Combine the eggs, salt and corn flour then coat the beef strips. Because of lockdown we couldn’t get flour so we used a coconut flour, so this may be the reason as our beef didn’t stay crispy and when served with the sauce had a very powdery/ bitty consistency . You can use white wine or cider vinegar instead. this totally substitutes having a takeaway. We don’t advise freezing Crispy Chilli Beef as the crispy coating will end up soggy! Yes there are quite a few, but it’s well worth it, and we can guarantee this one tastes just as good as it looks! Stir, then add a couple of drops of Franks sauce and the 100ml of beef stock. Hope that helps! I think on your website said it was only 5 points? Ainsley’s Ultimate Jerk Chicken . The Crispy Chilli Beef with broccoli recipe: Crispy Chilli Beef with Broccoli. 3. This is exactly the problem that a number of members on our Facebook page faced a few weeks ago with a Crispy Chilli Beef recipe. For the sauce, combine all the ingredients and 400ml/14fl oz water in a pan and cook until the mixture has reduced to the consistency of honey. Could you just coat the beef in cornflour for the crispy chilli beef? For the pickled carrot, place the carrot in a sterilized airtight container. So let us explain. That’s what gives the meat that crispy texture. Maybe next time I use light? Please help! I have an egg allergy. Remove the beef from the marinade, coat the beef in cornflour and plunge the batons individually into the batter before deep-frying until crispy (the fried batter coating should have miniature holes throughout instead of being a solid shell). 2. Hi Diane, we haven’t tried cooking the beef in an air fryer but I’m sure it would work okay! Some of them are pretty good, but sadly most of them are just spam, which will direct you to a website full of recipes that haven’t been tried or tested, and stock photos that have been passed off as the homemade version of the recipe. Hi Mandy, thanks for your help and suggestions! 5 from 7 votes. Black Bean Chicken View Recipe. Heat up all the remaining ingredients in a non-reactive pan and bring to a gentle simmer. Whilst this does make the meat crispy, it will never be ‘quite’ as crispy as the traditional method. Theres a two-step process to this recipe: first batter and fry your crispy beef, then create the sweet and sticky chilli sauce to coat the steak strips. This crispy chilli beef is made using ingredients you’ll likely already have in the cupboard and if you do need to buy anything to make this recipe you’ll likely be using those ingredients over and over for many things! Hi, is this 410 kcal for two or for one serving ? I cant remember adding the oxo cube and honey in last time? Crispy Chilli Beef Sauce : To achieve the well balance sweet chilli sauce, you will need soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and ketchup as a base sauce. All Recipes. Have a look at our handy guide for how we work out all the nutritional information and points for our recipes: Add sugar, chili … Unsure if it was the dark soy sauce? Make sure it’s piping hot before serving. We all know what it’s like. Heat 100ml vegetable oil in a wok or large frying pan until hot, then add the beef and fry until golden … Place the sauce in a microwave proof container with loosely fitting lid and heat for 4-7 minutes until piping hot. This crispy beef is a bit tricky, but well worth the effort. This Crispy Chilli Beef with Broccoli is our go-to Chinese stir fry! After 10 seconds stir the beef carefully to ensure the pieces don't stick together. Hi Kate, the best substitute for rice vinegar is apple cider vinegar. Standard advice here in the UK is to cook food until it has reached 70°C and stayed at that temperature for 2 minutes. Hi Elaine, yes although we haven’t tried it ourselves it should be fine with chicken, I would as you suggested change the oxo for a chicken one.

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