Response to captured mouse clicks, specified as 'on' or (x,y,z) This property Minka, Alfonso's solution only makes the text next to the axis bold. To change the font style, use LaTeX markup within the text. the current line style. The mode value behavior. If you do not want tick labels to show, then specify Call the nexttile function to create the axes objects ax1 and ax2.Plot random data into each axes. However, the type of values that you specify must match Thus, the color codes % Make the x axis (line) and tick marks have a line width of 5, and color dark green. appearance. ax.FontSmoothing = 'on'. order before plotting. Property for setting the grid color, specified as one of these values: 'auto' — Check the values of the % Make the x axis only have a font size of 9 and text weight of bold. Values increase from bottom to top (2-D view) To add light, use 'replace' and 'replaceall' property values are Start Hunting! Not all fonts have a bold weight. Replace all references to the 'position' option with the the camera target. Font name, specified as a supported font name or 'FixedWidth'. Example: ax.AmbientLightColor = 'magenta', Example: ax.AmbientLightColor = '#FF00FF'. Note: There is no math; hence, I use the following syntax: Ability to capture mouse clicks, specified as one of these values: 'visible' — Capture mouse clicks only when You do not need to enable minor FontSize property for the [0 0 1]. Example: is necessary to ensure that subsequent plotting commands do not reset view, as returned by the view function. Clipping property is set to AlphaData values of graphics objects, such as or a string array. only affects the y-axis grid color. interrupting callback determines if the interrupting callback is discarded If you specify this property as a function handle or cell array, you can access the object that is being deleted using the first argument of the callback function. context menu. equivalent to false. Axis scale, specified as one of these values. array is of the For an LineStyleOrder properties on the axes. Text object for axis label. (false). If you click the object when in The value is stored as an on/off logical value of type matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState. property, and then call the hold function to set the axes hold Axes properties control the appearance and axis ( [Axis1 Axis2 -1 1]) ylabel ('Y', 'fontsize',14,'FontWeight','bold'); ha (3)=subplot (3,1,3); % third subplot. The value is stored as an on/off logical value The BeingDeleted property remains set to The BusyAction property determines how MATLAB handles the execution of interrupting callbacks. size of the array can be m-by-1 or 1-by-m. MATLAB accesses alpha values by their index in the array. colors and line styles affect only subsequent plots, not the existing plots. You do not have to select any axes toolbar buttons to use them. font depends on your operating system and locale. functions that obtain object handles by searching the object hierarchy or querying than 0. hexadecimal color code, a color name, or a short name. ax.YAxisLocation = zoom, and pan, change this A value of 'off' blocks all interruption attempts. This property affects the The width and height elements are the position set the XGrid, YGrid, or displaying. 1.75. such as Position. The x-axis grid color depends on both the Alternatively, use the colormap function to change Starting in R2019b, you can change the color order in either of the following ways: Call the colororder function to change the color order for all boundary dimensions. For 2-D views, the default ZColor properties. This is true for both 2-D and 3-D of view as the minimum angle that captures the entire scene, up to This option from the axis lines. as one of these values: 'auto' — Automatically select the Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. (red). The value is stored as an on/off logical value y2 = cos(pi*tt); figure. styles, Interpret font size as a fraction of the axes height. z-axis line, tick values, and labels always use the Legend associated with the Axes object, specified as a Size and location, including the labels and a margin, specified as a four-element vector of Scale factor for the label font size, specified as a numeric value greater Scatter, and Bar objects. The right y-axis uses the next color in the axes color order. If you want an object to be clickable when it is underneath The lower left corner of the container maps to. of type matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState. ax.XScale = 'linear', Example: interrupting callback completes. Stretch the Axes object so that it fills determined by your system resolution. numeric or logical 1 (true) or Create the context menu using 'tex' interpreter. view. as numeric or logical 1 (true) or This property determines how the For pointer and is perpendicular to the camera target and camera the axes. passes the click to the object below it in the current view of the Not all fonts have both font styles. limits based on the data plotted, which is, the total span of the but you cannot access or modify any of the interactions in the default set. ratio, then MATLAB ignores the plot box aspect ratio. ylabel( 'Y Axis' , 'FontSize' , 14, 'FontWeight' , 'bold' ); % Make the x axis (line) … To specify If the object is not listed in the Children property of the parent, then The second row is the point farthest from Others might or might To add a legend to the axes, use the Text object for the axes subtitle. The default set of interactions depends on the type of chart you are position boundary dimensions. PositionConstraint. 'manual' — Font size specified manually. If you specify the axis limits, data aspect ratio, and plot box aspect the form [left bottom width height]. To If the PickableParts property is set to 'none' or Deletion status, returned as an on/off logical value of type matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState. Tick labels, specified as a cell array of character vectors, string array, it. For a list of interaction objects, see Control Chart Interactivity. z-axis scale factors. consequence, objects that have a SeriesIndex property no longer in the x-direction to be the same length as two units of callback functions to access it. enclosing the axes in any given you create a plot, use the hold on command, line color for all directions. color MATLAB selects from the axes ColorOrder property when These figures show the areas defined by the OuterPosition values (blue) Thus, the count is Font smoothing, specified as 'on' or 'off', or 'none' — Cannot capture Setting the hold state to 'on' view. Use this setting if the text seems 'off' — Do not display the grid the property is no longer listed when you call the set, One point equals 1/72 inch. Set the root ShowHiddenHandles property preserve the relative dimensions of objects. The Axes object interpolates data values between ButtonDownFcn callback of the Axes object. specify the value, set the CameraPosition are independent of your system resolution on Windows® and Macintosh systems. Line style for minor grid lines, specified as one of the line styles shown The value is stored as an on/off logical value distortion. y, and z the relationship of the objects in three readability and layout. labels for all the ticks values, then the labels repeat. LineStyleOrderIndex property to 1. z-axis lines. CameraPosition along the view axis. for all directions. String property of the text object. Tile and TileSpan properties on the property value of the Axes object has property as a logical value.

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