Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) of the University of Kent is a multidisciplinary postgraduate school based in Belgium. Tuition Fee. Fees per pupil (2020/2021) School Enrolment as for 2004/2005 Alicante 12,652.83 EUR Bergen 15,585.32 EUR Brussels 9,817.79 EUR Frankfurt 11,298.62 EUR A program can be taken in the UK. Kattenberg 19, B-1170 Experience the ISB difference. Applicants should be holding an offer to study at the Brussels School of International Studies, for any of the MA or LLM degrees. Work in Brussels. BSB has the lowest fees overall, including application fees, compared to schools of a similar size. The fees shown here are if paid by parents. The fees are different if paid by the parents or by the employer. Adjustments in school fees for incomplete years, Consolidated invoice for other fees* and SEPA regulations. You will be invoiced five times (end of October, December, February, April, June) for all costs except application, tuition and bus fees. *except application, tuition and bus fees. Tuition is subject to increase on an annual basis. Rental of musical instruments is billed separately. The opportunities for academic development and achievement in International Affairs and International Law in Brussels are unsurpassed. Everything that is part of our co-curricular programme, ISB Plus, Supervision, or ISB Summer, is billed separately. Based on the original amount of 9900 EUR per year and a duration of 36 months. *Tuition fees … Across the UK, EU students starting courses after Aug. 1, 2021 look set to pay higher international tuition fees and not be allowed to get UK student loans. Students who pay the full-time comprehensive fee of $21,317are entitled to take between 11 and 16 credits each semester. The Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) is a multidisciplinary postgraduate School of the University of Kent bringing together the disciplines of politics, international relations, law and economics. Please contact the Finance Office for more information. EU/EEA Applies to you. Study in Brussels. Bus fees for the school year are as follows: For fees for an occasional use of the bus (daily or weekly) please contact the Bus Office. The Brussels School of International Studies hosts five academic schools of the University of Kent to facilitate collaborative teaching and research. Master's and research degrees in international studies, law and politics. Our internships and career support services prepare you for the global job market, For further information regarding the SEPA implementation please visit or contact Véronique Collard (+32 (0)2 661 42 26) or Aude Raynal (+32 (0)2 661 42 28) in the finance office. By studying in 'The Capital of Europe' – headquarters of the European Union, NATO, and SHAPE, as well as hundreds of NGOs – you have access to numerous archives, scholars, experts and practitioners that thrive among the institutions of this city. International employers prefer the students from VUB as the university boasts very low graduate unemployment rates. 9900 EUR /year. Parents also pay the travel costs to any ISST or SCIS tournaments at the end of the season. International Applies to you. This area is classed as semi-urban, and has a natural green area. Get complete details of the undergraduate programs offered by University of Kent including how it performs in QS rankings, the cost of tuition and further course information. About University of Kent Brussels School of International Studies. • A contribution to IE Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which supports students during and after the program. © International Schools Database 2015 - 2021, “Brussels International Catholic School (BICS)”, The cost of International Education Worldwide, Most important features of International Schools, Brussels International Catholic School (BICS), British, Catholic, and Belgian curriculum, Ages 2 to 11,, Based on 10 different criteria including price and location, Fees personalised to your childrens’ ages. News and events. Regardless of any arrangement made between parent and employer concerning payment of school fees, the parent is always responsible for the payment of school fees for their child(ren). Cafeteria purchases will be invoiced five times (end of October, December, February, April and June) through the Consolidated Invoice. Our wide range of clubs, groups and activities going on both during and after school offers students the chance to pursue their interests as well as extend their knowledge of core curricular themes. The unique reference number will be mentioned on your consolidated invoice. Please contact the Enrolment Office for complete information regarding these procedures. The Application and Capital fee is raised to cover the administrative cost for students applying to ISB for the first time, as well as to support the school's capital improvement programme. Find out why you should come to the Brussels School of International Studies. For families who would otherwise find it difficult to pay the annual bus fee, ISB offers a payment plan to spread the cost of the bus service across each school year. If your child becomes part of an ISB athletics team, you will be billed separately per season, per sport. How much will EU students have to pay? Fees are invoiced annually in May for the following school year. Some services are optional and extra costs may occur during the school year. The award PhD. For students who enrol late . All curricular activities, including class field trips (including overnight trips), All educational technology tools, including a one-to-one device from grade 3 to grade 12, Access to all services within the school's counselling, college and careers programme, Use of specialized equipment for physical education and outdoor activities such as bikes, climbing gear, and an outdoor classroom in the forest, Access to science, design and multimedia labs, English language development (ELD) as well as mild and moderate learning support, Late bus service, only for middle and high school students, Lifelong membership in our global alumni programme. University or Organization: University of Kent. ISB is a not-for-profit school and its running costs are covered by tuition fees. Number of Awards: Not given. BSIS (Brussels School of International Studies) is a multidisciplinary postgraduate School of the University of Kent bringing together the disciplines of politics, international relations, law and economics to provide in-depth analysis of international problems such as conflict, security, development, migration and the political economy and legal basis of a changing world order. Department: NA. For U14 Teams the player fee is €165 along with any post-season travel costs. Find, research, and compare the best international schools. Brief Description. Lunch cards are distributed to the students by the divisional offices at the start of the school year. Institution: Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent (BSIS) Address: Boulevard de la Plaine 5 Brussels Brussels Belgium: Contact telephone For a regular enrolment in bachelor's, master's or advanced master's degree, the following fees apply to Non-assimilated and non-European Union students . This SEPA mandate will only be issued by our Admission or our Finance department because the SEPA mandate must have a unique reference number. Students taking 11 or more credits will be ch… The per credit rate is $1,980 for the 2019-20 academic year. If a student leaves after the last day of January, there is no reimbursement of any fees paid. There are no extras (‘campus’ or ‘development’ fees), and almost all of our extensive range of Enrichment activities are free of charge. • The optional international exchange semester at one of our renowned partner universities. The Single European Payments Area (SEPA) regulation has been implemented. For students who have paid the full tuition and bus fee and who leave before the last day of January, 25% of the tuition and bus fee will be reimbursed by the School. We cater to a wide range of learning needs from mild to intensive learning and developmental disabilities, and offer manage numbers carefully to ensure that students receive a highest level of support and care. Payments can be made by bank transfer to the account of The International School of Brussels at: ING BANK Prices for subsequent years are illustrative only and subject to change. The per credit rate is $2,030 for the 2020-21 academic year. The university is famous for its high education quality ranking in the top 400 in the international rating. The consolidated invoice will be submitted for payment five working days following the invoice date. The University of Kent's Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) is a specialist postgraduate centre offering advanced English language-based degrees covering the spectrum of international affairs.

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