Learn to let go and trust that they will be okay. Five reasons Moana is an unapologetic feminist film: It has an incredibly powerful and self-reliant female lead. The theory is that there is a barrier between the spiritual, mystical world and the real world, with Maui's island located in the former. bit.ly/1dI8VBH What is Disney's Body Count? SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! I only highlighted the three: the reef, the boat and the earth angel Te- Fiti because I felt that these three are the ones that defined the whole movie perfectly. Unlikely. yes!! As of the publication of this analysis (December 2016), the Dramatica theory of story identifies 32,768 different unique storyforms. Moana is an amazing movie about a passionate girl who goes on an adventure. 5 Life Lessons and Moral Value In Disney's "Moana (2016)" (Spoilers Alert!) This is my film school theory. Today we are FINALLY crowning the victor of our deadly Disney movie bracket. Moana's father Tui refused to let Moana venture beyond the reef due to his own bad experiences out at sea. The Pig is a Symbol for Moana’s Want — her Parents’ Approval. Pink outfits a coincidence? It just so happens that out of these 32,000+ forms, both Star Trek and Moana chose the same collection of story points--a familiar collection visited and revisited frequently since the mid-20th century. - Throughout the film, Moana survives things no human could survive (just look at all her falls in the Realm of Monsters). Let's find out once and for all! 2. A new theory … It has many symbols and themes that help define it even more. @wainz_world Share on Facebook All the dead souls in Hercules? bit.ly/2Cr5Eph No One Survives Disney! Shrek fans … The only time we ever see Pua is on land. Alright, on its face, Moana is a lovely film about a teenage girl taking off on an adventure to try and heal her land by dealing with a number of magical beings from Polynesian mythology. The theory claims Moana is actually dead for most of the film (Image: Dumfries And Galloway Standard) Read More Related Articles. The famine in Moana? Will it be the war in Mulan? It is the only Disney princess movie not to have a love interest which is a HUGE step forward for Disney. Fan theory: Moana was never in any actual danger IN THE Disney movie, Moana survives a terrible storm, battles coconut pirates and falls into a realm full of monsters. The only time we see Moana get physically hurt is when she gets her foot stuck in the reef - which takes place BEFORE the storm, when she was still in her island (and alive). Moana is a smart, funny, and beautifully woven story of a girl who creates her own destiny and it is the feminist movie that Disney fans have been waiting for. 1) You can't shelter your loved ones from the world forever. bit.ly/2AiXqhu What Disney movie will reign supreme? Not only does Moana not need a man, she does what men, including her father and Maui, feared to do.

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