who personally knew the awful suffering, was responding to sharp criticism of the Church authorities. George died along the trip and the film features an emotional scene of Sarah mourning his passing and wishing they could be sealed together. Unlike Benedict Spinoza who argued that miracles are impossible, Hume accepted the possibility of miracles but claimed that they are merely incredible and that no wise man should believe them. Since they were sealed in the temple, and women were not allowed to be sealed to more than one man until the 1990’s, it took until then before the “opportunity” for Sarah to be sealed to George became possible. Due to delays, the company was unable to hit the trail until mid-July, and Bro. I don’t think one needs to be religious to believe in miracles. Based on the experiences of members of the Willie Handcart Company of Mormon pioneers following their late-season start and subsequent winter journey to Salt Lake City in 1856, the film emphasizes miracles individual participants reported having during the journey. 17 Miracles is rated PG. Christensen ( Praise to the Man, The Work and the Glory ), 17 Miracles will open your eyes to the stories of the Mormon Pioneers as you have never seen them before. However, I agree with your review wholeheartedly. One, Albert wandered off the path of the pioneer handcart company nearly 160 years ago and took refuge under a log to protect himself from a pack of ravenous wolves until he was rescued. The cinematography was beautiful and the story is about the true account of the Willey handcart company. Specifically, the film documents several miracles as recorded in the journals of pioneers who made the journey. As part of the Willie Handcart Company, Levi Savage (Jasen Wade) feared that leaving late in the season would lead to despair and death. Obviously you didn’t listen very well or are a product of the public school system. Won’t viewers be curious about the stories behind the stories (like I was)? O tem govori 9 oseb. In actual on-screen content, 17 Miracles is fair to both Levi Savage and the other Church leaders who disagreed with him, but only after it ends does it undercut its own narrative through a weak attempt to tell the audience what lesson they are supposed to have received from the film when the credits roll. This made me want to watch the movie. Even when a rare occurrence do… They you see, were desperate to go to a place where they could worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own conscience. 1. T-1.I.16. There is plenty of suffering, starvation, frozen corpses, and other thematic elements inherent to the handcart story. 17 Miracles is a 2011 film directed by T. C. Christensen. So tone yourself back and judge the movie for what it was, not what it was not. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. See this page in: Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish T he success of modern science in describing the world in terms of cosmic regularity has led some to rule out miracles as an outmoded and impossible concept. I always find it fascinating that LDS films are held to a much higher standard than any human could possibly meet. It was a story eloquently told making the names on lists come alive. Miracles confirm the true message of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15-20). Its wealth disappears miraculously. Polygamy discussion in this film would have unnecessarily obscured the great point — that some people fold under pressure while others rise triumphant. The end titles that provide historical information on many of the film’s characters spend four paragraphs talking about Levi Savage — not about his boundless compassion and service to others shown in the film, but how he “received criticism from Church leaders without murmuring” and “humbly followed the direction of Church leaders”. casualties were about the same as other pioneer treks on the Oregon Trail. He explained how the delightful true character of Albert, in his movie 17 Miracles, would have remained totally unknown today had it not been for a few key events. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets ( Log Out /  Unusual answers to prayer (1 Kings 18:24, Acts 12:5-17) In addition to the fact of miracles, miracles also seem to be a characteristic of the New Covenant Age. With Jasen Wade, Emily Wadley, Jason Celaya, Natalie Blackman. What he came to find out is that for every tragedy, there is a multitude of miracles. 17 Miracles is a partially historical account of the Willie Handcart Company’s torturous journey, pulling handcarts through treacherous territory on their trek to Great Salt Lake City in 1857. To my knowledge, she never commented on that; however, I know of a lot of people who have loved more than one person in their life so whether polygamy was practiced or not, it is still a story of love and I am grateful for her sacrifices … and I am even grateful to George Padley for taking care of her until his death. If no one is getting changed in your church or religious group, you are involved in dead religion. Your criticism is much like those who read a book and see the movie and pick at the movie for not including their favorite part from the book. Perhaps that is why 17 Miracles is one of the most beloved films in all of LDS culture. It doesn’t help. Based on unbelievable actual events, and brought to you by filmmaker T.C. Though stories are combined from both companies into one company and are not necessarily in chronological order, every story is true… A lot of people had ancestors who may have done things that are not accepted in society today. Christensen. Without any mention that he was proven right and they were wrong? Other reviews simply made me hungry for more information; not hungry to see the movie. Why, if the whole point of Sarah’s journey was to be sealed to George in Utah when she arrived, did it take until 1997 for it to finally happen? The white on black seemed more “movie-like” per the site theme, but it does seem to be difficult to read for some people. It is not produced by the church and such comments suggest a bias that may color the reviewer;s perception of the film. 1. D4 is in town for a visit and so D5 and her family joined us and we all went to see the movie 17 Miracles. Best wishes. The Dove Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment. T.C. While it might sound a little too good to be true, Miracles From Heaven comes from a memoir of the same name written by … So I can’t comment on the film itself but I can say that historical revisionism is a major issue in (Mormon) period piece films–and you’re right that polygamy is always the issue omitted, no matter how important it would be to the narrative. It is a moving, faith-inspiring account of the Lord’s tender mercies among the tragedies of the Willie-Martin handcart companies. Would have been better with the end-titles removed, that’s all. The film invites the “p-word” into the discussion by sharing historical stories that only make sense when the full context is considered. Brother Brigham was hundreds of miles away when they left, late. Here is a sample of some questions addressed in the book: Were two little girls truly spared from harm while running a gauntlet of agitated rattlesnakes? Update: I found an online option for downloading 17 Miracles. Heaven forbid we should appropriately recognize someone who went against counsel of LDS leaders and was proven correct, saving lives in the process. Thomas Sloan Mackay eventually married her and had many children with her, and she was with him when he died. Lewis, Miracles (New York: Macmillan, 1960). There wasn’t even a road or bridge. Examples include prophets, such as Elijah who performed miracles like the raising of a widow's dead son (1 Kings 17:17–24) and Elisha whose miracles include multiplying the poor widow's jar of oil (2 Kings 4:1–7) and restoring to life the son of the woman of Shunem (2 Kings 4:18–37). I have tried enlarging the font big big big. They are not allow “artistic license” that Hollywood is allowed, they are constantly attacked because they are not “factual”. Especially, as is the case here, with people considered “chosen” by the Lord.

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