Based on Section 89, should fish also be used sparingly and preferably only in times of winter, cold, and famine as the Lord counsels we use other animal flesh, or does the lack of mention of fish indicate they can be used in abundance, at any time? Grains are not good sources of calcium or vitamins A and C. Grains, like fruits and vegetables, contain fiber that helps the gastro-intestinal tract function normally and that may help prevent colon cancer, diverticular disease, and other intestinal problems. I offer the following discussion in the spirit of exploration. Dec 15, 2014 - COMPILATIONS OF MARK QUOTES AND MESSAGES . (Diverticula are small pockets on the large intestine which may become inflamed.) If this is correct, perhaps we should be enjoying fish at every meal. George Q. Cannon, David W. Evans, Volume 12. He also helped His disciples to miraculously catch fish. However, grain protein contributes to the day’s total, especially when eaten with meat or meat alternates. All of us probably know someone who never eats vegetables and yet is energetic, vivacious, and successful. Meats also contribute to a full feeling after a meal, because they contain some fat, which stays in our stomach longer than the other nutrients. Any reasonable reader would understand that to be the pl… The flesh of beasts and fowls of the air are in. Many studies show that red meat and chicken are both highly correlated with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, but there are studies showing that fish is less harmful, even health-promoting. What then are the consequences of our nutritional patterns? Talks The Word of Wisdom Hyrum Smith Read The Word of Wisdom Brigham Young Read The Word of Wisdom Ezra T. Benson Read The Word of Wisdom–How To Prolong Life. He disliked onions and other vegetables, thought potatoes were “fattening,” and was not interested in fruit. And God's wisdom beats all other wisdom known to man. [4] You can find links to many of these studies in Robert Roose, “Fish is healthy? [5] Washington State Department of Health, “Health Benefits of Fish,” (Last accessed November 11, 2016). Click Here To 'Like' Meridian Magazine on Facebook, Running through the forest with the Book of Mormon plates, The End of Daylight Savings Time Makes for More Bedtime Reading, Wisdom to Make this Your Healthiest Summer Ever, Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families: John 13-17, “Continue Ye in My Love”, Photo Essay: Come with Young Joseph into the Sacred Grove, “Rethinking Alcohol, Tobacco, Coffee, and Tea,”, “Reduce Exposure to Contaminants in Fish.”, “Environmental Stewardship and Conservation.”, “Distinguishing Between Doctrines, Principles, and Applications,”, “Fish is healthy? In spite of the high nutritional benefits of grains, there are some dangers in eating grains excessively. See also Michael Greger, “How Seafood Can Impact Brain Development,” (May 2, 2014) and Michael Greger, “Fish Consumption and Suicide,” (July 27, 2015). An extreme deficiency causes increased susceptibility to infections—in vitamin-A-deficient children, a case of measles often is fatal, and the eye infections associated with this deficiency at any age often result in irreversible blindness. It also includes other living things not commonly eaten in the Western world, but that are eaten in other countries, like insects, reptiles, worms, and other interesting critters. With the Word of Wisdom and simple diets, it happens naturally. Whether the flesh is the muscle of a cow, chicken, or fish, all muscles are designed for the same function: to enable living creatures to move. If this is true, beasts and fowls are possibly used in the Word of Wisdom as examples of a general principle that we should apply to similar foods, like fish (just as alcohol and tobacco express a principle we should apply to other harmful substances, like cocaine). God has revealed the Word of Wisdom as a commandment for the physical and spiritual benefit of His children.

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