years old” Remember how to say “I”? As you can see below, we have two way to say 4, 7, and 9. Family words | ... say lawmakers. 係 hai6. So, here’s your introduction script you might want to use. How to say your age in Cantonese. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; To say please and thank you in Cantonese! I am (number) years old. 反而, if they adopted you when you were much older (teens or so), then maybe it's more acceptable to address them as your aunt or uncle in Cantonese. How to say yes and no in Cantonese! Or you’re just going to give off the feeling that you don’t care about speaking or learning. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Build your proficiency with the most important verbs and SENTENCE BUILDING BLOCKS in Cantonese. : hour, daily) List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Cantonese Language Tatoeba-2020.08. like this, "Yuht!" This role is a key team member of the People Leadership team in Asia. We empower you to type Chinese online anytime, anywhere with any computer for free! Source(s): I have just created a new chart about how to say your age in English. 好高興認識你.我係美國人.我 (number) 歲.我係 (occupation). Online Cantonese Input Method is a free online Chinese typing tool using Cantonese romanization codes. In French, the verb avoir is always used when saying how old someone is. Second most spoken dialect in China? Ask kids to read or describe in Cantonese each page. America in Cantonese Chinese is 美國  (mei5 gwok3) and adding 人 (jan4), the character for person, turns the word into “American.” You already know that 我 (ngo5) is I. Oh, and there’s a new character here – 係 (hai6). Look at the word in depth, read it aloud, and try to create associations in your mind. In this age of technology, your employer, workmates, or clients might expect you to be available 24-7, making it difficult to achieve what is known as work-life balance—a reasonable separation and prioritizing between your job and other aspects of life, including your marriage. You put the Chinese text (in traditional or simplified or jyutyping notation) in the left box then press double click play and in the right box you'll hear the text pronounced. Of anything that you’ll ever need to learn, it’s Cantonese introductions. (Note: I will keep this updated with new resources I find, and from recommendations submitted by readers.) To say “Happy New Year” in Cantonese, it is pronounced san1 nin4 faai3 lok6 (春节快乐). Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Cantonese. When it comes to age, you have to use よん (yon) for 4, なな (nana) for 7, and きゅう (kyuu) for 9. That’s right, we’re not even counting Cantonese or Shanghainese greetings. How to tell the time in Cantonese, a variety of Chinese spoken in southern China and in many overseas Chinese communities. But it gets you speaking right here, right now and launches you into learning even more Cantonese. Don’t worry – they’re usable for males, females, friends, lovers, coworkers and all kinds of people. Cantonese doesn’t the the word “prefer” exactly . There are 6 different tones in Cantonese. 我...歲. o ( number) söü. Learn more about age requirements on Google's accounts. “But then I couldn’t say it in English, so I had to ring up a friend and ask.” jw2019. Mi madre tiene cincuenta años - My mother is 50 years old. Note that it is impossible or ungrammatical to say something like "two news" or "four breads". This page shows, from top to bottom: a large version of the word in a traditional script font which you may need to install: the Cantonese pronunciation of the word in jyutping. So, you will.. say these compliments in Cantonese. Because who doesn’t start with introducing themselves. These women will tell you straight to your face if you did something wrong or even if you have leftover rice on your face and they also expect the same from you. Brother Russell died at only 64 years of age, leaving many of God’s people in shock. Ngo5 hai6 mei5 gwok3 jan4. 0 0. I prefer this one more-ngoh jung-yi ni-go do-di . For those who are familiar with Jyutping, please try our new Online Jyutping Input Method Compatible with How to verify your birthday on YouTube and Google. You must rise, maintain or lower the relative pitch of your voice to "sing" each word. 6 Any adult with permission to manage a child's account won't see an option to update a child's birthdate if the birthdate indicates the child is already above the statutory age. You put the Chinese text (in traditional or simplified or jyutyping notation) in the left box then press double click play and in the right box you'll hear the text pronounced. One: 一 = yuht. Start Speaking New Languages in minutes: Easy Lessons & Proven Resources. You then have to translate it correctly. However, because this word is so important, I’ll also distinguish between the written and spoken forms here. If your girlfriend/boyfriend tells you they love you with 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ), just say 我也爱你 (wǒ yě aì nǐ) – “I love you too”. If you are about to travel to Hong Kong, this is exactly what you are looking for! see you tomorrow! Note: Cantonese, like most of the other Chinese languages, does not actually have words for “yes” and “no”. Words for family members and other relatives in Cantonese, a variety of Chinese But did you know that except those three, there are at least 17 other ways to greet someone in Mandarin? 