I think a little grease will convince these people to help us, don't you? Definitions include: something very fast. See also smoke.I'm gonna grease you sucka! Definitions include: in disfavor, in trouble, avoiding a person as a temporary punishment. Also called … composed of or containing grease; oily: greasy food. My conversation with the Google employee who told me about the penalty starts dropping Learn more. Submit. on Mar 02 2003. on May 25 2009. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse. $\begingroup$ Note that there's a common phrase in English "greased lightning". Exactly the same as getting screwed, shafted, or fucked over. Grease is slang for butter.Grease is Black−American slang for to eat.Grease is Wall Street slang for a huge commission on the sale of a stock that was acquired by thebroker or firm at a very cheap price, then sold to a customer. greaselike in appearance or to the touch; slippery. transitive verb To coat, smear, or soil with grease. : 109 It is speculated that the word originated in the 19th century in the United States as a derogatory label for poor laborers, specifically those of Hispanic or Italian descent. Pause for a moment and breath. 1. Other terms relating to 'sex, sexual intercourse': Average of 30 votes: Here it goes: High school gang leader Danny Zuko, a demigod and son of Zeus, transforms his girlfriend Sandy into an immortal Greek Goddess and brings her back to Mount Olympus in his flying chariot. 3. I mean you use films as the way to get information on slang. A good portion of the slang made its way into civilian culture, and continues to be used today, particularly among Greatest Generation grandparents, and even their children. Expression greased lightning, representing something that goes very fast, is American English, by 1832. View the pronunciation for grease. See that the commissioner of the park district gets a little grease to help us get the contract. Worries ( courtesy of Jim Hip) Grody. Definition and synonyms of grease from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. It may be worthwhile reading the above bold statement one more time. n. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a person of Latin and especially Italian descent. What does greasy mean? This is the British English definition of grease.View American English definition of grease. the substance that is put on the moving parts of automobiles and other machines to make them run smoothly. Let it sink in for a moment. noun Slang Something, such as money or influence, that facilitates the attainment of an object or a desire. Sloppy, messy or dirty. a surfer ( thanks to Caitlyn P for this one) Grundy. This statement pretty much sums up the movie Grease. What does grease mean? To link to this term in a web page or blog, insert the following. Submitted by Matt F. from Mississauga, ON, Canada Some wikis use a different format for links, so be sure to check the documentation. on the grease: [adjective] in disfavor, in trouble, avoiding a person as a temporary punishment I'm putting you on the grease . Grease definition is - rendered animal fat. cooking with grease in Community Dictionary factually stating something, particularly when regarding previous experiences, in a non-offensive means in order to try to slightly sway somebody's opinion. The etymology for the term greaser is unknown. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Haggins said the team will be running gassers the next time they practice for each penalty. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. the melted or rendered fat of animals, especially when in a soft state. Animal fat, as tallow or lard, especially when in a soft state; oily or unctuous matter of any kind. See that the commissioner of the park district gets a little grease to help us get the contract. Grease, a euphemism, meaning, to bribe, as in " to grease someone's palm" Grease, a slang term for killing, as in "The mob has been known to grease anyone who gets in its way" Pomade, a hair styling wax Arts, entertainment, and media Grease Means. Also called grease wool. (In that case it's about a 50s hot-rod car.) Change your default dictionary to American English. Learn more. As a result of their less refined petroleum intake, diesel vehicles are often referred to as … Right now you might be thinking “Hell … Last edited on Feb 21 2013. Related to: Greasy, Greasing, Grease. How to use grease in a sentence. wool, as shorn, before being cleansed of the oily matter. Gringles. Chuffed. Define greaseball. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/grease, In addition, the rising demand for plastic, Camp said a witness found the child in the, Andrew said:"I'm absolutely delighted to be returning toThe Lyric Club this year as I had so much fun in their 2016 production of 9to5The Musical, but have never taken part in, "I just want to wish you guys break legs in your production of, The most important considerations when choosing an appropriate grade of, Some breakers have automatic lubrication systems that keep tool steel properly lubricated, but those systems still need daily inspections to ensure there is adequate, "It is the policy of the Quezon City government to prevent or minimize the health hazards on ground and water pollution caused by the improper disposal, transport, storage, and reuse of used cooking oil and, Bearings that required what was called "hard oil" (, MRG Labs has named PanAn Testing & Engineering Company, Ltd., China, as the exclusive distributor of the, KARACHI -- Made for Stage Productions presents Nida Butt's production of Warren Casey's and Jim Jacobs', Any discussion of lubrication inevitably leads to a comparison between oil and, M2 EQUITYBITES-May 24, 2013-Martin Midstream Partners LP to acquire NL. ), Your vote: None grease (countable and uncountable, plural greases) 1. fatty or oily matter in general; lubricant. Coated or soiled with grease. This term is more popular in Canada than the United States. To coat, smear, or soil with grease: greased the pie pan. Last edited on Feb 21 2013. Another word for grease. grease monkey (plural grease monkeys) ( idiomatic , slang ) A mechanic , often with the specific connotation of an automobile mechanic. on Jun 12 2003. