The time limit for each part of the games has been chosen to be 14 days. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Lucy is the only allowed party member at this point. Gajeel, Mirajane, Mystogan, Laxus, Juvia. The opening game is "Hidden" which isn't playable, but Gray and Juvia take the lead for their Fairy Tail teams and unfortunately score the lowest due to being targetted in a hide and seek game by Nullpudding from Raven Tail who seemed to have something out for Gray. Regardless of how this wager goes down, you have now unlocked Juvia's Grand Magic Games Style look (Cloche/Bell hat) can select to Change Costume between it and her Regular Outfit. This article, Grand Magic Games X805, is the co-property of Black Dwarf Star and Lady Komainu. Following the opening ceremony there will be a grand team event, to test each guild's personal motivations and abilities. Now that you've seen it all, you just need to return to your inn to wait for the call and can trigger a cutscene by going to the door at the back though Wendy is missing. Sayako is one of the strongest mage in Fairytail guild. The third day will be team battles consisting of a pre-appointed duo against an opposing teams pair, as well as a special duo event. Next: Chapter 4 - Battle of the Dragon Slayers, Final Chapter - Wings of Hope and Despair, Gathering spot south west from the last spot. Episode Mission: Join in the afternoon tournament activities. The second day will consist of your typical one-on-one fights, as well as a special event match! added by LenTao. That said, there are some general rules for the Games like how guild masters can't participate (no Extreme Magic), only members with the mark from a legal selected guild may join and finally how the contest intended to be a surprise. The door behind you seals you in, with a locked door on the ceiling on the other side of the room. Upon entering, all eyes were on them, causing a few of them to feel a little awkward from the sudden attention of so many mages. This round will start at 12 AM UTC on February 22nd and run until 12 AM UTC on March 10th. Time is of the essence as you need to work together to build your staircase to freedom. The seventh season of the Fairy Tail anime series is directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Bridge. Both paths will allow you to reach the mission's destination. Sign up for news, events, and promos! At this point, you are free to take on requests involving Wendy once again but also to talk to Gajeel who has a character story available which doesn't take long to do. The Grand Magic Games in X793 (大魔闘演武Dai Matō Enbu), like every other year, were held inCrocus,Fioreinside the Domus Flau. All Dragons as adults were very large. Go ahead and talk to her to trigger a little scene. The motives for Raven Tail seem unclear, but it is in the guild's best interests to avoid being separated whenever possible. Break may even be achievable. This room has a floating button situated perfectly in the center of it. Afterwards, you'll be able to duel him (Level 24, Fear Amulet x 1 for winning) and can take advantage of how you know the element type info for all recruited allies before duels. You enter a cave which leads to a large stone room with six very large, heavy crates around it. Find guides to this trophy here. I present to you all the biggest FanFiction story of the Summer and my first non-lemon story of my career, "Grand Magic Games X798". Confident in their strength and boasting that they killed their own dragons, which makes them match up with the Year X777 where the first gen's dragons went missing though in a whole other way, the Dragon Slayer Duo will leave their former idol behind. Watch Fairy Tail Episode 159 Online at Anime-Planet. Neither will stand down as they fight for their guilds. foto. These games would be used to determine a mage's strength and provide guilds a chance to test their abilities and form new bonds with their neighboring guilds in Fiore. This time, instead of staying five meters apart, combatants must stay within five meters of their opponent to land an attack. Creation [edit | edit source]. Regulation team match wins will result in 20 points. In a barrel nearby Sabertooth's inn (Crocus Gardens is near the market) in the furthest west area up the stairs. Erza's friend from childhood is a member of Mermaid Heel and bares a hatred towards Jellal to this day which is only outdone by her superior in the guild, Kagura. Another surprise is that there is a second team of Fairy Tail reps, which is a result of the rules allowing for up to two teams to participate for the X791 Games. The way the judging will work is we will randomly assign a guild master to judge the story based on creativity (5 points), character involvement (5 points), use of scenarios (5 points), riddle answer (2 points), and overall story (3 points). Koma InuDragon GunfireGaldrabókLibertusSalamander Shade Beast Heart. Gathering spot on the northern loop after the river. Find the master of Sabertooth and have your say. Sabertooth are of great interest as their Yukino Agria, a Celestial Spirit mage is facing Kagura Mikazuchi of Mermaid Heel. If you need a refresher to what happened to Natsu and crew before The Grand Magic Games… Koei Tecmo have released a massive 25 minute gameplay video for Fairy Tail, that shows off gameplay from the Grand Magic Games and Crocus parts of the main story. On the evening of Day 2, Yukino will visit the Honey Bone Inn with her keys in tow. The rule, however, is that the rope must stay on your wrist at all times during the match. In the meantime, the girls of Fairy Tail are having fun at the pool at Ryuzetsu Land and wishing the best for their teams in the days to come, which is followed by Erza being jumped by Millianna on the way back. First off, Natsu, Erza, Gray... With approval as a team of five and other guild members are dismissed for being lateness, you've got time to relax and look around town and there are so many missions related to this that the pause menu can't even hold them all. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The time limit will work off of UTC time, which can been seen when an edit is registered on the wiki's page history. Contain your wanderlust and get to Honey Bone Inn. Natsu leaves with the message that "A guild should take care of its friends. Dragons came in all shapes, types and sizes. This round will start at 12 AM UTC on March 11th and will go until March 25th. With Erza being in the lead and first up to pick, she chooses to face all 100 of the beasts. As the last day of the Grand Magic Games begin we come to what fans have called the most exciting rounds to watch! Victors will be determined by an appointed judge and announced via a review comment on the story. from the story 》 fairy tail x oc by Metera__ (— !) When you enter the inn, you'll find it to be a home away from home when other guild members arrive complete with the same options and you even have a Ledger to upgrade your old facilities as well as some new ones as pointed out by Mirajane: Kitchen, Library and Material Storeroom. Go to the arena to start the battle portion of Day 1. There’s a ton to the head character of Mermaid Heel, Kagura, who blazes through the Grand Magic Games. - Read the results on this poll and other Fairy Tail polls Come to find out, but this room has emitters which completely nullify your magic! Leave your inn quickly and survive the death maze. Following the pair forging a friendship over mutual respect, the following battle is due to begin and in view despite no Fairy Tail Team A or Fairy Tail Team B members. You are free to select team members again, Wendy is still Away as she is recovering. Either defend for three rounds which will be followed by Natsu saving Asuka which skips into the third phase or fight normally. This event match will have a special regulation set on it that the judges will be watching intently. So you may find that it is a hard bout, where neither side can easily one shot the other but (Ultra) Sky Dragon Claw is your friend as the damage is focused in one place and you can use Wind Heal if your health falls really low. video. This wyvern is quite the vocal and rambunctious one, with its eyes set on busting through the tower and destroying anything in its way. Their adherence to said rules will be monitored and regulated by the judges. Make your way south to the arena in the mountains. Go to the south exit to see the Domus Flau Arena. We'll be back at the Inn and ready to rock. Generally, the games/contests will not be playable (as the rules vary wildly) and usually have to be won if they are but it is worth knowing that points are distributed based on placing in all cases. Episode Mission: Join in the morning tournament activities. Erza will face only 56 of them at once for presentation reasons in game with each enemy type being broken into two groups. In the block to the north before the exit to Crocus. Add interesting content and earn coins. None of them have any weaknesses, so you should focus on the most powerful moves that you like to use across a wide spread of enemies. The sixth season of the Fairy Tail anime series was directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced … There are also twenty Level 14 Flutterers and twenty-one Level 10 Lizardmen broken into two groups for each monster type. An extension can be made with consent of the judges if special circumstances rendered the combatant unable to post during the given time period. As with the previous event, this will be a freely written story done by all members of the guild. Your party is now forced to be the following four: Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray as the party separate to explore in scripted cutscenes but are all controlled by you to decide the order of them. Afterwards, the rules will be detailed by Mato which will clarify the number of participants and how some can be in reserve and also how the tournament is split into five days where the morning portion is a contest which will be confirmed on the day (members can be selected by teams) and the afternoon segment for battles against other guilds (match-ups and combatants are selected by sponsors). After passing through the arena corridor, the eight teams will be introduced in ascending order based on the prelimary round, which means that your team goes up but unfortunately to booing around than awe from the crowd. With your guild registered, your team just need to relax at their guild's assigned inn before the festivities begin. The Grand Magic Games in X806 (大魔闘演武 Dai Matō Enbu) were, like always, held in Domus Flau, Crocus. The Grand Magic Games Arena inspired from Fairy Tail View map now! The orders being that they should bring "the sleeping girl". (grand magic games spoilers)". As your guild returns to the Honey Bone Inn, they will get a rousing speech from the old Master and party on as if they never took a loss that same day.

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