5. This is the basic way to greet people in … Well, that’s why you’re here. It’s to have a set introduction you’ll repeat again and again. Veteran Cantonese opera singer and prolific TVB actress Lee Heung-kam died on Monday aged 88.Family members rushed Lee to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Yau Ma Tei in the morning after she lost consciousness but she died in the afternoon.Lee, at one time a household name in Hong Kong with a career spanning six decades, was said to have suffered from chronic disease and had not appeared in … How to say “I am, he is, she is” in Cantonese. Cantonese is a difficult Chinese language, however counting to 10 is very simple. Fortunately, there is still a way to rectify your age on the PlayStation Network by following a few simple steps. Here's how you say it. Thank you. what’s your name 你叫什么 is a casual and probably the mostly used way of how to ask people’s name in Chinese. Taiwanese. Learning materialseval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'omniglot_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',141,'0','0'])); Cantonese, [Age 6-7] Read stories from books and create our own stories together. How to be toneful in Cantonese – Rosalyn Shih If you are intimidated by the prospect of learning Mandarin because it’s a tonal language, you might as well give up on Cantonese right now. Go ahead and let Sue sensei know! Tower of Babel | Your aim should be to show that you respect their life experience. May 31, 2015 - Explore Olivia-Rose Pepper's board "Cantonese", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. : 7:45am, six o’clock) How to tell the time duration in Cantonese (e.g. Is it completely perfect? By watching this, you can say "i am ** years old" in Korean language.and can ask someone "how old are you?" and a rising tone at the end of a question (You came?To be understood in Cantonese, it is essential that you master the six tones. Important: You should know your Cantonese tones in order to get the pronunciation right. Hakka, And that’s the best part. For 音読み (onyomi) reading, all you need to do is to append the word 歳 (sai) to the number and you will get the age. There are many different ways to say how old are you in Chinese. On the third day you will be prompted by the same word again. Next, you need to bring your full Attention to each individual word. Just do your best 你好 “NI HAO!” and half the job is done. Pronunciation of cantonese with 2 audio pronunciations, 4 synonyms, 1 meaning, 14 translations, 15 sentences and more for cantonese. There are various ways to ask and answer “what’s your name?” in 3 different situations. I use CantoneseClass101’s lessons to learn how to introduce myself. To tell the truth, it is hard to use Romanisation to spell the words, because we Cantonese in linguistic terms has 9 different tones, not to mention that in Mandarin Chinese it only has four. Helpful Chinese Expressions: about age. We also provide free English-Cantonese dictionary, free English spelling checker and free English typing keyboard. So, in this case, your 二姑媽 would be your middle elder paternal aunt, and your 三姑媽 would be your youngest elder paternal aunt. Cantonese is also one of the most widely used dialects in China apart from Mandarin. Numbers | Today we'll mainly learn two of them: (1) nǐ duō dà 你多大? how old are you. It was a Cantonese guy, Dr Sun Yat Sen, who threw down corrupt Qing dynasty to found the modern China. “I am …. Cantonese is almost certainly employed as the language of foreign diplomacy and interaction, even though replaced largely by English since World War II, it remains socially necessary, needed by etiquette, for professional persons world wide to have some level of basic Cantonese ability. Click Save. ,But if you want to sound like a native, use the other version of “I love you (too)” in Chinese – 我也喜欢你 ( wǒ yě xǐhuan nǐ ). Online Cantonese learning resources for kids, parents, teachers and schools. 5. For the first meeting, we always start knowing each other from asking the name. In other words, this is your elevator pitch that you’ll use over and over. That’s right, we’re not even counting Cantonese or Shanghainese greetings. We can use “你几岁? The reason I created this is because in English we use TO BE for your age and not have as in some other languages. But did you know that except those three, there are at least 17 other ways to greet someone in Mandarin? To read out the number, read the number of the value of the digit followed by the value of the digit. In Cantonese, nearly all words work this way. Just use the pronunciation that's in this article. From tens to ten-thousands, each digit has a corresponding character. Time expressions | How to say “I am a student (etc.) It’s definitely up there, but I’m not sure if it’s second. you are called what liberal. Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese New Year Greetings. Mandarin, 5 years ago. Amber. And most learners out there, above all, just want to speak and be understood in Cantonese. To answer, saying how old you are, you begin with j'ai followed by your age, for example, J'ai 22 ans. If you know your Cantonese numbers, it’s matter of adding “I” and “Number” and “age.” 我 (number) 歲; Ngo5 (number) seoi3. 3 Ways to Say "Happy New Year" in Chinese 新年快乐 / 新年快樂 (Xīnnián kuàilè) 'New Year happiness!' But we all know that’s just not true, especially for Chinese women. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-l0tojwefu")); Disclosure: This site has affiliate links to language products including those on Amazon. I will walk you through how to say Japanese numbers step by step from 1 to 10, 11 to 19, and 20 to 90. Lv 4. How to say I have in Cantonese 有. Sure you do! I'm... years old. : now, later) How to tell the time on the clock in Cantonese (e.g. ... We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. When he was planning that and fundraised from overseas Chinese, you northern Chinese were still backward, impoverished farmers. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'omniglot_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_2',124,'0','0'])); Note: all links on this site to, and are affiliate links. Otherwise, understand that pronunciations written in blue are not 100% accurate. According to my Cantonese dictionary and to most other people here, 'family' is 家庭, pronounced gàtìhng.For 'family member' I can find the term 家人 (gāyàhn).Others indicated the words 屋企 (ngūkkéi) for 'home', 屋企人 (ngūkkéiyàhn) for 'family member' or 'people at home'.So I just wanted to add the pronunciation to that. I wish you well (If someone say "neih hou" to you, you should say "neih hou" to him or her.) Learn How to Say Age in Japanese Using Japanese Numbers. (2) nǐ jǐ suì 你几岁?how old are you. If you need to type in many different languages, the Q International Keyboard can help. So, let’s start by introducing the protagonist today. How you’ll make an impact You will be managing, growing and developing a team of sales professionals within Asia whilst driving the sales strategy within the countries you are covering. The Cantonese word for “to have” is . var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; 4. That’s it – plain and simple. Kids Cantonese games, lessons, songs and books. in Cantonese. You can also enter jyutyping. Teach your child Cantonese with Cantonese for kids; an online Cantonese learning program for children of all ages. 有 jau5. So, let’s say you’re American. Pronounced as: Naw (number) soee” So, for example… Need to translate "what is your age" to Japanese? Telling your age in Spanish. Click Personal info. Next, let’s take a look at some examples. How to say your age in Cantonese. When chatting with your elders in China, take the role of a listener rather than a speaker. Want to learn even more Cantonese? By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. The word “to be” in Cantonese is . ting-yaht gin . js.src = "//"; 係 is only used in spoken Cantonese. 4. We’re going to see the verb “to be” again. So, just for your own reference… new vocabulary, 4. “One day I was trying to tell him this is how you button your shirt,” he said, switching into Cantonese. You also need to know how to say numbers in Spanish 1 - 100 to say your age in Spanish. If your girlfriend/boyfriend tells you they love you with 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ), just say 我也爱你 (wǒ yě aì nǐ) – “I love you too”. ting-yaht joi-gin. Get that introduction. What do you mean by second? Verify your birthday and update if necessary. Telling the time in Cantonese. Mandarin has four tones, while Cantonese has nine. We will teach you: How to say Hello! f = female, + = elder, - = younger, pt-= paternal, mt-= maternal, Information about Chinese kinship terms In the jyutping (romanization), the tones are marked by numbers as you’ll see below. From a Cantonese radio broadcaster (age-wise she would be in the middle of the 12 individuals listed in the o.p. A child below the age of 13. See you tomorrow. If you’re interested in learning more Cantonese, check out the video lesson below. When its time to speak, and you don’t have a set introduction prepared, you’re going to fail. So, here’s what you’ll need for a self Cantonese self introduction. Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, m = male, f = female, + = elder, - = younger, pt-= paternal, mt-= maternal. We can use “你多大?” to ask age when they are not a child, or when they are not a senior citizen. (In Spanish you use tener, In French avoir , in Italian avere, but in English we do not use have, we use to be.). You might even know 您好 “nin hao” or 你吃了吗 “ni chile ma?” as greetings. If you know your Cantonese numbers, it’s matter of adding “I” and “Number” and “age.”