The president of the Community of Christ is sometimes referred to by the titles of Prophet or Prophet-President. Doctrine and Covenants / Pearl of Great Price, Mormon Objections to Christian Evangelism, Teachings of the Presidents of the Church, Latter-day Saint Visionaries and Would-Be Prophets, Effectively sharing with someone from the Community of Christ, Splinter Group: Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), The Community of Christ (formerly called the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, or RLDS), President Stephen M. Veazey, counselors K. Scott Murphy and Becky L. Savage (the 3 make up the First Presidency), and 12 apostles. [15][16] Following the retirement of Smith as Prophet-President of the Church, W. Grant McMurray was appointed as the new President. We are in need of divine grace that alone reconciles us with God and one another.”, Salvation: “The gospel is the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ: forgiveness of sin, and healing from separation, brokenness, and the power of violence and death. The church owns two temples: the Kirtland Temple, dedicated in 1836 in Kirtland, Ohio (operated in part as a historic site as part of its educational ministry), and the relatively new Independence Temple, which serves as the church's headquarters in Independence, Missouri. The counsel also encourages all church members to periodically reflect upon the meaning of their own baptisms; as well as providing clarification on open communion. The Peace Network website, accessed July 24, 2008 at, Stephen M. Veazey, "Words of Counsel to the Church", in 2007 World Conference Friday Bulletin, March 30, 2007, p. 349-351. The priesthood of the believer is not limited to ministers but is provided to every believer. He said these were either not true teachings of his father or they were not properly interpreted. A life of Christ in the gospels and Pauline letters. About the Author Rev. In fact, this religion appears to be much closer in its belief system to biblical Christianity than the LDS Church. As far as polygamy, Joseph III traveled on a number of missions to the western United States and met with women who told him they were married to his father. Room and Venue Hire 01392 279786 email: admin[@] [13], Since the 1960s, the church's proselytizing outside North America have caused a re-assessment and gradual evolution of its traditional practices and beliefs. Unlike Protestant churches, the Community of Christ has eight different “sacraments.” Protestants normally emphasize two “ordinances.”. All persons have great worth and should be respected as creations of God with basic human rights. Stated simply, the number one reason for the decline in church attendance is that members attend with less frequency than they did just a few years ago. (From another source but still relevant) The average age of people in the Churches of Christ is approximately 54 with slightly more than 25% being college graduates. Changing the numbers Meanwhile, the community of Frayser underwent a steep decline, becoming a repository for drugs, prostitution, robbery, and all manner of violent crime. This decision is not the result of the actions of our members. While we like to see people leave the LDS Church, our hope is that they will desire a personal relationship with Jesus and find a church to help them grown in biblically supported ways. [25] Every day at 1 pm a Daily Prayer for Peace is held in the sanctuary of the Independence Temple. The call to "peace, reconciliation, and healing of the spirit" is a recurring theme of the Community of Christ and is reflected in its official vision statement. In later years, church historian Richard P. Howard was commissioned by the First Presidency to investigate the origin of polygamy—Joseph Smith or Brigham Young. 07961813123 Email: korean[at] You can sort the list by clicking on the column headings. I didn’t correct MH on the Community of Christ membership thing because I am very closely associated with the Community of Christ. In recent years, the church has attracted many ex-Mormons. As we yield our lives to Christ in baptism we enter Christian community (the body of Christ) and have the promise of salvation. The church was "legally organized on April 6, 1830, in Fayette, New York". McMurray, W. Grant, "They "Shall Blossom as the Rose": Native Americans and the Dream of Zion", an address delivered on February 17, 2001, accessed on Community of Christ website, September 1, 2006 at, Andrew M. Shields, "Official Minutes of Business Session, Wednesday March 28, 2007", in 2007 World Conference Thursday Bulletin, March 29, 2007. Based in part on teachings by writers such as Walter Brueggemann and Leonard Sweet, the Disciple's Generous Response can be traced to a theology or liturgy of abundance, as well as the principle of receiving God's abundance. The church believes in continuing revelation and teaches that God continues to reveal himself through the Community of Christ leadership, although there is no support for this claim. The descriptions are not lengthy, so let’s include each item here (in italics): God: “We believe in one living God who meets us in the testimony of Israel, is revealed in Jesus Christ, and moves through all creation as the Holy Spirit. Discipleship is both an inward and outward journey. Contribute Southern Baptists see 13th year of membership decline An overemphasis on political world peace. Many violent acts have been committed against some of God's beloved children through the misuse of scripture. In the wake of his consecration, entire dioceses severed ties with the Episcopal Church, eventually creating the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). The rejection of a plurality of Gods, humans becoming Gods, or God having a body of flesh and bones. In these ministries, God sanctifies common elements of creation to bless human life and to renew and form the church to seek the peaceful kingdom of God.”, Discipleship: “Being a Christian is more than holding a list of right ideas; it is about radical obedience to Jesus in every part of life.

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