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Find more ways to say grease, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Sense of "ply with bribe or protection money" is 1520s, from notion of grease the wheels "make things run smoothly" (mid-15c.). As with any older (read: classic) movie, though, there are certain things that go over our heads as kids and young adults. Submitted by Abigail W. from New York, NY, USA on Jun 12 2003. verb - transitive. (adjective) “I’m absolutely … Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Grease Cartridges Market In-depth Analysis, Share and Insights Covering Market Share Forecast to 202, New York Boy Dies After Falling Into Tim Hortons Grease Trap. Submitted by Greg S. When someone is chuffed, they are very pleased or happy about something. grease. Good luck message - from Grease movie star! (extension) Any oily or fattymatter. grease monkey definition: 1. someone whose job is repairing car or aircraft engines 2. someone whose job is repairing car or…. Definition of grease in the Definitions.net dictionary. Google has been penalizing this site in its search rankings for years. Gasser definition is - something outstanding. The full-scale TV production was loaded with glitz and glamour, giving Grease a modern tint. To link to this term in a wiki such as Wikipedia, insert the following. Oil Burner. Also refers to white youth that imitate urban black youth by means of clothing style, mannerisms, and slang speech. Inflammation of a horse's heels, also known as scratches or pastern dermatitis. Shorn but not yet cleansed wool 4. Webster's Unabridged Dictionary noun Grease Senses. If I lived in the States I would probably do the research based on the information given by real African-Americans, not movie characters. 3. the word is – not how mean it is.). Definitions include: to penetrate a person during rough sexual activity. (see also grease someone’s palm .) 40%  (See the most vulgar words. Greased. Certain moments that begin to take on a grander meaning … I'm no grease monkey , but I can manage to change out my engine's spark plugs without assistance. Last edited on Feb 21 2013. Also used by radical Québécois in self-reference, as in the seminal 1968 book White Niggers of America . Login, Register, Login instantly with Facebook. Google has been lying about the penalty against this site for years.   (To vote, click the pepper. Vote how vulgar Animal fatin a melted or soft state 2. Specifically, the term's original use may derive from the Mexican culinary practice of cooking with lard. this is the way I am doing it. When you are in a situation that is unfortunate, hard to get out of, or a situation when you are taken advantage of. noun. greaseball synonyms, greaseball pronunciation, greaseball translation, English dictionary definition of greaseball. es. Based on the play, with a thicker plot and added songs such as "Grease is the Word", "Hopelessly Devoted to You", and "You're the One That I Want". Definitions include: having sex with more than one person in any given situation. Some of the slang is of course salty fare, and includes terms now considered derogatory. Definitions include: sexual intercourse for lighthearted reasons. Meaning of grease. August 17. grease definition: 1. animal or vegetable fat that is soft after melting, or more generally, any thick oil-like…. Definitions include: to give sex, have sex. Information and translations of grease in the most comprehensive … Fatty or oily matter; lubricant. Where rolling element bearings are concerned, a variety of factors will dictate what type of lubricant is most appropriate for a particular application as Phil Burge, marketing and communications manager at SKF explains, Better breaker maintenance leads to increased uptime, QC Council releases regulations penalizing restaurants contribute to flooding, From Alemite to Zerk: the history of the grease fitting, PanAn Becomes The Distributor For 'Grease Thief' In China, Summer nights at the races; Aintree to host Grease event for summer season, Bearing installation, application, lubrication myths, Shell Helix presents GREASE - The Musical, Best practice in bearing lubrication: Malcolm Watson from Brammer and Tony Synnott from NSK discuss the grease versus oil debate, and how to achieve best practice in lubricant replenishment and replacement, Martin Midstream Partners LP to acquire NL Grease LLC's assets for undisclosed sum. Definitions include: to have sex, usually on the giving end. Any thick, oily substance or lubricant, esp. A decision, neither good nor bad ( courtesy of Jim Hip) also gross or disgusting ( courtesy of Kerrimoon) With Fox's live production of Grease a week away, it's fair to say that "Grease is the word." Last edited on Feb 21 2013. 2. n. protection money; bribery money. Logged-in users can add themselves to the map. McGraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions Copyright © … To grease (someone's) palm is from 1580s. to beat up, maim or kill. Submitted by Abigail W. from New York, NY, USA Dielectric Grease Top Definition Typically though of as the goo used in compression and split-bolt connections where aluminum wire is used, the PENETROX product is an oxide-inhibiting grease designed to create an air-tight and moisture resistant joint. Definitions include: a session of outdoor sex. (Indeed for example there's a pop song by that name - from the famous film "Grease".) Cited Source. insinuatingly unctuous in manner; repulsively slick; oily. — Luis Torres, orlandosentinel.com, "FSU players believe they can get on track, vow to clean up miscues ahead of bowl game," 2 Dec. 2019 Open to classics, hot rods, gassers, muscle cars, lowriders, trucks and motorcycles. Last edited on Feb 21 2013. It's common in English that people take common phrases (example: "Watergate") and slightly change the phrase (example: "Climate-Gate" etc etc) - often making a sort of pun on the original. Grouse. Choosing appropriate lubrication: Lubrication is a fundamental maintenance process, yet poor, inappropriate or non-existent lubrication is the root cause of up to three quarters of the breakdowns of industrial equipment. grease (v.) mid-14c., "smear, lubricate, or anoint with grease or fat," from grease (n.). History Etymology of the term greaser. transitive verb To lubricate with grease. Submitted by Matt F. from Mississauga, ON, Canada on Mar 02 2003. to kill. Others were brand new phrases, born on the European and Pacific fronts.

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