. If you’ve not started learning your tones yet, this will help you as a beginner to properly sound the phrases out – just to give you a better idea of the sound. “I am …. Unlike 係, there’s no distinction between written and spoken forms, so this is the only word you need for “to have”. For example, in English we naturally use a falling tone at the end of a statement (You came.) How To Say In Cantonese. Click Add Birthday. And I can say #3 is difinitely not that exact pronounciation because the last character 愛 … Even when you have different point of view, avoid disagreement. Family In Chinese … 你好,我叫 (your name). How to say “Hello, My Name is…” in Cantonese, So you’re literally saying “I am called “(your name)”. Here’s a quick Cantonese compliment lesson. There are two ways on how to say age in Japanese using Japanese numbers. Phrases | ): The only way for me to find out how many tones there are, or rather, are "possible", is to actually sound out some words as an experiment. Sign in to your Google Account privacy page on a computer. 聽日見. Tones aside, Cantonese is very simple. You might even know 您好 “nin hao” or 你吃了吗 “ni chile ma?” as greetings. Ask simple and direct questions in Cantonese during reading. You can also enter jyutyping. When you know what to expect, and you've prepared in advance, you'll find that conversations with native speakers go much more smoothly. Get even more lessons & start mastering the language. Hou2 go1 hing3 jing6 sik1 nei5. Why? How to say cantonese in English? If you go by dialect groups (of which Cantonese belongs to Yue) then I believe it is 3rd behind Wu and of course Mandarin. 1. Are you Cantonese Beginner? Ngo5 (number) seoi3. Most believe that the reason why they don’t say what they think is that they don’t want to cause conflicts. The long-term method works like this: First thing on the following day you have to correctly translate this word. Nei5 ho2, ngo5 giu3 (your name). For example: three people: sam go y n: four dogs: sei dzek g u: two loaves of bread: lœng tiu min bau: The easiest way to do it? Once you verify your age, sign out of and sign back in. Copyright © 1998–2021 Simon Ager | Email: | Hosted by Kualo,,,, Bite Size Languages - learn languages quickly. Use the scripts below. So let’s start with the basics. “Xīnnián kuàilè” is a great way to say “Happy New Year” in Chinese. Information about Cantonese | I prefer to go at 7:00-ngoh seung chat-dim heui / ngoh gok-dak chat-dim heui hou-di. How many languages can you speak? You can use 你叫什么 to a person who is about the same age or younger than you. Click here to Sign up at CantoneseClass101 for free and get more lessons. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); and Goodbye in Cantonese! If you wanted to say you’re a student in Cantonese, you’d just add that word in. Unlike English, both these languages are tonal. Translations for “yes” and “no” given above actually mean “it is” and “it is not” and can be used for questions asking for confirmation. This Cantonese learning tool allows you to enter Cantonese text and hear it read aloud. The pattern goes as follows…. If your step-parent cared for you as if you were a biological child, then wouldn't it be a slap in the face to say that they are "merely" your step-parent? Make sure your tone and words are respectful. Online free AI English to Cantonese translator powered by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Naver, Yandex and Baidu. Find books and other materials that are funny and enjoyable for them. Last updated: 26th July, 2017 12nd July, 2017 11st July, 2017 1st July, 2017 19th June, 2017 9th May, 2017. 90pc of Hong Kong under 30s speak Cantonese, Putonghua and English ... with almost all people in all age groups able to speak it. Greetings and Small Talk Say "hello" with "nei5 hou2." This one is easy. Omniglot is how I make my living. On the eighth day you will be prompted by the same word yet again. Today, I’m going to take a slight detour and talk about some of the best resources to learn Cantonese I've found for you guys. The first thing you need to know is which part of the name is the family name (surname) and which part is the given name. So remember… you say: I AM ___(number)__ years old. How to be toneful in Cantonese – Rosalyn Shih If you are intimidated by the prospect of learning Mandarin because it’s a tonal language, you might as well give up on Cantonese right now. When names are written in Chinese, the family name always comes first, however some Chinese people will reverse the order of their names when are abroad or dealing with foreigners and put their family name at the end, to be in line with the ‘standard’ in English. 我係 (occupation). Just do your best 你好 “NI HAO!” and half the job is done. This is merely my own 意見。 HSK 1. We must use a special counting unit before them. (21) advanced in years 遐. bad year ... en My father died three years ago, that is to say in 1977.

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